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Walking through the streets of Konoha towards Naruto's apartment, Shizune couldn't help but wonder why Tsunade-sama had sent her, as opposed to a messenger bird, to get a hold of the young Genin. Thinking about Naruto and Tsunade sent her mind back to the day she had spied on the two in the hospital, causing a large blush to spread across her face. While not fully seeing it due to being buried in Tsunade, Shizune had noted that Naruto was rather well endowed, an endowment that had been the cause of many masturbation fantasies since that day. Drawing herself from her thoughts she noted that she'd reached Naruto's apartment. Knocking on the door she waited a few moments and when nobody answered she used the spare key she used when she would clean the apartment while Naruto was on his training trip. As soon as Shizune stepped through the door her nose was assaulted with a peculiar scent which she identified a moment late, it was the smell of sex. Shizune also heard a strange sound coming from Naruto's bedroom. As she stepped up to the door she blushed again, realizing the sound was a woman moaning in sexual bliss. Her curiosity got the better of her as she slowly opened the door. Shizune's blush intensified at the sight before her. Naruto was fucking one Mitarashi Anko doggy style, and by the fucked stupid look on Anko's face they'd been at it for a while.

"Uh, hey... Shizune Nee-chan?" Jumping at suddenly being addressed Shizune looked towards Naruto, despite the fact he had noticed her presence he continued to thrust into Anko's pussy, if anything he'd sped up since he said her name. "Sorry Nee-chan, I'm way to close to stop right now. Fuck, here it come Anko-sensei!" He explained before crying out.

Shoving his dick all the way into Anko's pussy Naruto grunted and started to shudder lightly while Anko's arms gave out, causing her to collapse face first onto the bed. Shizune's eyes nearly popped out when she saw Anko's belly swell slightly as Naruto came in her before he pulled out, covering Anko's ass and back with a thick layer of cum. Her first unrestricted view of Naruto's cock nearly made Shizune cream herself, the sheer size and girth of the beast astonished her, she couldn't believe that Tsunade-sama and Anko-san took that monster inside them!

"So, what's up Nee-chan, Baa-chan sent you to tell me something I'm guessing." Naruto tried to play it cool.

"Huh? … Oh! Yes, Tsunade-sama sent me to tell you to come see her tomorrow morning, she didn't say what it was about however." Trying to be calm about the sight before her, Shizune couldn't help but steal quick glances at Naruto's cock. Despite just cumming it was still hard and covered in Anko's juices and Naruto's own cum. The sight of it reminded her it had around 7 years since she had last gotten laid.

"Okay. Well, while Anko-sensei is taking a little nap I might as well clean up a little and get some ramen."

"Wait Naruto-kun," Shizune was horny and in front of her was a young man with a huge dick, she wasn't about to let this opportunity slip by. "You're still hard. It wouldn't be good for you to leave it like that. So let's go out to the living room and I'll um, t-t-t-take care of it for you." Shizune's blush got even darker as she was now shamelessly staring at his erection.

"Really Shizune Nee-chan, you mean it?" Naruto was up and standing in front of Shizune in an instant, his hard dick was pressing against her from the close proximity; she gave a little nod in response, not trusting her voice. Naruto grabbed Shizune's arm and dragged her out to the living room where he sat on the couch with his legs spread and cock sticking straight up, throbbing with excitement at what was to come. "Thanks Nee-chan, I really appreciate this." He gushed.

Still blushing, Shizune knelt on the couch next to Naruto and grasped his erection in her left hand, barely able to get her hand around half of the large girthy appendage. Licking her suddenly dry lips, Shizune drew close to the large head and inhaled the masculine scent, getting a little bit light headed. Steeling her nerves, she gave a loving kiss to the bulbous head, getting a taste of Naruto's cum and Anko's pussy juices. Finding the combination surprisingly tasty. Slowly, Shizune began to lick Naruto's cock clean of the juices covering it. Licking it from base to tip before swallowing the tasty cream, repeating the process till only her saliva coated the shaft. Delivering another kiss to the head, Shizune slid her lips over the head and started to inch her way down the shaft. She was only able to take about four inches before she had to draw back, it was simply too big for her.

"That's all I can take Naruto-kun, it's just too large for me to get into my throat." Shizune said, feeling disappointed in herself.

"Don't worry about it Nee-chan, just do what you can." While he had no problem forcing his dick down Tsunade Baa-chan and Anko-sensei's throats, the thought of doing that to Shizune Nee-chan just felt... wrong somehow. Taking the head back into her mouth, Shizune started to suck on the four inches she could take and jerked the rest of the shaft with her left hand. What she lacked in skill Shizune more than made up for in enthusiasm, letting copious amounts of saliva to drip from between her stretched lips and spreading it around with her jacking hand. Placing his right hand on the Shizune's bobbing head, Naruto just sat back and let her work his cock between her succulent lips while greatly enjoying the loving way she sucked on his engorged prick. Moving his hand from Shizune's head to her ass, Naruto gathered the bottom of her kimono up around her waist before slipping his hand into her plain white cotton panties. Naruto lightly caressed Shizune's wet pussy before sticking two fingers in and started to finger fuck the cock sucking woman. Popping Naruto's cock out of her mouth, Shizune threw her head back and released a throaty moan from Naruto's fingers wildly pumping into her needy cunt. Naruto used this as an opportunity to slip his left hand into Shizune's kimono top but frowned in annoyance when his fingers encountered breast bindings instead of flesh.

"Sit up Shizune Nee-chan; I want to get rid of these chest bindings." Before Shizune could do anything Naruto had sat her up and slipped her kimono off her shoulders letting it hang off her arms. Naruto raised an eyebrow at the sight of a seal tag in the middle of the bindings with the kanji for reduce written on it. "The fuck is this?" He asked, irked heavily as he saw the seal and understood what it did.

"Um, well t-t-they normally get in the way... and they um, kind of attract a lot of attention so…" Blushing and stuttering Shizune wasn't able to react fast enough as Naruto reached up and ripped off the seal. What happened next Naruto couldn't believe, as soon as the seal was removed the bindings loosened and Shizune's tits expanded to epic size. Instead of tits a little smaller than Anko's like Naruto thought would be hidden under the chest wraps were instead huge fucking jugs nearly the size of Tsunade's. Before she knew it Shizune found herself on her back with Naruto sitting on her with his dick buried between her tits. Grabbing a hold of the soft mounds, Naruto started to titty fuck Shizune, his cockhead bumping against her chin with every stroke. Shizune tilted her head down and let Naruto's cock slip back in between her lips, letting Naruto fuck her mouth and tits at the same time. Naruto threw his head back and groaned, the feeling of Shizune's mouth sucking on his cockhead while his shaft was buried in her huge tits was amazing. why he hadn't done this with Baa-chan escaped him.

"Oh man, this is good Nee-chan I can't believe you were hiding these all this time. Your tits are so big and soft and the way they're wrapped around my dick feels awesome, I don't think I can last much longer."

Naruto started to thrust faster and more erratically between Shizune's tits, his balls tightening up in preparation to cum. Feeling Naruto's cockhead expand in her mouth Shizune sucked harder on it trying to get him to cum. When the young Genin's hold on her tits increased and he stopped thrusting Shizune prepared herself for the flood of cum she knew was coming. The first shot filled her mouth to maximum capacity causing her cheeks to puff out from the amount of cum; Shizune barely swallowed a fourth of the amount in her mouth before the next shot came causing cum to spray out from between her lips and out of her nose. Not able to keep up with the flood Shizune pulled her mouth off Naruto's cock right as the third blast came, covering her face in the thick cream. Naruto pulled back and let the next couple shots cover Shizune's tits before alternating between covering her face and tits, leaving Shizune in a nice gooey mess of cum.

"Do you normally cum this much Naruto-kun," Wiping and licking the cum of her face Shizune could only guess at how much cum Naruto had covered her with. What really baffled her was the knowledge that this wasn't the first time he had unloaded today and from seeing how much Naruto had poured on Anko only about twenty or so minutes ago the amount hadn't lessened at all. "The amount is unreal and- wait are you still hard?" She replied incredulously.

"Hehe, looks that way. I still have about one more in me. That was about the eleventh time I've cum today."

"Okay then Naruto-kun," Pulling off her panties Shizune flipped over and braced herself against the couches arm rest, moving the bottom of her kimono out of the way to expose her pussy. "Go ahead and fuck me then. As a medic-nin I can't let you suffer from blue balls like this."

"Thanks Nee-chan you're the best." Lining himself up Naruto gently popped his cockhead into Shizune's tight twat earning a little squeak from the woman. Grasping Shizune's hips tightly Naruto began to slowly thrust into her pussy stuffing an inch in at a time. Naruto was able to drive eleven inches into Shizune's tight cunt before he hit bottom. Frowning, Naruto pulled back a couple inches before thrusting forward sharply trying to get in just a bit further. The short shriek of pain Shizune let out made Naruto stop, when she looked over her shoulder with a cute little glare Naruto just grinned apologetically before leaning forward and kissing her lightly on the lips. "Sorry Nee-chan your tiny pussy just felt so good I couldn't help myself. I'll try to be a little gentler."

"Alright," Shizune just couldn't stay mad at the teen. "You owe me some cuddling as payment." she finished with a smile.

Naruto started to gently thrust in and out of Shizune, being careful not to drive more than eleven inches into her. Speeding up his thrusts to a moderate pace Naruto tried to control himself and not just fuck Shizune into a quivering fucked stupid mess like he would with Tsunade or Anko. Resting her forehead on the armrest Shizune moaned as Naruto fucked her, she had never felt so full before and combined with the confident and sure strokes he was giving her were filling her with pleasurable sensations she had never before experienced. Suddenly Shizune's head shot up and she started quivering as she started to cum for the first time in years, that didn't involve using her fingers or some toy. As Shizune's pussy started to convulse around his dick Naruto couldn't take it any longer, reaching underneath her Naruto firmly grabbed Shizune's tits and started to fuck her with faster more powerful strokes till he was going at the same pace he would with his other two lovers. Shizune's eyes rolled up into her head as she experienced another orgasm before coming down from the previous one, the new intense way Naruto was fucking her was nearly too much but he still was careful not to drive more of his dick into her than she could handle.

Using his hold on Shizune's big tits Naruto pulled her up against him, the new angle sending Shizune into another orgasm. Shizune wrapped her arms back around Naruto's neck to try and steady herself against Naruto's powerful thrusts. She just couldn't believe the stamina Naruto possessed, he had already fucked Anko multiple times today and yet here he was, driving up into her with such speed and strength. Naruto continued to fuck Shizune for a little more than half an hour forcing her through one orgasm after another before he felt his own drawing near. Wrapping his arms around Shizune just below her now bouncing breasts Naruto tried to hold off coming until he fucked Shizune into one more mind blowing orgasm.

"Cum for me Nee-chan I want your pussy squeezing down on my dick once more." Giving Shizune a particularly hard thrust sent her spiraling into one last orgasm her pussy clamping tightly on Naruto's cock. Feeling Shizune cum Naruto finally let go and buried as much of his dick into her that he could and unleashed the load he'd barely been holding back right into her womb. "Your pussy feels so good Shizune Nee-chan, wish I could have you wrapped around my dick all the time. Fuck, take my cum Nee-chan, take it all deep in your cunt!" Naruto cried.

"Oh yes Naruto-kun, cum in my pussy, empty those big balls. So fucking good." Shizune cooed.

Shizune's head fell back onto Naruto's shoulder as the teen pumped what seemed like half a gallon of cum into her. Shizune's belly developed a slight bulge form the amount of semen being poured into her till she looked four months pregnant. Finally, after several minutes Naruto's orgasm tapered off and he fell back, taking Shizune with him so he was lying on the couch with her resting on top of him. The two exhausted lovers laid there panting while Shizune's hips would jerk spastically every now and then while Naruto's softening cock stayed buried in Shizune's pussy, jizz still spilling out of the well-fucked kunoichi. The two jerked up however when they heard a low whistle. Looking over they saw Anko, dressed in one of Naruto's black t-shirts and her orange thong, standing in the entryway to the kitchen.

"Now that's what I call a fucking show! Hell I'd pay to see something like that again." Anko couldn't help but tease the two.

"H-h-how long have you been watching us Anko-san?" Shizune was blushing as red as a tomato, she was so embarrassed that Anko had watched her and Naruto fucking.

"Let's see... oh, since about Naruto grabbed a hold of those huge tits of yours. Kind of pisses me off though, I was considered one of the bustiest in the village until Tsunade-sama came back and then it turns out you were hiding tits almost as big as hers? I mean come on, that's so fucking unfair!" She pouted cutely.

"Alright Anko-sensei stop harassing Nee-chan about her tits." Naruto sent Anko a mock glare; he liked to see Shizune blush, it made her look even cuter than she normally was. He was about to tease Anko some when he smelled something coming from the kitchen. "Is that ramen I smell sensei?"

"Yup, figured you two would probably be hungry so I started fixing up some."

"Wait Anko-san since when do you cook, you don't seem like the domestic type?" Shizune suddenly asked.

"That's what I thought to, but she cooked breakfast and lunch for me today and it was fucking delicious." Naruto answered her.

"Enough chit-chat you two, come and eat, we're gonna need all the energy we can get tonight."

"Why what are we going to do tonight Anko-san?" Shizune asked, not feeling the need to get up until she absolutely had to.

"What we're gonna do every chance we get Shizune, try to fuck Naruto unconscious!" Anko let out an overly dramatic villain laugh. The lightning Genjutsu that appeared behind her made the two naked occupants of the couch laugh all the more.

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For those wondering why I gave Shizune big boobs, well I really like the doujins by Sunahara Wataru and I love how he draws Shizune. So I based my version of Shizune off of how he draws her. In case nobody has noticed yet, I like huge boobies. HURRAY FOR BOOBIES!

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