Summary: What if the Kyuubi was actually the Liger Zero? What if Naruto had the Berserk Fury inside him too? What if Kushina had abused and abandoned Naruto? What if the elemental countries were actually built over the old Zoid battlegrounds? Zoids X Naruto crossover Adopted from Mystic 6 tailed Naruto

Disclaimer: Do not own Naruto or Zoids but Mystic 6 tailed Naruto does own the Liger Zero's and Berserk Fury's human forms

Pairing: Naruto X X Hinata X Tayuya

Chapter One: Rise of Naruto Zero Fury!

Naruto couldn't believe what the pervy sage just did...he treated him to some ramen then they bump into Sakura...only for her to punch his lights out again! Then Jiraiya pushes him off a cliff!

Naruto tried to grip using chakra, but couldn't!

Naruto thought, "T...This is it! I'm going to die! Die!"

Then Naruto suddenly discovered he was in a sewer of some kind. Then he heard roars up ahead.

Naruto walked down the corridor, "This feeling it's the red chakra again."

The blond then saw a massive looked like a tyrannosaurus but it had armor! The armor was the color of the Hyuuga clan eyes. Its eyes were crimson red.

On its back was a strange thing with strange claws sheathed on it.

Then Naruto saw another creature in the cage it was white and armored as well. It's eyes were orange-red and it had the traits of a lion and tiger.

The dinosaur noticed Naruto and spoke, "Ah our manager is here Liger."

The feline spoke, "Welcome Naruto to your mind."

Naruto asked, "How do you know my name?"

The Liger explained, "What you see is my true form...when I was sealed in you I was in this form." The metallic creature glowed and then became a giant red fox with nine-tails.

Naruto was shocked, "You're the Kyuubi?"

The fox then disappeared replaced by the white creature once again.

Naruto was stunned.

Liger Zero then told Naruto about his past and Berserker joined in right up to their final battle.

Naruto's head was spinning from this information...metallic beings? Advanced technologies? These two were legendary Zoids called Ultimate Xs? The elemental countries were built over their old battlefields?

The boy spoke, "You two are...SO COOL!" The boy was overexcited.

Berserker chuckled, "You currently are excitable kid."

Liger then spoke, "Naruto we have a deal for become the new us..we give your our capabilities and armor."

Naruto was shocked, "Y...You'd do that for me?"

Liger nodded, "Of course you deserve it after what my presence has caused you." The feline then pointed with one claw at a place in the corner.

The corner then lit up to reveal three armors. One was blue, the other was orange, and the third was green.

Naruto saw them and ran up to them, "These are so cool! They yours?"

Liger Zero nodded, "That's right those are my other transformations." The white feline went on, "The blue know this might be better if we were in human form."

The Berserk Fury nodded, "Yeah." The two then glowed again and soon two young men about Iruka's age were seen.

The Liger looked absolute handsome he had long white hair and red eyes...his ears were still metallic though. He wore a white jacket.

Berserker was equally handsome with long lavender hair and red eyes he had normal human looking ears even though in his Zoid form he didn't have any visible ears. He wore an outfit similar to what his old pilot wore.

Liger then cleared his throat before saying, "Now Naruto as I was saying the blue armor is used for ultra high speed battles It's known as the Jager Unit." He then pointed to the orange one, "The orange armor is used for close combat battles it's known as the Schneider Unit."

He then scowled as he pointed to the last one, "The ugly green armor is used for long range fights it's known as the Panzer Unit."

Naruto noticed the venom in his voice about the green armor, "I take it you don't like it?"

Liger growled, "I hate it! It was so heavy it nearly got my partner Bit Cloud and I killed several times! Each time I was equipped with was too freaking heavy for me to maneuver around in! There was the battle with that stupid Elephander, then the Backdraft Group, then Berserker here. "

Berserker looked ashamed, "The first time Liger and I met in battle I beat him and four others without my armor equipped...the purple armor you saw on me in Zoid form... my partner who was a child not much older than you...I think, almost made me use my charged particle gun on him but I stopped because a woman who cared for Vega told us to come home. Then in our second and final battle...When Liger shot me with those Cannons, Vega that's the name of my previous partner had me use my shield and block it then he shot me forward and made me head butt Liger...after that I began to charge up my triple Charged Particle Cannon."

He rubbed his jaw; "I still have the pain in my jaw."

Liger nodded, "Yeah and my head still feels the phantom pain."

Naruto was confused, "Charged Particle Cannon?"

Berserker opened his mouth and a yellow ball of energy began gathering, then a purple blast of energy shot from his mouth and destroyed the walls.

Naruto was shocked, "Whoa!"

Fury explained, "My weapon was feared as one of the most deadly and dangerous weapons a Zoid could ever have. The Buster Claws I wield even conceal extra cannons...which allows me to charge up two other blasts for a total of three."

Naruto then yelled, "I'm about to fall to my doom!"

Liger was shocked, "What?"

Naruto explained about his current predicament.

Berserker was as angry as his name, "Liger I'll save him!" He then took over...

(Near the stadium)

A woman with long red hair and gray eyes was walking toward the stadium, "I am the stupidest bitch in all the elemental countries! I tortured and abused the very child I wanted to have for so long! All because of what his father did to him!" She wore an ANBU captain's outfit.

Kushina Uzumaki was coming to apologize and hopefully have a chance to be the mother she should've been from the start...also to watch him compete...

The matriarch still remembered what she did to her son blinded by grief of losing his father...she allowed it to control her actions and on multiple occasions she nearly killed her own child. Memories flashed through her mind she had allowed her son to live with her for the first 6 years of his life but she didn't exactly raise him with care.

Kushina ignored him and would only feed him the scraps from her own meals and sometimes she wouldn't even let him eat. Naruto wasn't even allowed to be his own room or out in the halls she made him stay in a closet. She even made him clean the rooms and struck him when he didn't do it right...and when he wanted to come in top be safe from mobs she wouldn't allow it until after they had beaten him.

Then when he was 6 the final year he finally snapped and ran off taking what he had with him. Also she had noticed his hands glowing golden1a

Naruto's been living alone the last 7 years. It was only a few weeks after he left that Kushina woke up to the horror: She had basically neglected and abused her own son and lost him the only part of Minato she had left.

Kushina is about to discover just how different Naruto is...


Naruto's eyes turned crimson red his blonde hair turned lavender...then Berserker's claws burst from his back. He then opened one of his claws and fired a cannon blast at the ground halting his fall1b

Naruto landed on his feet and created a slight quake...due to his feet becoming like Berserker's he even had the tail. They were exactly the same color scheme and appearance except Naruto's claws were pointy like a Genosaurer's.

Naruto threw back his head and roared...Naruto then turned his red gaze on Jiraiya who had gone down to check on him.

Jiraiya asked, "Hey kid you okay?"

Naruto unleashed another roar and fired another blast from his Buster Claws...

Jiraiya paled, "Oh crap he's pissed!" Jiraiya barely avoided the blast, which destroyed the cliff with one shot.

Jiraiya then summoned a toad, jumped on it, and ran off...

Naruto roared again and then his thrusters opened and activated, they glowed blue as he took off at super high speed...

Jiraiya turned to see Naruto barreling toward him! The Sannin screamed and made the toad run faster...but Naruto was much faster...Naruto actually caught up and used his claws to permanently mar Jiraiya...Jiraiya's screams of agony could be heard all around the village...

Then the blond Zoid ninja then took off...

(Skipping to Finals)

Everyone had gathered for the finals but a certain Orange wearing blond was absent! They were all worried.

Neji just had a smug look on his face, "Tch. I knew it he was afraid to is fate to lose to me after all."

Up in the stands Sakura spoke, "Not only is Sasuke-kun not here yet neither is Naruto!" She prayed nothing bad happened to either of them.

Hinata was worried about her crush, "Naruto-kun where are you?"

Then suddenly one of the ninja above spotted a strange machine flying into the stadium...It was huge! They never saw anything like it! It was shaped like a whale!2

Then the whale-shaped machine opened a panel on its underside and dropped something a platform. They saw Naruto standing on the platform..

The blond looked different though...He was much taller! His hair had streaks of lavender and white in it and his blue eyes were slitted and an orange-red color. his nails were claws. Naruto then let out a feral strange growl. His outfit looked strange too it was a white and lavender long jacket with black pants and black shirt... It had two creatures that looked strange on it...One was a mix of a lion and tiger the other resembled one of the extinct dinosaurs. They wore strange armor on them. The feline's was white...the dinosaur's was lavender. They both had red eyes...

Naruto looked more muscular than earlier too causing Hinata to faint from a nosebleed and even Sakura and Ino were eyeing him...

Then he leapt down from the platform.

Everyone freaked out especially Sakura, Sarutobi, and Hinata.

But to their shock he landed and shook the ground...Like he weighed several tons!

Naruto then let out a loud roar3 He continued his roaring for the next few minutes like he's gone berserker.

Sarutobi was gaping at the boy's change, "What happened to him?"

Neji spoke, "So you've shown up after all. A pity I can't wait to make you face reality."

Naruto just stopped roaring and then gave Neji a glare. He then finally spoke but his voice sounded feral, "Shut up."

Neji glared and activated his Byakugan, "I will show you it's hopeless to fight destiny."

Naruto smirked revealing sharp fangs, "Let's see ya try!"

Genma Shiranui then spoke, "Alright the first match of the Chuunin Exams...Uzumaki-"

Naruto held out one hand and fired a Charged Particle blast at the examiner.

Sarutobi and the others were floored and frightened by his change...

The Jonin dodged it and the blast destroyed a portion of the walls.

Naruto spoke coldly, "Do not associate me with that bitch! I am from now on to be known as Naruto Zero Fury."

Genma said, "Okay my mistake, Naruto Zero Fury Vs Neji Hyuuga...BEGIN!"


Hiashi Hyuuga sat there with his daughter Hanabi...He spoke, "Watch closely Hanabi no one else has inherited such pure Hyuuga blood like Neji has." He glanced at the blond, " the way he looks suggests he's learned quite a few new tricks."

Hanabi nodded, "Yes father."

Naruto and Neji just stood there facing each other...Naruto then smirked, "I guess I'll make the first move." He then roared and charged at clawed hand raised.

Everyone who remembered the Hyuuga style techniques face faulted at the stupid move.

Neji smirked, "Fool." He then aimed a Gentle Fist strike at Naruto but to his shock he missed!

Naruto sidestepped and slashed with his claws giving Neji a gash on his arm.

Neji groaned, "Ugh!"

(The stands)

Tenten couldn't believe her eyes...she had originally brushed off the boy due to his attitude he was nice but because the Uchiha and the pink haired girl were this years top ninja she assumed he was the worst one. It was too bad she did think he was cute but she looked for strong men. But seeing this she realized the people might have underestimated him...big time.

Neji then spoke, "How?"

Naruto smirked, "I can read and predict your moves Neji Hyuuga."

Neji yelled, "No! You're lying! You don't have the Sharingan!"

Naruto sneered at the mention of that accursed bloodline, "I don't need it." He then tapped his head, "Because I have a photographic memory."

Neji growled, "don't get cocky." He then rushed at Naruto with his hand raised to strike but the blond avoided each and every one.

Neji and the other were floored by how fast he was...

Naruto then spoke, "What's wrong Neji? Can't keep up?" The blond smirked his fangs gleaming, "Awwwww...then this battle will be over quickly."

Next time Naruto's full assault the Hyuuga defense is crushed!

1a: Naruto was preparing the Strike Laser Claw unconsciously.

1b: Think of the blast the Berserk Fury used to slice off the Shadow fox's limbs.

2: Naruto found an old Whale King and used some of his power to fix it up.

3: Naruto's roars are Berserk Fury's and Liger Zero's roars combined.