Chapter 3 – The Traffic Light...

Aaron, digested his words. Before, the anger, built up inside of him. Losing his head, his sense of rationality, he stared at the man before him, breathing in all the essences of his soul mate, breathing in his sole purpose for life. Before speaking, fast and furiously, not stopping for air, the wonders of Jackson.

"Don't say that, DONT YOU EVER SAY THAT...YOU'RE SPECIAL TO ME! You're my reason for life. You're all I think about, I wake up and, and your first thing on my mind, I close my eyes, you're all I see, I can't sleep unless I'm picturing your face. I look across and watch you sleeping, and, I can't believe your mine. Words can't describe, what you do to me.

I love the way you never hold back, all the incredible things you say. Remember when you said how I close the door, close my eyes, I'm only closing myself off, and when I hold my breath, hold my tongue, I'm only holding myself back. The best days of my life are yet to come, and it's ok, it's alright, to open up. I don't owe anybody anything, my life is mine to live anyway I please, there are no promises left for me to keep, I can be whoever I want to be, no apologies.

I remember it word for word.

I Love it when, you forget your key and you knock on the door, hands in your pockets, beaming the smile that takes my breath away, every single time.

And I love how often you wear your red shirt, simply because, you know it's my favourite, you wear it, just for me.

I love it when you think out loud, the things you say when, you think on one else is around.

The way you whisper my name sometimes, when you sleep.

Your hands, touching me, your grasp, so soft, but with an underlying meaning, telling me, you will never let go.

I love the way you wrap your arms around me, feeling you need to protect me from the bad, never releasing me until you know 100% that I feel safe.

I love, your god awful humour, that no one understands, except me.

And most of all, most of all, I love your eyes, big open brown eyes, the keys to your soul, falling upon my face, gazing into my eyes. Jay it's, it's magic, electricity charging through my body, bringing me to life.

Sex with you, making love with you is, I can't describe the feeling it's's spellbinding.

But, it's just the icing on the cake. I would give it up...If it means you will never stop looking at me, never stop the sideway glances you steal, when you think I'm not looking, making me feel like the most important thing in the world.

There you have it, all the wonders, all the wonders you hold.

Jay, I could search forever, but I swear, there is no one in this world like you. Your one of a kind!

And, out of everything you said, all I want to hear you say is, come back, come back to me.

I will never, break your heart...Please, please don't break mine.

Please, don't make me look into your eyes tonight... For the last time".

Aaron, broke, falling back to be caught against the wall. Closing his eyes, as they started to rain, all hope, washing away, tears seeping through, releasing low moans, of shattered glass.

There was no more he could do, no more could be done.

Was everything made, to be broken?

Jackson, the breath taken from him, blown away. Aaron's words, the wonders of Jackson, exacerbating his guilt, but smoothing out his flaws. His resolve, evaporating from around his heart.

Aaron, opened his eyes, Jackson, was standing just inches away from him. Taking Aaron in his arms before the teenager could think, kissing him.

Healing the hole in his heart, their pieces, coming together, uniting once again, but this time, stronger, indestructible.

The kiss lasted a life time, but their embrace, lasted an eternity. Jackson holding him, in his arms, his hands, never letting go.

Aaron, back to comfort...Back to Jackson.

But both men, were mourning the loss of losing touch that lasted mere minutes, that felt like a million years.

Jackson was the first to break the comforting silence, wiping the tears away from Aaron's eyes.

"I will never do this again, I will never hurt you again, I'll protect you with my life, I promise."

"I thought I lost you".

"I'm so sorry Aaron. I just had to give you a chance, I thought, I had to set you free. But, in truth, I was fooling myself. I would have come crawling back, cause, I could never let you go Aaron, I would rather die, than be without you".

"Me to". The teenager whispered, "But, we don't know the future Jay, we can't promise each other forever".


"Our forever is now".

"And that's what we will focus on".

Their forever, for an undetermined time, sealed with a soft, gentle kiss.

The traffic light, turning the good intentions to green, creating the cross mark to pave the way, for both men, to say what they mean to say, through just one kiss.

Jackson reluctantly was the one to end their embrace, looking Aaron directly in the eye before speaking.

"You know, I thought It would take me forever, to convince you I didn't love you anymore, but, you just accepted it, no questions. What happened to make you lose faith in me? I tell you I love you every single day".

Aaron fell under the intense gaze of his lover, dropping his eyes to the floor.

"Because, you're too good for me Jay. I just thought you came to your senses. My heart would be permanently broken without you. But, I would have understood you know, if ya walked away.

Aaron's eyes, raining, dripping to the end of his face, onto the floor.

Jackson was fuming. Seething with anger, but kept it in control. Instead, taking him into his arms, instantly calming himself.

"Aaron I. I swear to you, with every fibre of my body, I will make you see, just how worth it you truly are. God can take away everything I own, everyone I love, just as long as he doesn't take you. You're my light, my sun. My heart is in your hands, you control me, I'm all yours. For you, I would risk it all, I would give my life for you".

They stayed wrapped in each other's arms, keeping away the cold, possessing everything that was the other. The aliens, the stars.

For Jackson's body, did not belong to him anymore, it belonged to Aaron, he was Aaron, and Aaron was Jackson.

They were, the closest to heaven, they will ever be.

Both men, taking comfort, in no sound, surrounding all around them now.

"God Jackson, I need you so much".

Jackson, simply whispered delicately, into his ear, the things that made Aaron feel, what he wanted to feel.

"You've got me, I'm yours...And I will love you for life".

The End

Sorry it's another short story.

Hope you enjoyed it, let me