From Within

The Doctor tapped the radio.

"All of the imprisoned humans made it home safely, and we'll be talking to them later," it was saying, "and negotiations continue with ambassadors from the Forest..."

He turned it off again and turned to Amy and Rory.

"Why was Mort a plant man?" Rory asked. "I mean, I'd have thought he'd have been a human."

"Good question," the Doctor said. "I don't know. The first person to say they were sorry that Gallifrey was gone, she was a tree-woman. Maybe that's why. Maybe not. I don't know."

Rory nodded.

"Let's see your hand," the Doctor said, and examined it with the sonic. "Seems to be healing nicely. They can perform wonders on New Earth."

"We could've stayed there longer," Amy said. "You seemed to like it."

"Nah, it's just nostalgia..."

There was silence in the room, apart from the humming of the console.

"You are a good person," Amy suddenly burst out. "So what if Mort was your...dark side, or whatever? He wasn't you, he was nothing like you!"

The Doctor looked away from them. "What happened in the caves, you two fought it, fought those angels- they may be related to the Weeping Angels, by the way, some mutated offspring of some kind, offering people the freedom to break away from what they love, feeding off that freedom..."

Amy and Rory waited, knowing the explanation was just a delaying tactic.

"But I didn't fight, I couldn't beat my own fears. I can't even remember what I did. But instead of turning me into the Green, I think those angels didn't know what to do with me, what with me being a almighty lord of time. So they created a whole different person, a green plant man fighting a war."

"You don't remember what you did?" Amy asked anxiously.

"No. I've lived for hundreds of years," he said with a sad smile. "Done so much, killed so many."

Amy shook her head. "You're still my friend." she said finally.

"Mine too," added Rory.

"Thank you," said the Doctor. He stared into space for a very long time, and said, "Leadworth?"

"Leadworth," said Amy.

The Doctor busied himself at the console, and Amy turned to Rory. "If we have boys, we should call them Alec and John."

"Okay," Rory said, trying to hide his delight, it didn't seem right with the Doctor so sad. "Sounds good to me." He paused, but curiousity overtook him. "What'd you see, in the caves?"

"You, me, kids. And the angel tried to get me to walk away from it."

"My one, it tried to convince me you didn't love me."

Amy kissed him. "It's good you're sensible," she said.

"It's good you are."

It was close to perfect happiness, but it couldn't be with the Doctor still sitting there gloomily. Amy went up to him.

"Cheer up," she said. "We all made it out alive."

"Except those killed in the flood, or by the Green, or by the caves."

"Oh," Amy said, and gestured to Rory to help her.

"Doctor," said Rory, "we forgive you. For...whatever."

"Yes, we do," Amy said.

The Doctor looked at them for a long time, and a very faint but still geniune smile arose. "Amy," he said thoughtfully. "What's your favourite colour?"

"Red," Amy said, paying no heed to the oddness of the question.

"And Rory, what's yours?"

"Um. Grey."

"Good," the Doctor said, and pulled down a console lever as they landed in Leadworth. "Good. All good. Let's go."

We hear your hearts and know your face
The beating echoes out through space
Although in stone your life is set
It seems your story's not done yet.
For we are trapped, and never sleep,
Unlike those people that you keep.
Carry on, and fight, and win,
You know the monster from within.