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So here is chapter eight. Gotta say I had as much fun writing this one as I did seven.


"Kurenai-chan!" Yuuhi Kurenai winced as she heard her name called before nearly getting bowled over by her enthusiastic friend Anko. Luckily, she'd gotten used to her friends antics a long time ago so she was prepared for the flying tackle, as well as the wandering hands that followed said tackle. "What'cha doin' Ku~re~nai-chan?" Something about the way Anko drew out her name in that sing-song voice sent a chill up Kurenai's spine.

"Taking a quiet leisurely stroll until a certain someone decided to try and knock me over with a flying tackle." Anko didn't even have the nerve to look sheepish. In fact, the look on her face was more lecherous than anything. "So is there a reason for attempting to knock me down or did you just want to annoy me today?"

"You wound me Kurenai, would I ever do anything just to annoy my dear sweet friend?"


"You didn't even hesitate to answer that."

"Your point being?"

"Meanie," Anko pouted. "But yes there is a reason for my oh so enjoyable antics."

"Enjoyable for whom?" Kurenai felt the need to mutter to herself. She couldn't help but wonder how she became friends with the wild Tokubetsu Jonin. Then she remembered... and tried to once again suppress the memory, that night had to rank in her top three on the weirdness scale.

"Ever since you broke up with Asuma a year ago you've been no fun. You've just seemed so pent up and stressed that I can't stand it anymore." Wrapping an arm around Kurenai's shoulder Anko struck a dramatic pose, her right arm thrust into the air, hand clenched except for the finger pointing skywards, Kurenai couldn't help but wonder where Anko got those sunglasses or why it suddenly looked like a volcano was erupting behind her... and where was the wind coming from that only seemed to make Anko's trench coat billow wildly? "I the wonderful, sexy, and all around amazing Mitarashi Anko shall help relieve my equally sexy friend of all her woes. For my drill is the drill that shall pierce the heavens!"

Kurenai facepalmed, that was the only logically reaction one could have to this situation, granted she entertained the thought of smacking her friend upside the back of her purple head, but her own face was closer. She really had to monitor what Anko was reading and or watching from now on, for her own sanity, if nothing else. Suddenly Kurenai felt herself get jerked forward as Anko started to drag her along behind her.

"Now come Kurenai-chan, for the lulz!"

"What in the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'll give you a complete list later, bwahahahaha!"


Contrary to popular belief, Anko's home wasn't some sex dungeon hidden in the bowels of the earth. It was actually a quaint little house that a person would call very homey, if you discounted the sign Anko had put up in her entry way that read 'Anko's Hidden Lair of Doom' that had a chibi Anko on it giving the peace sign and what could only be properly referred to as a 'rape face', but yeah, besides that, very homey.

"Alright Anko, why exactly did you drag me to your house?"

"I already told you Kurenai, to help relieve your frustrations and stress."

"And just how are you going to do that?"

"With porn of course." Anko delivered this retort instantly and with a face that could scare small children.

"Anko, I must be having trouble hearing because I swore you just said you're going to relieve my frustrations and stress with porn." Kurenai was beginning to think Anko was just going to make her feel more stressed out then she'd ever been.

"Yes, with porn, and maybe a well hung stud later." Kurenai just stood stalk still as Anko said this. Noticing her friends blank stare Anko waved her hand in front of Kurenai's face. "Yoo-hoo, Kurenai anyone home, hope I didn't break her."

N:LC – Anko's living room – N:LC

"Why the hell did I agree to this?" Kurenai was beginning to question her own sanity at this point.

"Because you love me." Anko's words where a little distorted due to the popcorn she was munching on. "And because you secretly want to watch porn."

"Just start the tape dammit."

Grinning, Anko started the tape and a picture slowly came up on her T.V. screen. Kurenai's jaw nearly hit the floor at the image. There on the screen was Anko, gloriously naked, lying on a bed she didn't recognize. The purpled-haired Jonin was sucking on the huge cock of a young man whose face was a mask of pure pleasure. The only thought in Kurenai's mind at the moment was 'Holy shit, who'd have thought Naruto had such an enormous cock.'

N:LC – Tape/Flashback – N:LC

Anko hummed appreciably at the taste of the huge cock currently stretching her lips and filling her mouth. Naruto had officially ruined her for any other man. After her little 'training mission' and the subsequent day of getting screwed senseless along with Shizune, Anko really didn't want any other man, and not just for the mind blowing sex, Naruto was pretty fun to hang out with as well. When Naruto lightly thrust his hips up into her sucking mouth Anko went back to the task at hand. Opening her throat up she started to slowly slide his thick cock down her throat. As inch by inch slipped into her warm throat Naruto's head lolled back as he let out a content sigh, Anko was a cocksucker that really knew what she was doing and loved every minute of it; she also wasn't opposed to letting Naruto just fuck her face with reckless abandon when he felt like it.

"That a girl Anko, you have to been one of the best cocksuckers around…oh damn that feels good!" Naruto's hands shot up to grab Anko's head; she had over ten inches of cock down her throat when she started to bring her unnaturally long tongue into play, at first Naruto thought it was a Jutsu like her former mentors, until she explained to him she was just naturally gifted; possessing a rather useless, for any other situation, bloodline. Naruto wasn't complaining as the long appendage started to wrap around the meat in Anko's mouth.

Grinning around Naruto's cock at his praise to her skills Anko slowly slid the last five inches of Naruto's cock down her gullet, her marvelous tongue caressing his prick constantly making Naruto twitch in her mouth and groan in ecstasy. With hiss entire massive dick buried in her mouth and throat Anko snuck out her tongue from between her stretched lips to lick and caressed his sack almost like she was trying to coax out his load directly. It wasn't long before Anko's oral talents had Naruto on the edge, but when she actually started to hum some nameless tune around his cock, sending vibrations up and down his meat, that pushed him over the edge. When Anko felt Naruto's grip on her head tighten and his cock expand down her stretched throat she prepared herself for the coming flood. Grunting, Naruto started to hose down her throat with a deluge of cum, and luckily for Anko with, Naruto's cock completely buried in her throat she wasn't forced to try and swallow the unbelievable thick cream. The down side was she wasn't able to taste it either, so drawing back till the head popped out of her throat Anko got to taste her new favorite liquid. Sadly for the bed spread the amount of jizz Naruto was pumping out filled her mouth to capacity in no time flat, her cheeks puffed out as the cum filled her mouth up. Not able to swallow all the cum that was filling up her mouth some was forced out from between her cock stretched lips, that is until Naruto forced her head back down his cock and jamming himself back into her throat. After what seemed an eternity the flood of cum finally died down and Anko was able to come up for air.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could suck a meal from your balls anytime and be completely and utterly satisfied you magnificent stud."

"I'll gladly let ya get your fill of my cum anytime Anko-sensei." Sitting up Naruto grabbed a hold of Anko and brought her up so her wet cunt was poised to get speared by his ever hard cock. Getting a firm hold on Anko's hips Naruto forced her down while simultaneously thrusting upwards, forcing over half of his cock up into Anko's deliciously tight twat. Throwing her head back and falling forward, her arms landing to brace themselves on either side of Naruto's head, Anko came spectacularly from getting stretched to the limit by the forearm thick prick of her favorite blond. "Now Anko, I want you to close your eyes. I've got a little something special planned for you."

Intrigued Anko did as Naruto asked and closed her eyes. She was nearly giddy with anticipation for what ever Naruto had planned, that is until she felt something long and thick slid up between her ass cheeks. Eyes' popping open Anko quickly looked over her shoulder and was greeted by another grinning Naruto, who was currently sawing his cock against her plump ass. For the first time Anko was very nervous at what was going to happen to her with Naruto.

"Um Naruto, please tell me you aren't about to double stuff me with a Kage Bunshin are you?"

"Okay, I won't tell ya I'm about to have a Kage Bunshin fuck your ass while I plow your pussy and then after we get done fucking you into oblivion fill you with so much cum you look like you're pregnant with twins."

"Oh fuck me." This wasn't said as a plea for Naruto to fuck her.

"That's the idea." Apparently that was the go ahead for Naruto's clone to shove his cock into her ass, because without warning he did just that. Anko's eyes nearly popped out of her head as her ass was stretched along with her pussy, she had never been filled like this before. Both grinning Naruto and his clone started to fuck their huge cocks into the overwhelmed kunoichi trapped between them. The original had a death grip on Anko's hips as her started thrusting upwards into Anko's pussy while his clone had reached around and filled his hands with Anko's large tits and was currently using them as hand holds as he pumped his cock up her tight ass. The two Naruto's had a nearly perfect rhythm going between them, as one would thrust into his respective hole the other would withdraw and vice-versa, and neither was being gentle about it. They where both delivering hard and fast powerful thrusts into Anko's body as they filled her with more and more of their dicks. "Good God, I thought she was tight before, but fucking her this way made her even tighter." The Naruto below her enthused.

"I know," The clone gave a slap to Anko's ass, enjoying the way the plump meat jiggled. "Her ass feels like its going to crush my cock."

"Guess that means we're gonna have to loosen her up a little."

Anko would have asked Naruto to lighten up on her but each thrust seemed to knock the air from her lungs. Both Naruto's suddenly stopped fucking her and Anko nearly sighed in relief, until as if silently communicating they both thrust forward sharply burying both of their fifteen inch monsters into her ass and cunt. She nearly blacked out from the force of the orgasm that hit her as they filled her to capacity, her mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. When she came to a few moments later she found Naruto and his clone had stood up with her still impaled on their dicks. Her legs where draped over the originals arms, her knee's resting on his forearm, as he gripped her waist while the clone in her ass seemed hell-bent on mauling her tits.

Staring wide-eyed into the original Naruto's face Anko gripped his shoulders and held on for dear life as the identical studs proceeded to fuck her up and down their dicks. Her normally flat and toned stomach looked even more bloated than usual as she was forced to accommodate more cock than any one woman should while she exploded through one orgasm after another. Like all the times before Naruto had plowed her she had developed the expression that one could always associate with Naruto fucking a woman, her eyes rolled up into her head as her tongue hung limply out of her mouth as she drooled mindlessly. She didn't know how long the two Naruto's used her as a cock sleeve, it could have been hours or days, she didn't really care, the only thought in her fucked stupid mind at the moment was she hoped they never stopped. And for over an hour they didn't, they constantly drove Anko up and down their pricks, enjoying the way Anko's holes gripped them as she came in a seemingly endless cycle. All good things come to an end however as Anko's amazingly sexy body finally became too much for the horny teen and his clone.

"You think she'd want us to pull out when we cum?" Grinning at his creator the clone already knew the answer.

"Nah, Anko-sensei loves getting filled with cum, I think she might be more of a cum-slut than a cock-slut at times." Naruto answered rhetorically.

Still pounding Anko like a drum the two Naruto's grunted nearly simultaneously as their cocks swelled up, stretching her even further, before blasting a double dose of thick cum up into her. If Anko was coherent she would have probably looked on in awe as her belly swelled up like a balloon in record time as more cum than she would have thought possible was poured into her. True to his word, as the two kept fucking their loads into her Anko did indeed look pregnant with twins from the amount of jizz. Her body wasn't able to hold all the cum being injected into her and a near waterfall of the thick liquid gushed out of her stretched holes to form a massive puddle on the floor. When their orgasms died down the two Naruto's looked at each over the shoulder of the now limp and thoroughly fucked Anko.

"So what's next boss."

"I say we spit roast her."


"Yeah but I get her ass this time."

"Ah come on, but I love it back here."

"Don't argue with me or I'll dispel you and summon a different clone."

N:LC – Tape/Flashback – N:LC

Kurenai had no words to describe what she had just seen as the screen went black. What she had just witnessed happening to her best friend seemed unreal. So caught up in her disbelief she didn't notice how wet she had gotten or how she was rubbing her thighs together, not to mention the slight nosebleed she had developed. A small voice in the back of her head, which sounded suspiciously like Anko, seemed to be trying to get her to replace herself with Anko in the situation she had just witnessed.

"Wha-what the hell was that?"

"That my dear Kurenai was me getting fucked into a coma by a deliciously hung stud by the name of Naruto." Kurenai didn't even seem to register that Anko had scooted up close to her or the fact that she had thrown an arm over her shoulder and was currently caressing her breast. "Speaking of Naruto, he's gonna be here any minute to help get rid of all that stress you seem to be carrying."

"Actually Anko-sensei, I'm already here." Both Kurenai and Anko turned their heads to look over the back of the couch to find a widely grinning Naruto whose pants looked like they where about to get ripped off by the massive bulge straining against them. "Hey Kurenai-sensei hows it going?"

Kurenai was to stunned to answer, her eyes seemed glued to the bulge in Naruto's pants. She followed that bulge even as Naruto walked in front of the couch to stand before the two kunoichi at Anko's request. Grinning at Kurenai's transfixed expression Anko stood up and walked behind Naruto where she reached around and unfastened Naruto's pants and with a swift tug exposed Naruto's cock. Kurenai gasped as Naruto's large cock head came within an inch of her face the musky scent of it making her mouth water, seeing it on screen was one thing, but up close and in real life was quite another as she imagined the havoc that monster could wreck on her body. Anko started to head towards the door, knowing Kurenai probably wouldn't appreciate her being there to watch her get fucked. Besides, she had cameras set up so she could watch the action later anyway.

"Alright you two have fun, I'll be back in a little bit." Smirking Anko twirled an extra long kunai, she'd named it Mr. Mcstabson, around her finger by the ring on the handle. "I already took care of your clothes Kurenai, so you don't have to worry about getting undressed."

Baffled by Anko's words Kurenai looked down at her self, only to find her clothing had been cut to pieces without her knowledge. Naruto's eyes seemed to focus on her large D, bordering on DD-cup, tits as her rosy pink nipples hardened when struck by the air. She would have yelled at Anko expect the purple-haired Jonin had quickly escaped and barely a moment later she found herself bent over the back of the couch. Looking over her shoulder she was greeted to the sight of a very horny looking Naruto rubbing his cock against her wet pussy.

"You don't mind do ya Kurenai-sensei?"

"I think it's already too late to be asking that question, and besides it's been a while for me and I kinda need this." Kurenai was really embarrassed to admit this, but fuck was she horny.

"Sweet, but I will warn ya now, I don't really do gentle."

Kurenai just turned her head to look forward again as she gripped the back of the couch and steeled herself for the onslaught to come. Naruto got a good grip on Kurenai's hips with his left hand as he started to work his cock into her, guiding it with his right. Kurenai gritted her teeth as Naruto started to feed his cock into her, stretching her pussy lips around his mammoth girth. With part of his cock stuffed into Kurenai Naruto brought his right hand forward to firmly grip her waist and with a mighty thrust shoved eight inches of cock deep into her. Kurenai's eyes widened as Naruto stuck the mouth of her womb with his battering ram of a cock, and with a near sinking feeling she knew Naruto was going to do everything in his power to get his cock into her womb. Considering he still had quite a bit of cock left she ad no doubt he would accomplish this.

"Brace yourself Kurenai-sensei, cause I'm gonna pummel your pussy like no one else can or ever will again." With that warning Naruto drew his cock out till only the head remained in Kurenai and then with a brutally powerful thrust shoved eleven inches back into her deliciously tight cunt, punching right into her womb. The red-eyed beauty felt her stomach bulge out from all the cock currently stuffed into her. she moaned wantonly as an orgasm ripped through her, one of the best she ever had in fact, and Naruto didn't wait for her to come down from her high before he started pounding into her twat. Kurenai swore she felt like her pussy was being reshapen as Naruto fucked her with an almost ruthless efficiency, each thrust seemed to be delivered in such a way as to give them both the maximum amount of pleasure. Each one of Naruto's thrusts sent Kurenai's tits bouncing off the back of the couch, the large orbs of delightful flesh would have hypnotized anyone that looked at them as they swung beneath Kurenai's rocking body.

"Dear God, I've never felt so full. So big Naruto, so fucking big!"

Smirking with a nearly smug prideful look Naruto just increased the speed and force of his forward drives into hers tight cunt. Kurenai couldn't believe she was taking all fifteen inches of cock as she felt Naruto's hips impact her ass while he just had fun watching Kurenai's plump ass cheeks shake and jiggled as he fucked her. As Kurenai experienced another spine tingling orgasm she officially lost track of how many times she came and it didn't take long for her face to assume the customary fucked stupid look.

For the next hour Naruto slammed deep into Kurenai's pussy before he felt the familiar stirring in his balls that signified he was about to fill Kurenai with an insane amount of cum. Letting go of his hold on Kurenai's hips he instead opted to grab her big tits as her prepared to hose down her womb. A few minutes later Naruto grunted, his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh of Kurenai's heavenly tits and his cock expanded deep inside her cunt as he proceeded to pump a huge amount of jizz directly into her womb. Kurenai cried out in one last orgasm as she felt her womb get filled to capacity and her belly started to swell up from all the seed being forced into her. After several minutes of unloading Naruto final pulled out of Kurenai's cum-bloated womb, she now looked hugely pregnant, less so than Anko on the tape, a small part of his brain said snidely, before proceeding to tell him to fix that mistake, and sat down on the couch. As Kurenai slumped back Naruto grabbed her hair in a light hold and brought her face to his still hard, and now cum-covered, cock. Not even needing any encouragement Kurenai started to lick the beast clean as Naruto just sighed in pleasure.

"When Anko said she had a pleasant surprise for me today she wasn't kidding, I think I have to be one of the luckiest motherfuckers ever." Leaning his head back onto the couch Naruto started thinking of what he should do to Konoha's sexy Genjutsu mistress next.


Omake by Stormarrow: Day after the Hana/Tsume chapter.

As Naruto left the Inuzuka compound he stopped. There, coming towards him, was Kiba. And with the way the young Inuzuka was waving at him he knew he couldn't escape without looking suspicious.

"Naruto, what's up man?" The brain haired boy greeted.

"Uh… nothing much." Naruto was really hoping Kiba's keen nose wouldn't pick up on his mother and sister's scent all over him.

"Hey, why do you smell like my Mom and Hana?" He asked, ignoring or not caring about how hesitant Naruto was acting.

Fuck, no such luck. "Well…you see…um…how to explain this?" Naruto stumbled.

"Naruto, did you have sex with my Mom and sister?" Naruto's sheepish expression was all the answer Kiba needed. "And you're the one walking away. Damn, I am impressed." Naruto's dumbfounded look made Kiba laugh. "I've heard stories from a few of my uncles about how wild my Mom was back in her younger years. They said men would crawl out of her room while she'd just casually strolled out behind them before she called them pussies and threw them down the stairs."

"So you aren't mad that I slept with Tsume and Hana?"

"Not really, those two would kick my ass if they found out I was trying to interfere with matters like this. So where are my Mom and sis right now?" Kiba asked, more so he could know where to avoid

XxX – Tsume's Bedroom – XxX

"Kaa-chan, I can't feel my legs." Hana and Tsume where both lying on Tsume's large bed in the classic face down ass up position, their stomachs swelled up from all the cum Naruto had poured into them just minutes prior.

"Neither can I Hana, neither can I."

"So what now?"

"Just bask in the afterglow dear."


Authors Note:

So ends another smutty installment of Lemon Chronicles. Tune in next time for what I plan on naming 'Naruto's Introduction to Interrogation!' or 'Samui's Long Day'.

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