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"Naruto we shouldn't be doing this here, what if someone sees us?" Glancing around nervously Shizune couldn't help but be embarrassed at the situation she found herself in. While running some minor errands she had bumped into Naruto, who had just gotten back from his first mission with the new Team Yamato two days earlier, and somehow he had maneuvered them into an alleyway without her even noticing.

So here she was, back against the alley wall, kimono top loosened, chest binding a pile of ash on the ground, her huge tits on display, legs spread, and panties pushed to the side. Naruto was rubbing his massive cock-head against her rapidly moistening pussy lips. Just as she was about to protest further Naruto chose that moment to thrust his hips upward, forcing the bulbous tip of his cock into her tight cunt. Everything Shizune was about to say to turned into a gasp as she was stretched to accommodate the large intruder. "Oh God, I can't believe I'm going to let you fuck me in an alley. In public!"

"Don't worry Nee-chan; this alley is pretty out of the way so the chances of anyone actually seeing or hearing us are slim to none."

"If you say so... and remember, this is just going to be a quickie, you hear? I have things I still need to get done and I can't do them if you fuck me bowlegged... again." She tried to sound stern, but it was hard due to the fact Naruto had started to sink inch after pussy splitting inch into her as soon as she started talking. It took a little work but Naruto was able to fit one more inch than he did last time they had sex, managing to get an full foot of his cock into her. Getting a good grip on her waist Naruto slowly pulled out half way before delivering a sharp fast thrust back into Shizune's tight pussy. Thankfully, while she still couldn't take all of him Shizune was now able to better handle Naruto's rougher tendencies. Naruto quickly developed a rhythm of fast, hard thrusts that forced Shizune to bite her lower lip to keep from loudly crying out in pleasure while her hands came up to wrap around his upper torso and her left leg wrapped around his thigh. Shizune's first orgasm hit her after only three minutes of Naruto pounding into her, forcing her to lean her head forward and bite Naruto's shoulder, raking her fingernails down his back at the same time, to keep from screaming out her orgasm. The combination of this along with her cunt tightening up and her juices spraying out to coat the rest of Naruto's prick only spurred him on as he started to piston his cock into Shizune's quivering hole faster.


Inuzuka Tsume was enjoying her time off as well as the stares that she got from various men she passed. She wasn't wearing her normal shinobi attire. Instead, feeling a little adventurous, she wore a pair of seemingly painted on black short shorts that rode low on her hips and extended barely and inch below her bubble butt, looking more like a small strip of dangerously stretched clothe than actual shorts, while her top consisted of a tight white sleeveless shirt that left her midriff bare and barely contained her DD-cup tits. Her clothes also showed that Tsume didn't believe in wearing a bra and panties, her nipples clearly seen, wanting to say hello to the mouth any guy with enough balls to ask her out.

While musing on what to do for the day her highly sensitive nose caught a peculiar scent, one that she wouldn't expect to find in the market section. Intrigued, she followed the scent to a long alley way in the less crowded area of the Market section. Entering the deep pathway she soon found the source of the sound and smell. Quickly hiding behind some nearby crates Tsume grinned at what she was seeing; not ten feet away was that Uzumaki kid fucking the Hokage's assistant, Shizune's brains out and, while she couldn't see it fully, it appeared the kid was fucking hung! Watching the two was beginning to really turn her on.

… It also reminded her that it had been around ten long years since she had gotten a good hard pussy pounding, something she planned on rectifying. Something Naruto Uzumaki was going to help with, whether he knew it or not.

'Well Naruto, I do hope your nearly endless stamina translates to the bedroom, because I'm going give you one hell of a workout.' Tsume thought to herself as she continued to watch as Naruto relentlessly plowed Shizune, who looked like she was having one long, continuous orgasm, if the way her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and how her saliva dripping tongue hung out of her wide open mouth was any indication, into the wall. While still thrusting into Shizune, Naruto undid her sash and let her kimono fall open. What Tsume saw made her eyes bug out. A long tubular bulge ran up Shizune's stomach that grew and shrunk with each of Naruto's thrusts. Naruto's eyes were glued to the bulge, just like Tsume's were, the difference between the two was that he was grinning in rightfully earned smug pride.

'Hot damn! I figured he was hung but I wasn't expecting to see something like this. Now I really want to fuck him!'

"Fuck, cumming Nee-chan!" That was all the warning Shizune had before Naruto started to blast a huge load of cum directly into her womb. It took less than thirty seconds for Naruto to fill Shizune's womb full of spunk and only another forty-five additional seconds before her stomach started to swell from the massive amount of cum. Overall, it was about five solid minutes before Naruto finished unloading his massive load into her. All the while he kept on stuffing his cock into the bloated kuniochi at a shaky but steady pace. "Damn that felt good. So, up for round two Nee-chan?"

"I only… agreed to…a quickie... Naruto." Shizune panted out as she recovered. She knew she couldn't give in. If she let Naruto fuck her again he'd keep her impaled on his cock all day. "Go bug Tsunade-sama or Anko-san if you're still horny." Tsume definitely wasn't expecting to hear that, apparently Naruto was quite a stud.

"But Nee-chan I wanna fuck you." He whined cutely.

'Oh God. Don't stare at the puppy dog eyes! don't stare at the puppy dog eyes!' Shizune chanted like a mantra in her head. One look at those and she would end up bent over Naruto's kitchen table and she knew it. She clenched her eyed shit and turned her head to prevent such a fate. "I'm busy Naruto, so the answer is still no." She said as firmly as possible, she really hoped he gave up, because she was only seconds from giving in. His dick was still grinding into her pussy and her recovering body wanted more.

Tsume quickly snuck away from the alley, getting Naruto was going to be easier than she thought...

N:LC – Outside the alley, after cleaning up – N:LC

"Hey Naruto, over here." Naruto heard someone call. Turning his head to see who was calling his name Naruto's freshly deflated cock nearly ripped out his pants as it was instantly harder than he ever remembered it being. Heading towards him was Kiba's mom, Tsume, dressed in incredibly tight and revealing clothes. "Long time no see, huh kid?"

"Smurflbluh…I mean yeah! Long time no see Tsume. What are you up to?" He felt like his tongue was three times it's normal size at first, but he shook his head and muscled on. He mentally apologized to Kiba for what, or more specifically, who, he was hopefully going to be doing as soon as he possibly could.

"Nothing much, but I could use the help of a strapping young man such as yourself for something. That is, if you have time." She smiled seductively.

"Sure!" Grinning, Naruto quickly agreed. How could he say no? While the feral looking Tsume was intimidating for most people, he wasn't most people, and he saw past all that to the incredibly attractive woman beneath. "Just tell me what you need me to do."

"I'll explain when we get back to my place, now come on." Grabbing the front of Naruto's jumpsuit Tsume started to drag him towards her home.

It was safe to assume Naruto's eyes were firmly glued to Tsume's equally firm ass hypnotically swaying back and forth the whole way.

N:LC – Inuzuka Compound – N:LC

"So you still haven't told me what you need help with." Naruto had been dragged all the way to the Inuzuka compound and even now Tsume was still pulling him along towards whatever destination she was heading to.

They seemed to finally reach it because Tsume kicked open a door and dragged him inside. It was a large room dominated by a large circular bed that Naruto thought could fit five people comfortably. This was all Naruto could examine before he was bodily thrown onto the bed and even than before he was able to figure out what was going on Tsume was already straddling his waist. Her ass firmly pressed against his still painfully hard erection.

"I'm gonna be blunt with you Naruto, I haven't gotten laid in about ten years and I'm really fuckin' horny. You happen to be the lucky young stud I've chosen to rectify that." With that quickly blurted sentence as his only explanation Tsume leaned forward and slammed her lips against Naruto's in a lust filled kiss while Naruto's hands latched onto Tsume's bubble butt. Breaking the kiss Tsume leaned back and grinned feeling his huge erection. "Now you aren't gonna disappoint me are you?"

"Do I look like a complete idiot to you?" He fired back with a wide grin.

"Good boy, you deserve a reward." Tsume quickly scooted down till her face was even with Naruto's waist and set about to removing his pants and boxers. She didn't take into account that Naruto was fully hard and that removing his pants and boxers so rapidly would result into her getting uppercutted by his nearly forearm-thick fifteen inch cock. To say she was stunned would be an understatement. Seeing it up close and fully revealed was more than a little intimidating for her (making her suddenly a lot more empathetic with most men who though about dating her) but the musky scent of it that assaulted her nose was also turning her on immensely.

"Good God, this thing is fucking enormous, good thing I have some time off cause I'm gonna be limping for a little bit after this." She said to herself in a husky whimper.

With that Tsume opened her mouth wide and popped the head of Naruto's cock inside her warm mouth, stretching her lips tight around it. She let out a moan of pure pleasure at the taste that assaulted her senses; this was without a doubt the most delicious dick she'd ever had! However she was only planning on lubing him up, not sucking him off. So she let a large amount of saliva build up before taking as much of his girth into her mouth as she could, letting the spit leak out from her lips to coat the shaft. Tsume bobbed her head up and down the shaft a few times to make sure it was sufficiently coated before reluctantly backing off and nearly ripped off her own clothes in an effort to get them off faster.

With her preparations complete she positioned herself in a squat over Naruto's cock and lined it up with her drenched cunt. Biting her lip she slowly lowered herself until the bulbous head pressed against her lips, and with a grunt of exertion from Tsume, it popped inside her tight pussy. Giving herself a moment to get used to having it inside her Tsume started to slowly fuck inch after inch of Naruto's dick into herself while Naruto just laid back and enjoyed watching the sexy MILF slowly impale herself on him as her large tits jiggled with each raising and lowering of her body.

When Tsume felt the head hit her cervix she stopped and looked at her belly, just like Shizune in the alley it was swollen from all the cock stuffed into it. Naruto decided now was a good a time as any to start moving, and grasped Tsume's hips with both hands before he pulled her down and simultaneously thrust up sharply with his hips, piercing her womb in one swift thrust.

Tsume threw her head back and screamed out in orgasm as all fifteen inches of Naruto's monster dick bottomed out inside her. Her juices squirted out violently and coated Naruto's waist as she jerked and quivered atop the grinning teen. Naruto enjoyed the feeling of pleasure all this was giving him for a few more seconds before he took the opportunity presented to him and roll the two of them over so he was on top and waited till Tsume got her bearings back.

When she did he pulled nearly half way out and stopped. When Tsume looked up at him with wide lust filled eyes Naruto slammed back down with nearly bruising force, drawing an incredibly cute and uncharacteristic little moan from the Tsume as her legs shot up into the air in a V shape. Settling himself on his knees, arms braced on the bed on either side of Tsume's tits Naruto started up a methodical paced rhythm. Hard, deliberate thrusts, were delivered to the pussy tightly gripped around his shaft belonging to the attractive animalistic MILF below him.

"God damn your tight Tsume, it has been a while since you got laid huh?" He grinned down at Tsume's lust filled visage as she rapidly nodded her head. "Well then I'll be sure to fuck you till there's a permanent imprint of your big sexy ass on this bed."

"Oh oh, fuck me you magnificent stud! Fuck, dammit, yes! You're so big!"

Leaning over Naruto captured her lips in a kiss, smothering her heated moans with his mouth while he enjoyed the way her breasts and hard nipples rubbed against his chest at the same time as Tsume's arms wrapped around his neck. All the while still keeping up his relentless pace. He worked her over like this for nearly an hour and a half, fucking her like a well oiled machine. Each orgasm Tsume had her cunt would tighten around Naruto's dick like a vice and her legs would go rigid, twitching erratically in the air while her toes would clench and unclench.

Finally, Naruto couldn't take it anymore and sat up, pulling her with him. Grasping Tsume's waist Naruto's thrusts picked up speed and power till he was pounding her like a jackhammer until he let out a deep grunt and buried himself his nails dug into her hips and her pulled her body down as hard as he could, he entire almost vibrating cock slamming into her pussy, the head punching into her womb one last time. Tsume gasped as she felt Naruto's cock expand before his hot cum exploded deep into her womb. The first blast felt like it completely filled her up. The second shot, not to be outdone, was just as copious as the first, stretching her even further than she thought possible.

Tsume was suddenly reminded of how Shizune blew up like a balloon when Naruto came inside her. Staring in fascination at her rapidly expanding stomach Tsume experienced another orgasm from all the cum being pumped into her as Naruto started to jerkily thrust into her to get the most out of his orgasm. When the two came down from their respective highs Tsume let out a weak laugh.

"Damn, I've never been fucked like that. I'm gonna have to thank whoever taught you how to have sex."

"I'll let Tsunade Baa-chan know you appreciate her skills. Now you ready for round two?"

"I should have guessed Hokage-sama had a hand in teaching you, she's always had a soft spot for you." Wrapping her legs around Naruto's waist Tsume grinned at him. "I want this bed covered in your smelly jizz by the time your done. I have 37 hours until my next mission. You better hurry u-OH God yes!" She was cut off as Naruto lowered her back onto her back and made good on his own promise to leave an imprint of her ass on the bed.


Authors Note: And so concludes another chapter. The next one will feature more Tsume action, as well as introducing Hana into the harem. Plus Naruto achieving the much sought after mother-daughter threesome. Jiraiya will be so proud of his apprentice, and more than a little jealous.

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