Author's Note: Tis the season and all that shit so here's a Christmas themed chapter. Also due to some peoples stupidity I'm going to be adding a warning to every chapter now… starting with this one.

Warning: This story contains sexual material not suited for morons that can't tell fantasy from reality. This is a work of fiction, and shit like belly bulges, massive dicks and oversized breasts the likes of which I write either are impossible (see belly bulges and excessive cum) or just rare as fuck (women with huge asses, tits, and guys with huge dicks). I do know that fitting a cock over 15 inches completely inside a women is highly, HIGHLY unlikely due to something known as anatomy. If you don't read this warning and/or still insinuate I'm an idiot that doesn't know anatomy than I reserve the right to call you a gay 'tard monkey, or whatever I decide to call you.


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring… except for the woman stealthily sneaking in through the window. And it wasn't actually a house, but the apartment of one Uzumaki Naruto. The teenage Genin was completely zonked out after a long Christmas party; one where a drunken Tsunade had practically force fed him a vast amount of booze. So as Naruto slept off the alcohol he was completely oblivious to the curvy figure sneaking into his home.

The figure snuck towards Naruto's room quietly (if you ignore the fact said figure was humming some strange tune) and when the figure reached said room she dropped to the floor and started to belly crawl towards Naruto's bed for no reason. When the woman finally got to the bed she climbed onto it and positioned herself so her face was level with Naruto's crotch.

"Time for Anko Claus to give her stud-muffin the best Christmas present of all, Me!" The now revealed Anko spoke quietly to herself. "After all Kurenai is always telling me it's better to give than to receive, and I'm going to give Naruto the chance you fuck me all he wants, anyway he wants all Christmas holiday. And I'll receive all his tasty cum as a bonus, a definite win-win."

Using her ninja training she managed to get Naruto's pants and boxers off without waking him up. Anko grinned when she saw Naruto was already hard as a rock as she reached forward and grasped the base of it, her hand just barely getting halfway around it. "Ah, how nice of him to be ready for me. Hehehe, he must be having a good dream to be this hard."

Anko leaned over till the massive head of Naruto's cock was less than an inch from her succulent lips and blew on it, she grinned as it started to twitch.

Similar to the massive length in front of her, Naruto rose to the occasion; regaining consciousness, albeit much slower than Naruto Jr. "Uh, what the hell…? Oh, my head. Damn Baa-chan, why'd she have to pour that whole bottle of sake down my throat?" Looking down as he slowly woke from his drunken stupor Naruto's bleary eyes saw a very welcomed sight. "Hey Anko-sensei, what time is it… and damn, nice outfit."

Naruto's blood-shot eyes drank in Anko's clothes. Apparently she was feeling rather festive. She wore a tiny red bikini top that was lined with white fluff around the tiny triangles just barely covered her aureola's and somehow managed to contain her large DD-cup tits and a pair of tiny spandex shorts, also lined with white fluff, that left well over half her ass exposed. Her outfit was completed by a pair of red stiletto 'fuck me' boots and a Santa hat sitting on her head.

"First of all Naruto it's not Anko-sensei tonight, tonight I'm Anko Claus!" Only Anko could deliver that with a straight face. "And it's time for you to get the greatest present of all; unrestricted access to my amazingly sexy body to fuck as you please for hours on end."

"But don't I do that normally?" Naruto tried not to yelp as Anko's grip on his cock got just a little bit too strong.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" She asked in a dangerously cheerful tone.

"I-I mean…that's very kind off you Miss Anko Claus ma'am." He said nervously.

"Damn straight it is! And Kurenai says I'm not a giving person..." She commented as she stared transfixed at his erection.

Leaning over again Anko pressed her lips against Naruto's cock head in a loving kiss. "And as the giving person that I clearly am, I'm going to give you a blowjob that'll scramble your brains." She boldly declared.

"I don't know Anko-sens-CLAUS!" He yelped as her grip tightened again, "Baachan's present almost made me permanently cross-eyed. I don't know how you're gonna beat that."

"You seem to forget one very special skill I possess Naruto." Anko opened her mouth wide and extended her very long and very dexterous tongue. Naruto watched is fascination as Anko's slimy appendage slithered around his cock to wrap around it several times before she grinned at him the best she could with her tongue extended a foot out of her mouth. Naruto went cross-eyed as Anko actually started using her tongue to jack him off. Naruto knew from firsthand experience Anko was an expert at sucking cock but having her use her tongue like this was something else entirely. The hot and moist appendage stroked and slithered around his prick like nothing he'd ever experienced before and he reveled in it for the next several minutes as Anko's tongue danced across his cock.

Anko was enjoying the way Naruto was squirming and gripping the sheets to his bed and decided to take things up a notch. Using her tongue to maneuver Naruto's cock to the perfect angle for her plan as Anko crawled upwards till the massive head of Naruto's cock was just below her tits, her tongue lengthening to stay wrapped around the shaft. Looking directly now into Naruto's wide open eyes Anko began to slide his cock in between her bikini clad jugs. She left the bottom five inches of Naruto's cock wrapped in her tongue, which was still jacking him off, as she wrapped her big tits around the rest, but left Naruto's cock head exposed, which was now spilling a large amount of pre-cum into Anko's cleavage that slowly made its way down to her tongue. Anko pressed her hands against the sides of her tits and started to give Naruto a titfuck while still stroking him with her tongue. She wasn't done there though, and she leaned her head down to wrap her perfect dick sucking lips around the head of Naruto's cock.

"Hol-l-ly shit…" Naruto would have been amazed at Anko's ability to multi-task, except for the fact the triple attack on his cock was currently driving him insane with pleasure. Normally Naruto would last longer, but with how Anko was working his cock like a pro he knew he'd be blowing his load in a matter of minutes.

Not even five minutes later Anko felt Naruto's cock swell up and start twitching wildly. She clenched her tongue tighter around his cock and started jerking him more roughly, this also had the added benefit of allowing her to actually feel the cum travel up Naruto's cock to explode into her mouth, her cheeks puffing out as her mouth filled with cum almost instantly and more shot out of her nose. The sheer force of Naruto's ejaculation cause Anko's head to fly off his cock as the cum in her mouth spilled out onto her tits and her face quickly became covered in thick jizz. Anko withdrew her tongue back into her mouth before she dove back in to take Naruto's spurting cock deep into her mouth once more, her face taking another two blasts of cum in the process. As Anko greedily started to try and swallow the vast amount of cum Naruto was producing she continued to fuck her jugs around Naruto's cock. Several minutes later the flood finally died off and Anko drew back from Naruto's cock, her face and tits completely covered in a thick coat of spooge. "Okay… Anko Claus, my brain… is sufficiently scrambled." He muttered weekly, his eyes swimming in their sockets as his hips jerked into her tits.

Anko was too busy using her unnaturally long tongue to clean up the tasty mess Naruto had covered her in to gloat. Once her face was sufficiently cleaned and the last of Naruto's cum was swallowed Anko grinned up towards Naruto before a loud belch escaped from her mouth.

"Mmm, scuse me, but damn that was good. Santa can keep his damn milk and cookies, Anko Claus prefers a big dick and a nice big helping of Naruto's cum." Anko slid Naruto's cock from out between her tits and sat back as she reached up and squeezed and hefted her tits. "Now you can choose what to do to Anko Claus next."

Anko was taken completely off guard as Naruto moved faster than Rock Lee after drinking two gallons of coffee and found herself rather dizzy after Naruto spun her around and pushed face first into the mattress, her ass sticking into the air. Naruto didn't even bother removing the spandex shorts Anko was wearing as he ripped through the material when he thrust into her soaked twat. Anko's head shot up briefly as her twat was stretched to the limit by Naruto's massive shaft before he pressed her face back down onto the bed. Naruto tilted his head back and groaned in pleasure as Anko's tight cunt gripped the ten inches of his cock currently stuffed in her. Naruto moved his hands so he was pressing down on Anko's shoulders, keeping her right where he wanted her, and moved into a squat above her upraised ass as he pulled most his cock out of her. When only the bulbous head was left Naruto dropped his weight and plowed all fifteen plus inches balls deep into Anko's womb, his cock now clearly outlined through Anko's normally flat stomach.

"O-o-oh f-f-fu-fuck…..CUMMING!" Anko cried out as her pussy was filled, her hands clawing at the bed sheets and her toes curling as a massive orgasm ripped through her. The feeling of Anko's twat tightening up on him spurred Naruto on as he started slamming his cock deep down into the quivering woman, his large balls continually slapping Anko's clit further intensifying her orgasm. One particularly hard thrust down turned Anko's legs to jelly as they gave out and she was pounded flat into the mattress. Naruto didn't even really notice that he'd fucked Anko flat as he just continued to happily pound away at her now gushing wet pussy. Anko was going through orgasm after orgasm, her legs constantly twitching and her toes curling as she was cumming her brains out. Looking down at her face he saw her tongue was sticking out of her wide open mouth, drooling onto the sheets as her glazed eyes stared into nothing. "S-s-so-o-o….g-g-g-ood." She slurred.

"Think it's about time I gave you your Christmas present Anko. A womb full'a cum!"

Naruto grinned as he felt his balls tighten up in preparation to flood Anko's cunt. Seconds later his cock swelled up before unleashing a torrent of cum. Anko's womb and cunt were instantly filled to capacity as the warm creamy goo was pumped into her and it only took about thirty seconds for her stomach to start bloating from the excessive amount of spooge filling her. Both Naruto and Anko were lifted off the bed as the purple haired sluts belly started to bulge. Before long Anko's cunt couldn't contain all the cum being pumped into her and the excess squirted out from her tightly stretched pussy, forming a large puddle on Naruto's bed. Sighing in pleasure Naruto continued to lightly thrust his still hard cock into Anko's now very creamy twat as he enjoyed the way she'd twitch and jerk as she experienced aftershock induced mini-orgasms.

"Now let's see, how else do I want to fuck you senseless Anko Claus?" Naruto thought about the many fun ways he could pound Anko's curvy body into his bed when it struck him. "Got it."

The grin that spread across Naruto's face could be called all sorts of evil as he delivered a sharp stinging slap to Anko's bubble butt, making the flesh jiggle enticingly. He pulled out of her cunt and began to roll Anko over onto her back, laughing slightly as her cum bloated belly came into view. Once she was on her back Naruto grabbed Anko's legs by the ankles and spread them wide as he pushed them forward till her knees where nearly by her head, putting her ass up into the perfect position. As Anko finally came around from cumming her brains out Naruto pressed the fat head of his cock against her puckered asshole. Realizing how she was positioned Anko looked up into Naruto's face with wide eyes filled with lust and a little fear, no matter how many times he'd fucked her there Anko still had a hard time taking his cock up her ass.

"All I want for Christmas is my cock balls deep in Anko's fat ass~." He singsonged.

That was all the warning Anko got as Naruto pulled his hips back a ways before punching them forward and spearing her tight ass with his massive prick. His hips impacted Anko's with a resounding smack as Naruto drove his cock balls deep with one thrust making some of the cum stuffed in her cunt squirt out. Anko squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth so hard they nearly cracked as Naruto fucked his cock into her. "This, is the best Christmas, of all time." Naruto said with a massive grin.

"F-f-f-f-fuck Naruto, did your cock get thicker since the last time you wrecked my ass? Goddammit, cause it fucking feels like it." Anko was panting and sweating a little as she tried to adjust to the huge invader stuffing her. "I need a minute to… FUCK!" Naruto didn't give her a chance to finish as he quickly pulled his cock back before just as quickly fucking it back in.

"Nope, I think I just haven't fucked your ass hard enough to really take my cock. I better change that." Still gripping her ankles Naruto leaned over Anko as he started to pound her tight ass with long hard strokes, jolting her body and making her still bikini clad tits bounce. Anko raised her hands above her head to tightly grip the bed sheets as Naruto began to punish her ass with his oversized cock. After several minutes of rough pounding Anko looked back up into Naruto face and saw his eyes were glued to her jiggling tits and, despite how hard he was fucking her already, decided to goad him on as she reached to grab the bikini top she was wearing and ripped it off. Starring directly into Naruto's eyes now Anko hefted one of her big DD jugs up and took the pink nipple into her own mouth and started to suck on her own tit. Just as she planned seeing her suck on her nipple spurred Naruto on as his thrusts picked up speed and power till he was pounding Anko's ass so hard she thought the bed was going to break underneath them, the frame making an ominous noise. Not wanting to be left out Naruto leaned his head down and took Anko's other nipple into his mouth and started to suck, lick and bite the pink nub topping the delicious globe. The now dual assault on her tits combined with the brutal ass-pounding she was receiving quickly sent Anko spiraling into another series of orgasms as she started to jerk and quiver underneath him. Neither Naruto nor Anko noticed as an hour passed, their focus solely on the pleasure, but eventually it all built up and Naruto's cock swelled prominently once again.

"Hey Anko, ya know how they say Santa's belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly? Well I think you're about to be able to relate." He groaned.

With one more powerful thrust Naruto hilted his cock up Anko's ass and released another massive helping of cum, making Anko's eyes nearly pop out of her skull as she felt her belly start to swell even more. Even as she began to look like she was pregnant with twins from all the spooge being pumped into her Naruto continued to unload into her. He suddenly pulled his still spurting cock out of Anko and quickly moved up till he was straddling her chest and slapped his cock between her tits, splattering cum all over her face in the process. Roughly grabbing her jugs he then wrapped them around his cock and started to fuck the delightful orbs attached to her chest, further covering her features. Once Anko's face was completely hidden under a mask of jizz Naruto finally ran dry. Anko then began the laborious task of cleaning her face with her long tongue. "This is the best Christmas… of all time… ever." He laughed, giddy from all the sex.

"It's not done yet stud, I'm dreaming of a very, very white Christmas." Leaning her head forward Anko gave Naruto's cock a kiss on the head. "Now be a dear and give me a couple more loads of that tasty white 'snow' of yours."

Luckily for Naruto he got a new bed for Christmas the next day, because his old one broke that night.


Christmas morning Naruto was woken up by a pounding on his door. Disentangling himself from a very clingy Anko, who was still passed out, he stumbled, still quite naked, to his front door. Opening it he was met by a blushing yet widely grinning Tsunade.

"Hey Kaa-chan… what's up?" Naruto was suddenly caught up in a massive hug, one that forced his head into Tsunade's massive cleavage.

"I love it when you call me that." Letting go of Naruto Tsunade then stepped back. "I have one more Christmas present for you Naruto. Well, actually, it's from me and Shizune."

"Really, what did you and Nee-chan get me." Naruto was suddenly bowled over as a very naked and seeming very drunk Shizune tackled him. "Oof!... The hell!"

"Shizune's still plastered from last night, and a drunk Shizune is a very horny Shizune." Tsunade quickly jumped over the railing to the ground below and sprinted away. She failed to tell Naruto a drunk Shizune was also scary as hell. "Have fun kids!"

"… um Nee-chan… your face is kinda scary." Naruto commented as he tried to get away from the girls vice-like hands.

"Shut-up Naruto, Shizune needs some nookie." Reaching underneath Naruto she then roughly squeezed his ass. "Now say my name bitch."

"…damn you Kaa-chan…"