Authors Note: So here's the long awaited chapter 5, the reason it took so long is because my computer crashed on me in the middle of writing. So I apologize for the long wait and I swear it wasn't my normal procrastination like normal or the fact I've been playing Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2 in most of my free time.

Also the authors note at the bottom of the page will reveal who I plan on having in Naruto's harem.

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With a grin on his face that couldn't be wiped off even if Sakura punched him through several walls Naruto headed towards the Hokage Tower early in the morning. Last night had probably been one of the greatest of his young life. Fucking, not one, but two of the sexiest kunoichi in Konoha in a several hour long sex marathon would be a memory that he'd never forget. The things Anko and Shizune had done to his dick would give Ero-sennin enough material for his books for years! The only down side to the whole night was not being able to fuck both at the same time... he would have to experiment with Kage Bunshin and see if he could use a clone to fuck a woman. He could almost see the look on Anko-sensei's face as he and a clone stuffed her ass and cunt full of cock and fucked her stupid before filling her with nearly a gallon of cum.

Breaking out of his little fantasy as he entered the Hokage tower Naruto started to wonder what it was that Tsunade Baa-chan wanted. The other day when she wanted to see him led to his sex marathon yesterday, hell maybe today's meeting would lead to him getting a crack at some other attractive women?

Several women across the Elemental Countries suddenly sneezed simultaneously.

Finally getting to Tsunade's office Naruto opened the door and stopped, Tsunade's back was to him and it looked like she was engrossed in reading something. Closing the door quietly and locking it Naruto snuck up behind the distracted Kage and quickly pressed up against her back before slipping his arms around her and grabbing two big handfuls of Tsunade's huge tits. Startled and ready to rip off the arms of whoever had foolishly decided to grope her, Tsunade relaxed when she turned her head and saw Naruto's grinning face before grinning herself and grinding her big round ass back against him, feeling rather proud at the involuntary whimper he let out as his grip on her tits strengthened.

"Hey Baa-chan, what did you need to see me about? Got another mission for me, or did you just want me to bend you over and fuck you silly again?" Naruto really hoped it was both, preferably the latter before the former.

"There are a few things I need to discuss with you in all honesty so we should probably sit down." What Tsunade didn't expect was for Naruto to lift her up and carry her to her chair before sitting down in it, setting her on his lap facing away from him before returning his hands to their all important job of tit groping. Looking over her shoulder, Tsunade didn't know whether to sigh or chuckle at Naruto's shit eating grin, stupid horny fucker. "This isn't quite what I meant but it'll work. However, before we get into why I wanted to see you I haven't seen Shizune since yesterday when I sent her to deliver my message." Tsunade could already guess why Shizune was missing, but she wanted to make sure. It was all apart of her Evil Master Plan after all. "You didn't do anything to her did you, like say fuck her bowlegged for hours and leaving her exhausted on your bed, did you?"

"Truthfully?" Seeing her nod Naruto chuckled nervously. "The last I saw of her she was passed out on my bed next to Anko-sensei." The look Tsunade gave him told him to explain. "I may have gotten a little bit carried away last night and screwed the two of them unconscious." The light laughter coming from Tsunade wasn't the reaction he was expecting nor was what she said.

"That's my boy. I think you deserve a nice reward for taking care of my assistant." Extracting herself from Naruto, Tsunade knelt down in front of him and made quick work of removing Naruto's pants and boxers before planting a kiss on the bulbous head of his massive cock. "Now you're probably wondering why I arranged for you to get into situations where you ended up fucking Anko and Shizune." As she was talking Tsunade had removed her shirt and proceeded to wrap her tits around Naruto's dick. Smirking up at him Tsunade started up a slow tit fuck before continuing on. "There are actually a couple reasons why. The first reason is with this huge cock of yours and nearly endless stamina you possess you could fuck information out of a kunoichi and have them begging to join Konoha to get another taste of this wonderful dick. So I wanted you to get some more experience fucking other women besides myself." To illustrate her point Tsunade wrapped her lips around the large head of said cock and worked her way down the girthy appendage until her face was almost buried in her own tits. She knew the combination of her succulent lips and soft tits would have him blowing a huge load in no time flat. While she was more than okay with him fucking other women, considering it was something she wanted him to do, Tsunade wanted to make it clear she was the best fuck he would ever have.

Tsunade quickly found a good rhythm for her titfuck/blowjob, as she drew her lips back up Naruto's dick she would drag her tits down into his lap and than as she sucked him back into her mouth she would bring her tits back up his shaft. The effect her technique had on Naruto was almost instantaneous; both his hands gripped Tsunade's hair and he had to restrain himself from forcibly fucking her face.

Just as Tsunade thought Naruto quickly reached his end from her efforts. Naruto's cock swelled in Tsunade's mouth and tits just before he blew his load. The first shot of which filled Tsunade's mouth completely. The second blast of cum came before Tsunade had a chance to even swallow half of the first shot forcing the thick jizz to escape past her lips and coat the upper slopes of her breasts and flow into her cleavage. Eventually the large amounts of cum forced Tsunade to withdraw her mouth from the erupting cock which led to the next two blasts catching her directly in the face. The rest of Naruto's huge load shot into the air and landing haphazardly on Tsunade's breasts. When the torrent finally died off Tsunade was a mess of cum, her face and tits nearly completely covered. A situation that she rectified by licking the cum off her tits, looking Naruto directly in the eyes as she slowly dragged her tongue across her pale flesh something he found extremely stimulating. After nearly two minutes of cleaning herself Tsunade leaned back and let out a content sigh, completely cum free.

"Delicious, there's nothing like a young studs cum to quench a horny bitches thirst, and yours Naruto, is simply the best."

"Damn Baa-chan, I got to say that your technique is the fucking best there is." Naruto's eyes followed Tsunade's voluptuous form as she stood up and shed the rest of her clothes before settling herself in his lap, his still hard cock nestled between in her plump ass. "So what is the other reason you mentioned."

"The other reason is simple and the main reason I want you to fuck other women," As Tsunade started explaining she raised herself up and positioned Naruto's cock at the entrance to her pussy, and with a sexy whimper at the large head parting her folds Tsunade sunk down and took all fifteen inches in one plunge. Something she was proud to finally be able to do. Panting, she rolled her hips a little bit before continuing on. "I want you to knock up all those bitches and give me lots of grandchildren to spoil. Despite the fact that you and I fuck like bunnies I still think of you as my own son."

"Let me guess, 'Incest is the best, give your surrogate mother a test' is your opinion on the matter Kaa-chan." His change of how he addressed her had the desired effect, Naruto knew that she love it when he called her mom and when they were fucking and it caused her libido to sky rocket. Capturing his lips in a heated kiss Tsunade started to really grind her hips into Naruto working his thick shaft with her cunt. Pulling back she stared directly into Naruto's eyes as she set her legs underneath her and started to fuck her pussy onto her young lover. Naruto's hands reached around and seized a hold of Tsunade's ass to help raise and lower her, and just because palming her ass was one of the greatest feelings ever, just as he started to thrust his own hips up into Tsunade's tight pussy. "I'm not ready to have kids just yet, but when I'm ready I'll be sure to fuck Anko-sensei, Shizune Nee-chan, and whoever else and knock them up to give you lots of grandkids. For the moment however. I'm going to fuck you into a quivering mess." He promised huskily.

Repositioning his hands so his arms were underneath Tsunade's legs while still gripping her ass, Naruto used his hold on her to drive her down his cock so he punched through her cervix and into her womb. Tsunade's eyes rolled up as she came instantly from Naruto's action. Leaning forward she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and brought her face next to Naruto's as she quivered from the force of her orgasm. As she was still cumming Naruto stood up supporting her with his hold on her ass. Grinning, Naruto started to fuck Tsunade up and down his cock as she gasped and squealed into his ear whenever his dick punched into her womb. For nearly half an hour he fucked her like this, slamming her down onto his cock again and again with her cumming almost every five minutes. Naruto could have fucked her like this for hours. However, he wanted to fuck her in a way that he'd been wanting to since the first time they'd screwed in her office. Carrying Tsunade to the window looking out over the village Naruto lifted her off his cock and set her on her wobbly legs so she was facing the window before opening the window and bending her over so her upper body was outside and her hips were resting on the windowsill. Still a little bit out of it from her many orgasms Tsunade didn't notice what Naruto had done till he drove his huge cock back into her pussy.

"Naruto, what the hell are you doing!"

"Now Kaa-chan you better not be so loud otherwise people might hear you and than look up and see you getting fucked stupid." Any further protest from Tsunade was ended when Naruto grabbed her hips and pulled nearly all the way out before driving back in forcing Tsunade to cover her mouth with both hands lest she be heard. Reaching forward with his right hand Naruto grabbed onto Tsunade's pigtails forcing her head up and her tits to jut out as he really started to fuck into her. Despite her protest the thought that of anyone walking through the streets below were to happen to look up they'd see her, the Hokage and the strongest kunoichi of Konoha, getting fucked like a bitch in heat with her large tits bouncing wildly and without a doubt a look of utter pleasure on her face was really turning her on. This became evident to Naruto by how her cunt tightened up on his dick and got even wetter than it was. So in turn he doubled the speed and power of his thrusts, fucking Tsunade with a furious pace. After an hour of brutal pussy pounding Naruto's thrusts became erratic as he leaned forward and grabbed a hold of Tsunade's tits. Naruto let out a grunt as he thrust balls deep into Tsunade and started to hose her womb with a huge dose of his seed. Despite the relentless pace Naruto had set Tsunade had managed to keep from screaming out in pleasure until the constant orgasms she experienced left her with a fucked stupid look on her face and the only sound she could make were light little whimpers, even now as Naruto started to fill her with cum all she let out was a soft, breathless squeal.

Using his hold on her tits, Naruto kept Tsunade pressed against his chest as he stood up so he could look over her shoulder at her stomach as it rapidly started to swell from all the cum he was pumping into her. Naruto couldn't help but feel proud of himself at seeing Tsunade's stomach, there was something about the knowledge that he could make a woman look pregnant from the amount of cum he pumped into them that made his chest swell with pride. After closing the window Naruto lifted Tsunade by the back of her knees and carried her back to her desk and sat down with her in his lap, his cock still hard and buried in her cum filled cunt. As Tsunade regained her composure she looked over her shoulder at Naruto's grinning face.

"Naruto dear never do something like that again at least not without warning me first."

"All right I'll warn ya next time, but I'll make it up to ya."

"How?" The grin on Naruto's face and the way his cock twitched inside her told her how he was going to make it up to her. When Shizune got the Hokage's Office two hours later and opened the door she nearly passed out via nose bleed. Naruto was lying on his back on Tsunade's desk as Tsunade rode his cock like a woman possessed, neither of them seemed to have noticed her, so engrossed in what they were doing. Shizune walked into the office, shut the door and locked it behind her before removing her kimono and wondering how lucky she was to have gained the habit of finding Naruto fucking someone.

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Authors Note: The women that will be in Naruto's harem are as follows: Hana, Tsume, Mei Terumi (the Mizukage), Samui, Karui, Temari, and of course Tsunade, Anko, and Shizune. I wanted this story to focus on the older women that Naruto encounters. I'm not totally for sure that Samui and Karui are older than Naruto in canon, so in this story I'm gonna say they are around Hana's age.

Please Note that I do plan on doing a story that focuses on the girls his own age sooner or later. Even though I'm not sure when I'll get to it.

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