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Sitting back with a self satisfied look Naruto was quite enjoying his day. Head propped up by several pillows and one hand resting behind his head while the other was tangled in the messy brown locks of Inuzuka Tsume as he guided her head while she sucked, almost reverently, on his cock he let out a sigh of contentment. For the past several hours he had plowed her into the soft mattress of her bed till she asked for a break to rest her sore pussy, but with his dick still hard Naruto had directed her to his stiff pole and without missing a beat Tsume had taken him into her warm mouth. So now here he was, gentle bobbing Tsume Inuzuka's head on his throbbing erection, wondering if it would be a good idea to force her head down and make her deep throat him.

"You must have been pretty cock starved Tsume, judging by the way you where acting early," All he got back was a muffled moan. "I'm wondering though, just how cock starved are you?" When she gave him and inquisitive look he continued on. "What I'm trying to say is I hope you don't mind deep throating." He clarified gently.

Using his grip on her hair Naruto applied pressure to Tsume's head forcing her down more of his cock while simultaneously driving his hips upward in a brutal thrust, forcing Tsume's mouth and throat to stretch and accommodate the entirety of his huge dick. With the way her eyes rolled into the back of her head, how she stared to choke and gag on his cock, and the way her feet kicked behind her Naruto almost regretted his actions... that is until he noticed how her hips started to jerk up and down. 'Holy shit, she's getting off on this.' He marvelled.

As his trademark foxy grin spread across his face Naruto reached down and tangled his other hand in Tsume's hair and dragged her head up his dick until only five inches remained before slamming her head back down, repeating his actions. The third time he did this Tsume started sucking as he dragged her back up before giving him a pleading look that begged him to do it again. Naruto was more than happy to oblige her and started driving her mouth up and down his cock while thrusting upwards harder, his cum filled balls slapping painfully off Tsume's chin. Her tight throat rapidly drove Naruto to a much deserved unloading and with an animalistic grunt he blew what was probably one of the biggest loads of cum he'd ever blown deep down Tsume's constricting gullet. The amount of cum he started pumping into Tsume quickly backed up, some shooting out her nostrils while a greater amount was forced out between her tightly stretched lips. From the amount of jizz being blasted into her belly she figured she wouldn't be hungry for a while. As Naruto finally stopped cumming his grip on Tsume's hair loosened, allowing her to back of his still hard cock.

"Damn," Tsume's voice was a little raspy from the rough treatment. "You've got some balls to do that to me. Most men would've just let me blow them at my own pace."

"Yeah but I've got bigger balls than most men." Tsume slapped his thigh lightly at the poor joke. "Besides you seemed to get off on it just fine." He fired back with a grin.

"True, and that's the only reason you're gonna get away with doing it. Now my throat's sore along with my cunt." She knew she was gonna regret her next words. "So unless you'll be satisfied with a tit fuck for a while," The look on Naruto's face said her tits wouldn't satisfy him for long. "I'm gonna have to let you fuck my ass with that beast."

Turning around Tsume laid flat on her stomach and propped her upper body on her elbows. Looking over her shoulder at Naruto she shook her sexy ass at him while silently hoping all the cum coating his cock would be sufficient lube.

Naruto wasted no time in straddling Tsume and pressing the bulbous tip of his dick against her tight ass and applied pressure, bulling his way into her ass. Tsume bunched the bed sheets in her fists when she felt the head of Naruto's dick press against her and when it popped inside her eyes became as big as saucers. Naruto positioned himself so he was arched over Tsume and then let his weight, aided by gravity, sink inch after belly distending inch into her until he was just over halfway in. Pulling back till just the head was buried in Tsume's bubble butt Naruto thrust down savagely, burying his entire cock deep into his new bitch. The howl Tsume let out seemed to rattle the room as she was forced into a mind blowing orgasm, this wasn't the first time she had gotten butt fucked, but it was definitely the first time by a cock that looked like it belonged on a horse, and damn did she love it!

"Oh God," Tsume moaned out. "Your huge cock is gonna destroy my poor tight ass."

"Damn right, I'm gonna fuck your big ass till you can't sit for weeks." He grunted, grinding his cock deep in the MILF's tight ass for a few minutes and quite enjoying the moans and squeaks she let out from it, Naruto the started fucking down into Tsume. Reaching forward Naruto grabbed a fistful of Tsume's hair before shoving her face into the bed as he ruthlessly speared her ass over and over again. When she came again her ass clamped down on Naruto's buried meat nearly causing him to blow his load right then and there. Burying himself completely in the shuddering dog-woman's ass he tried to get himself under control, but when Tsume started making an incredibly sexy muffled desperate whine all self-control went out the window. Naruto started fucking Tsume's tightly gripping bubble butt with the single purpose of leaving her a quivering sexy lump. She lost track of how long he plowed into her or how many orgasms ripped through her, mainly because he had fucked her brains out, but when she felt his thrusts became more forceful and erratic she knew he was about to fill her to the brim. "Fucking tight assed bitch, I wanted this to last longer but fuck. Take my load!"

Tsume's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she felt Naruto's already monstrous dick expand even further before he let loose with an awe inspiring amount of cum. She thought his previous loads where huge but this one put all the others to shame as she felt her stomach bloat in record time. The feeling of what had to be nearly a full gallon of jizz being pumped deep inside her set of the most powerful orgasm Tsume ever had. The results of this mind blowing climax caused her ass to nearly crush Naruto's cock it gripped him so hard, which in turn caused Naruto to dump even more cum into Tsume till she looked a few days away from giving birth. Just as Naruto was finally calming down the door to Tsume's bedroom was kicked open causing Naruto's head to jerk up. The sight that greeted him caused his cock to jerk in Tsume's cum filled butt.

"What the fuck is all the noise, can't a girl get... some... sleep… holy shit." Standing in the door way was Hana, a surprised look on her face and not much else. She had obviously still been asleep till the noise of Naruto and Tsume's fucking had woken her up as she was garbed in nothing but a see-through red negligee, which showed of her nice pair of C-cup breasts, and a pair of skimpy lace red panties. Pointing a shacking finger at Naruto she nervously asked. "Naruto, what the hell are you doing?"

"What… does it look like… he's doing dear?" Before Naruto could try to answer Tsume had lifted her tired head up, now free of Naruto's death grip on her hair, and replied, still a little winded from the brutal pounding. "He's giving your poor horny mother the fucking she so desperately needs." Raising an eyebrow at her daughter's attire Tsume couldn't help but ask, "Since when did you wear lingerie?"

"My choice of sleepwear isn't the issue here. How could you have sex with Naruto, he's just barely older than baka-mutt's age!"

"So? He's young. Can go for hours. Plus, he has the biggest dick I have ever seen." She listed.


"Oh calm down Hana, actually, you know what." Hana didn't know what it was but the look that her mother was giving her made her suddenly very nervous. "I think you might just need a good hard fucking yourself. You haven't brought a boy home in a couple of years and I haven't smelled one on you either. Luckily, Naruto's here! And by the feel of that beast perking right back up in me he's still ready to go." Looking back at the sheepishly grinning teen Tsume bucked her hips at him. "Pull out would you stud?"

"Whatever you say Tsume." Hana's eyes bugged out as Naruto slowly withdrew from Tsume's ass, his cock just seemed to go one forever and when he finally did get the whole thing out Hana didn't know if she should run screaming or jump him. Tsume made the decision for her, Hana's gaze was so transfixed on Naruto's huge endowment she didn't even notice that her mother had walked up to her. When Tsume started pushing her towards the bed however she did take notice, or more specifically her mother's swollen stomach.

"In case you're wondering Naruto cums… a lot." She commented wryly.

Hana didn't have time to respond when she was pushed forward onto the bed and found her face level with Naruto's still cum covered cock. The musky scent it gave of caused her mouth to water and after a token resistance that lasted all of a second she steeled herself and gave the head a tentative lick. "Don't be a wuss Hana, get that thing cleaned up and then Naruto will fuck you unconscious."

"Easy for you to say, you aren't about to suck a giant dick that was just up your mom's ass." Rolling her eyes at her daughter's sudden prude behavior Tsume grabbed the back of Hana's head and when she opened her mouth to protest Tsume shoved her forward, cramming several inches of Naruto's cock into Hana's warm wet mouth.

"Really. Kids these days, no respect for their parents." Tsume said, shaking her head. "Naruto, have fun with her mouth. I'll get her tight little pussy ready for you. My poor baby hasn't gotten laid in years so she won't need much work. So get to work fucking that cute little face of hers." Positioning herself behind Hana, Tsume pulled her daughters panties down and admired the pink flesh that greeted her eyes before diving in working her tongue into the tight folds.

Tsume hummed appreciably at the taste of her oldest child as she brought her left hand into play, working on Hana's swollen clit. The moans Hana was giving off from her mother eating her out were driving Naruto nuts as she vibrated around his cock. Getting a firm grip on his current cocksucker's head Naruto started dragging her head up and down his meat, the head of his cock hitting the back of Hana's throat till he found the right angle and punched his way into the even tighter passage. Under normal circumstances Hana would have tried to back off at having something so big violate her throat, but the way her mother was devouring her cunt Hana really didn't care at this moment. Backing off from her delicious treat Tsume observed her handy work; Hana's pussy was thoroughly soaked and more than ready to get destroyed by Naruto. "That's enough Naruto, time to stretch my girl's cunt out."

"Got it." Reluctantly pulling his cock out of Hana's throat he watched as Tsume pulled her daughter back to rest against her. Removing Hana's panties completely Tsume wrapped her legs around the younger Inuzuka's thighs and spread them as her left hand slipped underneath Hana's negligee to play with her tits. "This is gonna be good." She purred.

Settling himself between Hana's spread legs Naruto pressed the bulbous cock head against Hana's soaked twat. However, despite all the prep work Tsume put into preparing her daughter it still took a little work to force his cock into her nether lips. When he did get into her Naruto was greeted to the tightest cunt he'd had to date. Gritting his teeth Naruto started thrusting into the tightly grasping pussy, bulling his way further up into the overwhelmed woman. Hana, meanwhile, thought she was going to be split in two by the massive prick being forced into her. Tsume noticed how hard it was for her daughter to handle the girthy intruder.

"Easy Hana, it takes a little bit to get used to that monster, trust me." With her left hand working on Hana's left tit, squeezing the soft flesh and occasionally pinching and twisting her nipple, Tsume brought her right hand down to work her daughters clit to help deal with getting stretched out. "Soon you'll be begging to have Naruto fuck you stupid."

"He's so big, it feels like someone's shoving and arm up my pussy!" Hana whimpered.

Watching Tsume pleasure her daughter spurred Naruto on, the force of his thrusts picking up speed accordingly. Hana gasped as it felt like her cunt was getting assaulted by a battering ram and looked down. Naruto had gotten over ten inches stuffed into her and she knew he'd already pierced her cervix, but her focus was on the way his cock was outlined in her stomach, Hana didn't think something like this was even possible. It all became too much for her, powerful thrusts from Naruto fucking into her all but rearranging her organs, and her own mother playing with her tits and rubbing her clit sent her spiraling into what had to be the best orgasm she'd ever had. Her head fell back on Tsume's shoulder as she let loose with throaty moans.

"That's it dear, let it all out. Okay stud, she's ready for a real pounding now, give to her good." Tsume grinned, anticipation clearly visible on her face alongside a feral looking smile.

All Naruto could do was nod, Hana's cunt was just that tight, and like a flip being switched he started power fucking Hana. Naruto was able to fit three more inches into her, and thanks to his experience with Shizune knew to leave it at that. He developed a good rhythm of hard fast thrusts that drove Hana to the brink of insanity, they'd only been fucking for ten minutes yet her eyes had already rolled up and her tongue was hanging out of her panting mouth. Tsume meanwhile had let Hana lay down while she moved so she was beside her daughter, her head positioned so she could lick Hana's clit and the two inches Naruto couldn't fit inside the younger Inuzuka.

He continued fucking her for nearly another half hour before the combination of her tight pussy and Tsume's skilled tongue became too much for him. Grasping Hana's hips tightly Naruto worked his hips into overtime as he pounded deeply into Hana.

"Hey Tsume, you don't mind if I come in your daughter do ya?" Lifting her head up and looking Naruto in the eyes she smirked. "Go ahead, pump her full of your thick cum, and mark her as your bitch."

With that arousing go ahead he gave Hana three more hard thrusts before letting go and filled her womb with a huge helping of jizz. If Hana was in her right mind she would have seen Naruto pumping his load into her, and the subsequent way it caused her belly to swell up. All she did though was cum her brains out at the feeling of his essence being fucked into her. As the excess seed was forced out of Hana's widely stretched pussy Tsume leaned her head back down to lap up what she could. For roughly four or five minutes Naruto floated on cloud nine, still pounding into her as hard as he could he continued unloading into the fucked stupid Inuzuka. It took another ten minutes after that for Hana to come back to reality. When she did she saw her mother cleaning off Naruto's still hard cock.

"Oh god... that was something else." She murmured.

"Don't think we're done yet dear." Her mother said slyly.

"Yeah, I still got a couple more rounds in me." A grinning Naruto wondered which of his two new bitches to fuck next.

"Geez, and people say the Inuzuka are animals." Hana snarked, she just couldn't believe the stamina Naruto had. As she leaned her head back something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. "What the hell is that?"

Naruto and Tsume followed Hana's gaze to a spot on the bed. When they saw what she was talking about Tsume blushed while Naruto just laughed his ass off. Confused at the two's reactions Hana took a closer look at the spot, she swore it looked like the imprint of a shapely ass.

"Nothing dear, I just asked for something and got it." Tsume grinned harder and turned to the only male in the room, "And I expect to see a second imprint made within the next few hours or you'll never fuck my ass again." She threatened.

Hana squeaked as Naruto's faced snapped up to meet her own before she was suddenly aware of what heaven tasted like, an orgasm suddenly washing over her as Naruto fucked her smaller, but no less arousing, ass into the mattress.

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