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Naruto awoke to the feeling of his dick enveloped by something warm and extremely tight. Blinking the sleep out of his eyes he saw the cause of the pleasurable sensation. Riding his cock with her back to him was Anko, her hands resting on his thighs and her back arched she was fucking her pussy onto his cock furiously. Admiring the firm, heart shaped ass bouncing on his dick, Naruto decided to let Anko do the work this time. Listening to Anko's quiet moans, Naruto grinned; she apparently thought he was still asleep and was trying to be silent as she impaled herself on his huge dick. Wanting to hear Anko scream and moan, he decided to let her know he was awake, by giving her right ass cheek a sharp slap.

Letting out a surprised gasp at the stinging sensation, Anko turned her head and stared down at Naruto's smirking face. "So you're awake stud, thanks for letting me sleep here, and also for the best fuck ever yesterday. Ugh, nothing like getting my pussy stuffed first thing in the morning." She said dreamily.

"No problem. So any reason why you're fucking me so early, not that I'm complainin' of course."

"Well when I woke up you had this painful looking case of morning wood, shit you're fucking huge." Anko had stopped her bouncing and was now grinding her cunt back and forth on him while leaning back with her hands resting on Naruto's stomach, looking over her shoulder at him. "Your poor cock looked so big and swollen and your balls looked so full of cum, like it needed a nice tight twat to fuck and unload into. Damn you fill me up so much; I can't believe you were packing this beast, if I had known during the Chunin exams three years ago I would have fucked you then."

"Damn Anko-sensei, your pussy is fucking tight. Hope you don't have any plans for today cause I'm gonna fuck you all day." Not even bothering to answer, Anko simply shifted her upper body forward and placed her hands by Naruto's knees and resumed fucking her pussy on his cock, slamming her ass onto his pelvis. She wanted him to unload all that thick creamy cum into her hungry pussy. Feeling his prick starting to swell she knew it wouldn't be long now. Finally reaching his limit, Naruto grabbed her luscious ass cheeks and forced her down his entire length as he started to pump his first load of the day into the sexy kuniochi. As soon as Anko felt that first cup sized blast of spunk fill her she sat straight up and threw her head back as she came as well, moaning and giving the occasional squeak all the while. As her stomach swelled from the massive amounts of cum being shot into her Anko couldn't help but think that she'd allow this young stud to fuck her whenever he wanted, even if he bent her over right in front of the hokage and shoved his monster dick up her ass, it just felt that good. When Naruto shot the last of his cum deep into Anko's pussy, she slipped off his dick and stood up from the bed.

"Alright Naruto, rest a little bit while I go make some breakfast, kay?" Walking out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen, cum leaking down the inside of her thighs as she walked, she looked over her shoulder at Naruto. "You're gonna need the energy, I'm free today so you get your wish to pound my pussy all day long, hell I'll even give you a crack at my tight virgin ass."

N:LC – Thirty Minutes Later – N:LC

"So Naruto, just where did you learn to fuck a women stupid like that?" Naruto nearly spit out the eggs he was eating when Anko asked that. "I know it wasn't from one of those little girls you hang out with, they couldn't handle a huge dick like yours. Well, maybe the Hyuuga, but she a determined little bitch like that. So that leaves only the Hokage and Shizune, and Shizune isn't the type to just go ahead and fuck someone, and that leaves Tsunade-sama. By the look on your face I just hit the nail on the head."

"Hehehe." Scratching the back of his head, Naruto tried to find a way to change the subject. Noticing that Anko hadn't fixed herself anything to eat he found his out. "Hey, aren't you gonna eat anything Anko, you said I'm gonna need energy and with what I plan on doin to you you're gonna need a lot of energy too."

"My breakfast is a little different than yours." Standing up, Anko walked around the table towards Naruto with a slow sensual gait. Naruto just couldn't get over Anko's attire, the minute he walked into his kitchen he had to fight the urge to just bend her over the counter and fuck her right then; dressed in nothing but a small apron (That she got from who knows where) that ended just below her pussy and left a lot of cleavage, as well as the sides of her breasts, exposed and a dark orange thong. As she stepped up to him, Naruto moved his chair out from the table so he could face her easier. Kneeling down between his legs, Anko fished out Naruto's rapidly growing erection before nuzzling her face against it. "Oh yes, my breakfast is gonna be a huge delicious sausage with a thick creamy sauce."

Anko started her 'breakfast' with a long slow lick from base to tip before returning to the base of Naruto's prick and giving a loving kiss to each of his large balls. Continuing, Anko gave the thick shaft little kisses all the way up the right side, ignoring the head of his dick, she started to kiss down the left side. She kept on teasing Naruto like this, with little kisses and licks on his shaft while deliberately leaving the throbbing cock head alone. When a large dollop of pre-cum oozed out Anko quickly licked it off before finally giving a kiss to the cock tip. Before she could remove her succulent lips Naruto grabbed her head and started pushing down, forcing his cock head past her lips and into her throat from the strength that he applied. Caught off guard, Anko gagged on the huge chunk of meat being forced down her throat; she prided herself on her sexual abilities, especially her skill at cock sucking, and for her to gag on even a big dick was nearly unheard of.

"Sorry Anko, I would let you take your time sucking my dick but I have other plans for you today, and one I want to try as soon as possible." Grabbing a hand full of hair on top of Anko's head and grasping her below the jaw, Naruto fucked Anko's face onto his dick, trying desperately to cum as soon as possible. The obscene sounds coming from Anko's cock stuffed throat where music to Naruto's ears as he continued to stretch her jaw and throat to the limits; all Anko could do was grip his knees and try to hold on. Anko couldn't believe she lost control of the situation like this, yesterday she was able to easily deep throat him but today she was gagging and choking on his long fat cock; she just couldn't understand how he seemed more energetic today. Anko's eyes bugged out when she felt Naruto's cock swell before she felt cum being pumped down her throat, seven near cup sized blasts filled her belly before Naruto pulled out of her throat. He shot four more similar sized blasts onto her face and clothe covered tits, leaving Anko a creamy dazed mess before she suddenly found herself bent over the table with Naruto's still hard cock sliding between her ass cheeks. "Now that you've had your breakfast Anko I'm gonna split this phat ass in two, hope you don't mind."

"Wait, I wasn't kidding about being an anal virgin, use something to lube up." Naruto grabbed some butter sitting on the table and lathered his cock with it before pulling Anko's thong down and applied some more butter to her puckered hole. Anko reached out and grabbed the edges of the table as she felt Naruto press his cock against her asshole; her grip nearly broke the edges when Naruto popped his cock head into her. Grabbing her hips firmly Naruto proceeded to slowly fuck inch after belly stuffing inch into Anko's ass. Naruto couldn't believe how tight her ass was, every inch was a chore to get in. It was nearly ten minutes before Anko finally felt Naruto's pelvis press up against her ass signaling his entire cock was stuffed into her. Naruto slowly pulled back out till just his cockhead remained lodged up her ass before slowly pushing his entire length back in; he repeated this motion four times to loosen her up and the fifth time he withdrew his cock he went still. Anko looked back at him over her shoulder and tried to push her hips back but Naruto's grip on her hips prevented her. When Anko started up a sexy whine Naruto couldn't hold back any longer, reaching forward he grabbed her forearms and pulled her back towards him while simultaneously thrusting forward burying his cock balls deep into Anko's incredibly tight ass. "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK, your cock's so fucking big Naruto! Fuck me and split my slutty ass in two! Pump all your cum into me, drain those big balls dry!"

"Well how can I say no to such a hot bitch begging to get fucked? All right Anko-sensei, get ready for the fucking of your life."

Naruto started hammering into Anko's ass as hard as he could, thrusting forward with all his might while pulling her back by the arms. Anko's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was pounded like a bitch in heat while her semi-coherent mind registering a strange sensation in her belly; her stomach had developed an obscene bulge from the massive cock being driven into her guts. Anko was quickly fucked into a quivering fucked stupid slut; orgasm after orgasm ripped through her as Naruto kept driving his cock into her while his large balls slapped her clit repeatedly, prolonging each mind-numbing orgasm. For half an hour Naruto fucked Anko like a machine till he felt his balls tighten up, Anko's tight ass finally proved too much even for Naruto's inhuman self control. Letting go of her sore arms Naruto reached into Anko's apron and grasped her large tits as he increased the speed of his thrusts until his dick started pulsing and twitching. Burying his cock into Anko one final time Naruto let loose and started to pump massive amounts of cum deep into Anko's bowels, pulling her flush up against him by his hold on her tits, he looked over her shoulder and watched as Anko's stomach started to swell with the amount of cum being poured into her. Anko's head fell back onto Naruto's shoulder as she experienced one more massive orgasm, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and eventually blacking out. Coming to a couple minutes later she noticed Naruto had picked her up by the back of her knees and was carrying her towards his bedroom, his still hard cock stuffed up her ass, each step sending jolts of pleasure through her.

"Good to see you awake Anko-sensei, cuz I''m sure as hell not done with you yet. We still have all day and I'm just getting started."

"You've got to be joking, you already came three times and you can still keep going?"

"I fucked Tsunade Baa-chan ten times when I got back from the mission in Suna before I started to even feel a little tired." Naruto entered his bedroom and set Anko on her hands and knees on his bed. He started slowly fucking her ass again; grinning down at her he knew this was going to be one fucking awesome day. For the next several hours he fucked Anko in both her holes in several positions, the two only stopping for lunch and bathroom breaks. It was a little after five when Naruto's bedroom door opened, Naruto was fucking Anko's pussy doggy style when he noticed another person was in the room. Close to cumming he continued fucking Anko at a furious pace even as he turned to look at who had come in.

Standing in the doorway was a furiously blushing Shizune.

"Uh... hey, Shizune Nee-chan?" He greeted uncertainly, hips still moving at a blur despite his sheepish expression.

N:LC – N:LC – N:LC

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