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Opening the door the Tsunade's office, Shizune expected to find the Hokage either sleeping or indulging in one of her 'secret' stashes of sake. What Shizune found was not exactly expected; sitting behind the Hokage's desk was Naruto, leaning back in the chair, arms crossed behind his head and his trademark grin plastered on his face with closed eyes serenely. Slightly confused, and more than a little annoyed at Tsunade's absence, she addressed the grinning teen.

"Naruto, where's Tsunade-sama at?" She asked.

"Huh? Oh hey Shizune Nee-chan," Opening his eyes and focusing on the Hokage's assistant, he replied " Baa-chan said she had to take care of something, and that she'd be back in a little bit, but she wanted me to wait here till she got back. Needed to talk to me bout somethin'." He replied, his grin, if anything, got even wider.

"Always something to avoid paperwork." Shizune lamented. Turning her attention back to Naruto, she asked, "Now why are you sitting at the Hokage's desk?"

"Well, since I'll eventually become Hokage myself, I figured might as well see how good it felt to sit in the big chair." He replied easily.

"Is it as good as you hoped?" Shizune couldn't help but giggle at the young Genin. Always informing others of his dream, he was just too cute at times.

"Oh yeah, even better than I ever imagined." What Shizune didn't know was the exact reason why sitting in that chair felt so good to him, nor could she guess that it also would explain Tsunade's absence.

Sitting underneath the desk between Naruto's spread thighs was the absent Hokage, her mouth stretched wide as she gently sucked upon the massive fifteen inch erection. It had been about two weeks since Naruto had lost his virginity to the busty kage and the two had taken every opportunity to fuck like rabbits, today was no exception. Called in for some mundane reason, as soon as Naruto had closed the door to her office Tsunade had jumped him, threw him onto her chair, freed his dick from it's confines, and proceeded to try and suck his nuts off through his pole. She had been at it for over half an hour before Shizune had come in.

Just as Shizune was preparing to leave Tsunade decided to swallow ten inches of him in one gulp. Groaning at the sudden feeling of being encased in her tight throat, Naruto hoped Shizune wouldn't take notice. Luckily she didn't and as soon as she was out the room Naruto reached down and grabbed Tsunade's head in both hands.

"If I didn't know better, I think you wanted Shizune-nee-chan to catch us." Naruto swore, despite her lips being stretched tight around his cock, Tsunade grinned at him in response. Deciding to rectify her smug attitude, Naruto used his hold on her head to cram the last five inches of dick down her gullet. Greatly enjoying the tightness, Naruto sagely decided he wanted to dump his first load down her throat. He proceeded to use his hold on her to head to bob her head up and down his throbbing dick. Tsunade proved her skills at deepthroating by not once gagging on the massive prick despite the rough treatment, in fact, she flourished in the challenge of it. As Naruto used her throat to get himself off, Tsunade decided to take back control. As he forced her head down his cock, Tsunade grabbed a hold of his hips to keep him in place and kept his prick completely encased in her throat before she proceeded to swallow upon it as hard and fast as she could.

"Holy fuck, you keep that up you're gonna get a belly full of cum Baa-chan! Damn, too late." Naruto grunted, feeling his balls tighten and his cock expanded down Tsunade's throat.

Tsunade, sensing his coming release, withdrew the ready to burst prick from her throat until just the massive head rested in her mouth, wanting to taste Naruto's creamy discharge. Naruto grunted again as he fired his first cup sized shot, completely filling Tsunade's mouth and causing her cheeks to bloat out. Swallowing desperately, Tsunade tried to get the first thick load down before the second one filled her mouth, she failed. The second shot filled her mouth to overflowing, forcing cum to shoot out from between her overly stretched lips, not giving up however, Tsunade kept trying to choke down Naruto's massive load. For the next two minutes it became a contest between the two, Naruto trying to overwhelm the Hokage with his cum, and Tsunade trying valiantly to swallow as much as she could, Tsunade was currently losing. Finally, Naruto's orgasm wound down and Tsunade pulled back, still gulping down cum, her face was a mess from the cum that escaped from between her lips and the exposed upper slopes of her tits were covered by the thick white liquid.

"Damn kid, you never hold back, do you?" As Tsunade finished cleaning herself off and devouring the left over cum, she stood up from underneath her desk and removed her pants and loosened her shirt, allowing her huge jugs to spill out. Tsunade climbed upon the seated Genin and planted her feet on either side of his hips, putting her in a squat above Naruto's prick. Grasping the oversized member, she placed it at the entrance to her soaked cunt and proceeded to pop the head into her pink folds. "Alright Naruto, get ready cause I'm going to drain those big balls dry." She promised, wide eyes full of lust.

Slowly, Tsunade lowered herself down, so as not to hurt herself. No matter how many times the huge slab of man meat was stuffed up her cunt she didn't think she'd ever get completely used to the stretching, despite the extreme pleasure she felt from said stretching. As she reached the six inch mark Tsunade stopped her descent and the lifted herself up till just the head remained in her tight pussy, then she descended down again, this time cramming ten inches up her stretched cunt. As her pleasured filled pants and moans filled the office, Tsunade raised herself up again till just the head remained. Staring into Naruto's eyes she gave him seductive smirk as she held her position, getting impatient as she just held the head of his cock in her, Naruto grasped Tsunade's hips and pulled her down. Throwing her head back, mouth falling open in a silent scream, all fifteen inches were driven into her. She experienced a massive orgasm as her juices squirted out, coating Naruto's cock and balls. As she recovered Tsunade saw Naruto grinning at her smugly, deciding she was going to wipe that grin of his face, Tsunade started fucking her hips up and down his prick. Anyone behind her would have seen her world class pair of cheeks bouncing hypnotically up and down, clapping against his thighs.

Groaning in pleasure as Tsunade's tight warm pussy glided over his throbbing erection, Naruto's gaze was drawn to her large bouncing jugs. Not being able to resist, Naruto's head shot forward and captured one of Tsunade's fat nipples in his mouth and started to suck hungrily upon it. Smiling internally at the gasp Tsunade let out, Naruto bit lightly upon the captured nipple and pulled his head back, stretching out her tit. Naruto let go of the nipple, allowing it resume its bouncing. Reaching up with his left hand, he grasped her other tit and leaned his head forward again and started to lick the fat nub before taking it into his mouth and sucking it. Grinning around his captured prize he started to thrust his cock up just as Tsunade brought her hips down, being caught off guard, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh fuck, screw that fat cock up my cunt! Fuck me harder, deeper! Oh shit, so fucking good!" Naruto had taken over thrusting upwards into Tsunade as she stopped due to her climax robbing her of basic motor functions. She just couldn't get enough of getting fucked by him, the deep, hard thrusts and the stretching of her cunt filled her with such ecstasy. Tsunade was broken out of her thoughts as Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up, forcing her to quickly wrap her legs around him. Naruto set Tsunade's phat ass down upon her desk and the settled her so she was lying down on it. Grabbing her legs behind the knees, Naruto forced her legs up till her knees were settled alongside her huge tits. Tsunade could only stare wide eyed as he took up jack hammering his prick into her as he grinned down at her, greatly enjoying himself as he watched her tits go ballistic, jiggling erotically on her chest. Naruto switched to long hard thrusts to see how much he could make them bounce. For the next hour Naruto fucked her like this, changing the speed, angle, and depth of his thrusts to watch her tits bounce in different ways before deciding to change positions. He now had her on her knees with her face and tits pressed into the desk, her big ass thrust up into the air as he fucked savagely from behind.

"Damn Baa-chan, people are so focused on your huge tits that they don't seem to realize how great an ass you have. So big and plump, and it has such a nice heart shape to it." Naruto grinned down at her as he gave a particularly hard thrust, causing her ass meat to shake and ripple nicely. Not being able to help himself he raised his right hand and spanked her big ass, slowly turning the cheek he smacked red before he grabbed both and spread them. Staring at her puckered asshole, he grinned, getting an evil idea. Pulling out of Tsunade's pussy, he brought his engorged prick up to the little hole and pressed forward. Tsunade's face snapped up as she felt him withdraw from her sore cunt.

"Naruto honey, what are you doi- OH GOD, MY ASS!" Tsunade had only tried anal twice before, once with Dan years ago, and then with Naruto the day after she had taken his virginity, of which she had only been able to endure it for a couple of minutes with Naruto's giant cock barely even half in her before she had him pull out. Now, weakened from her many orgasms she could hardly put up even a token resistance. And judging by the grin she saw as she looked back at him, Tsunade knew he wasn't going to pull out until he poured every drop he could into her quivering bowels. Slowly, so as not to hurt her to much, Naruto fucked his prick up the small opening, gradually working inch after inch with each short thrusts. Finally, after several minutes of carefully working his dick inside, he had Tsunade's ass pressed tightly against him, his cock fully buried up the tight hole and his balls pressed firmly to Tsunade's soaked pussy.

"Fuck is this ever tight, not gonna last long up your ass Baa-chan, so I'm gonna make the most of it and fuck you good and HARD!" As he was talking, Naruto had been withdrawing his dick, and as soon as he said the last word he grabbed Tsunade's wide hips and yanked her back against him while simultaneously thrusting his prick into her as hard as he could. Not bothered by her screaming in the slightest, as it was pleasurable in nature, mostly, he proceeded to fuck her tight ass with reckless abandon. Despite the pain from having her ass stretched out some much, Tsunade started to feel immense pleasure as Naruto continued fucking her, forcing her over the edge once again, causing her to assume the look of a thoroughly fucked stupid bitch. Her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolled back completely. Reaching forward, Naruto gathered her pigtails in one hand and pulled on them, using them to try and fuck deeper into her stretched out rectum. Keeping up his furious pace for ten minutes, the sensations eventually became too much for the young teen. Pulling harder on Tsunade's hair, Naruto buried himself as deeply as possible up her tight ass and with a primal roar emptied what felt like his biggest load ever into the fucked silly woman. Five minutes passed as Naruto filled his lover with his thick cream, causing her stomach to bloat out from the sheer volume of it. Finally spent, Naruto slowly withdrew his softening prick from Tsunade's gaping sphincter. As the head popped out, the cum he deposited started pouring out of the poor woman's stretched asshole. Giving her ass one last slap he got of the desk and readjusted his clothing.

"That was great! I gotta fuck your ass again sometime." As Naruto spoke Tsunade started to regain her bearings and turned her attention to satisfied boy.

"Well, now I should probable tell you the actual reason I called you here Naruto."

"You mean you didn't just want me to fuck you stupid." Naruto asked innocently, quickly avoiding the thrown paperweight that followed his comment. He grinned as Tsunade tried to make herself somewhat presentable again with little success. The cum pouring down her legs didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon and she would probably be able to walk again... in a few hours.

"No, despite you being the best fuck I've ever had, that's not the reason." She loved the brat, but sometimes she just wanted to punch him through a wall or two. "I need you to go to team seven's training grounds. I have someone waiting for you there to give you a special type of training."

"What kind of training?" The possible thought of getting some new and destructive Jutsu from this special training got Naruto's attention.

"You'll just have to wait until you get there, now won't you? Now hurry up, your sensei for this training is probably already there waiting for you."

As soon as she finished speaking, Naruto was already out the door, really hoping he would get to learn some new Jutsu.

N:LC – 15 Minutes Later – N:LC

Naruto finally reached team seven's old training grounds and immediately started looking for whoever was supposed to be teaching him. Not seeing anyone, he started to wonder who his new sensei could be. He got his answer quickly when a kunai flew passed him, cutting a shallow gash in his left cheek. Frantically looking around for the possible assasin that threw a kunai at him his eyes finally landed on the culprit. Standing ten feet behind him was a woman that scared the ever loving shit out of him, Mitarashi Anko.

"Yo! What's up brat? Hope you're ready, cause this training is like nothing you've ever experienced before." She said cockily.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Another kunai whizzed past his face after his outburst. "Oookay, shutting up now."

"Good, now I'll explain exactly what this training is. I'll be teaching you how to deal with a captured enemy kuniochi." Seeing Naruto stare at her with a vacant look she decided to elaborate. "Basically I'm going to teach you how to seduce an enemy kuniochi to extract information."

"Oh." Was his blank reply.

"Now to start, you're going to have to capture and secure me. After that, you'll have to successfully seduce me. So let's get started." With that said, Anko took off into the tree surrounding the area. Anko's explanation and subsequent departure all happened so fast Naruto just stood there trying to comprehend what exactly just happened. Finally processing the situation, Naruto darted into the trees after her. It took only a few minutes for Naruto to locate the kuniochi, capturing her however took nearly a half-hour. Through the inventive use of a Kage Bunshin disguised as a bush, Naruto was able to tie Anko up using her own coat, leaving her in just her mesh top and skirt, her forearms toed together behind her back so her hands were crushed against her elbows; eliminating the ability to use hand seals.

"Well, you managed to capture me at least, but let's see how successful you are at the next stage of training." The grin that Naruto gave her caused a thrill to shoot up Anko's spine. A grin that flat out said she was in over her head. Naruto approached the bound kuniochi and gently pushed her onto her back before reaching his right hand under her skirt and started running a finger over her panty clad pussy lips. Moving her panties aside he then started pumping two fingers up her tight twat forcing a slight moan to bubble up from Anko's throat. She couldn't believe it; this kid seemed to be able to find all the right spots in her pussy to rub, and then when he started to use his thumb to massage her clit Anko released an even longer and louder moan. Seeing her reaction, Naruto started to pump his fingers into her faster and rub her clit harder. For five minutes Naruto worked her pussy over till Anko experienced her first orgasm, squirting her juices over his fingers. Withdrawing his hand form under Anko's skirt, Naruto brought his hand to his mouth and sucked her juices from his hand.

"You taste pretty good Anko, now how would you like to get a taste of me." Moving Anko to her knees, Naruto stood up in front of her and unfastened his pants. The monster that was thrust in Anko's face caused her eyes to nearly pop out of her skull; she had never seen so much cock in one place before! "Now why don't you show me how much of a snake you are and try swallowing something larger than your mouth?"

Eyes locked onto the massive prick, Anko moved her head forward and started to slide her lips over the head, nearly unhinging her jaw as she tried fitting more and more of Naruto's shaft into her mouth. When she felt the large head poke the back of her throat, Anko gloated in her head, she was going to teach the brat not to be so cocky. Not even stopping, she started taking Naruto's dick down her throat, drawing a deep groan from the Genin. She just kept on swallowing down more and more till her nose rested against Naruto's stomach, when she felt hands grasp her head she looked up. Naruto's head was thrown back and eyes closed in pure bliss, Tsunade wasn't able to take his cock down that easy, she always needed to slowly work it down, but Anko just swallowed all of him like it was nothing. Naruto's eyes snapped open when he felt something wet caressing his balls, looking down he saw Anko's tongue and slithered out from between her overly stretched lips and was licking his balls. He couldn't help himself, using his grip on her head, Naruto started fucking her throat with small rapid thrusts, grunting with each savage lunge forward. Anko moaned as Naruto stretched out her throat, she just loved sucking cock and drinking cum, and this was the biggest dick she'd ever sucked and hoped the load boiling in his balls was equally massive.

"Anko-sensei your throats so fucking tight! I just gotta fuck it more and more!" Naruto's eyes widened when he felt Anko's tongue wrap around the part of his prick in her mouth and her throat start swallowing on the rest. She was just too good, his hips became a blur as he fucked her throat even faster until the combination of tongue and throat pushed him over the edge. Burying himself completely down her throat again, Naruto grunted as he blew his load down Anko's heavenly throat. Anko expectations were met and surpassed several times over as the huge blasts of cum were forced down her throat. Naruto wasn't some brat, she realized, he was a fucking stud! Pulling herself out of her thoughts, Anko quickly had to focus on guzzling down the massive amount of cum being pumped down her throat, she was mostly successful except for about a cups worth that came back up her throat and spilled out between her stretched lips. As the flow tapered off, she pulled her head back and out of Naruto's grip, sucking on the cock the entire way to insure she got all the delicious cum, when the head popped back out her mouth she looked up at the teen's face.

"That tasted fucking great! I wouldn't mind sucking a meal out of those balls every day. Still, too bad you came already, I really wanted to try fucking that monster..."

"Pfft, That's what you think Anko-sensei. I'm not done with your slutty ass yet." A little miffed at the slut comment her eyes were still drawn to his cock, she was amazed to find it still as hugely erect as before. "I'm gonna split your cunt wide open then fuck you stupid." He said happily.

Anko found herself pushed onto her back once again, except this time when his hand reached under her skirt he ripped her panties away from her soaked pussy and her skirt was pushed up her hips. Naruto settled down on his knees between Anko's spread legs and started rubbing his engorged cockhead between her pink folds before pushing himself into her. Anko couldn't take her eyes off the fifteen inch cunt pounder currently stretching her to the limits. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Naruto grabbed her hips and with a savage thrust shoved himself fully into her, stretching her out and pushing all the way into her womb. Naruto grinned down at the suddenly overwhelmed woman before pulling half way out her pussy then driving powerfully back in. Moving his hands from her hips, Naruto hooked his behind Anko's knees and placed his hands on either side of her, leaving her spread and helpless beneath him. Anko's eyes looked up into Naruto's own as he started up a deep, hard fucking, she couldn't help but wonder where he learned to fuck a woman so thoroughly. She dropped that thought as Naruto kept hammering into her, forcing her mesh covered tits to lightly bounce. Pounding Anko's tight twat, Naruto leaned over and grabbed the mesh between her breasts with his teeth and pulled back, ripping the top open allowing her large tits bounce freely. Naruto admired the jiggling tit flesh; while not as large as Tsunade's, Anko's breasts were still big, a fact he noted years ago at the Chunin exam when she grabbed him from behind.

Anko threw her head back when Naruto suddenly buried himself completely inside her and started to grind his prick in the deepest parts of her stretched pussy. She just couldn't get over the size of him, he filled her like no one else ever had, and when she looked back at her stretched out cunt she gasped had a long, massive bulge running up it. She was so filled with cock she could see it in her stomach! She decided right then and there she would let Naruto fuck her whenever and however he wanted, be it her mouth, pussy, or even her virgin asshole. The thought of that monster stretching her unused ass filled her with some fear and a lot of anticipation. That would have to wait though as Naruto fucked her to a mind blowing orgasm. It hit her like a freight train, causing her back to arch and her toes to curl, she let out a sexy little squeal as Naruto kept thrusting and grinding his prick into her as she was cumming her brains out. As she came down from her high she noticed Naruto had pulled out before she saw him stand above her facing her pussy. Reaching down Naruto grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled them up until only Anko's head, neck and shoulders' were left on the ground. Positioning himself at her cunt once again he drove his prick down into her. This new position allowed Naruto to plunder her pussy in new and pleasurable ways. Anko could only look up in fear, amazement and ecstasy as her cunt was pounded mercilessly and Naruto's massive balls clapped against her good size ass cheeks. Stuck in this position she was fucked into a mind numbing orgasm, except this one just seemed to never end. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of getting fucked senseless Anko felt Naruto's dick expand before he buried himself fully in her once again. Grunting, Naruto started to pump massive amounts jizz directly into Anko's womb, causing her stomach to swell from the sudden over-stuffing. Jerking his hips in short thrusts Naruto fucked his load into Anko's swollen belly, forcing some of his cum out of her cunt, the excess sperm splattering down onto her face and tits covering her in the thick cream.

After pumping the last of his load into the stuffed woman Naruto withdrew his spent dick and allowed Anko's lower body to fall back to the ground. Looking down, he was surprised to see Anko had actually passed out with a huge smile on her cum covered face. Kneeling down, Naruto untied her arms and wrapped her in her long coat. Not knowing where Anko lived he started to head towards his apartment, it was getting late and he was exhausted from fucking two sexy kunoichi completely stupid in one day. 'Still,' He thought, 'I don't think my life could get any better.'

N:LC – N:LC – N:LC

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