Part 3

Rita collapsed limply on the bed, trying to relearn how to breathe in the aftermath of such intense pleasure.

Rodolphus and Bella shared a smug look as they watched the dazed expression of the pretty blonde reporter on the bed.

Bella slid slowly over the silky dark-blue sheets towards her husband. He pulled her close and slid his arms around her. Their lips met… softly, tenderly at first both quickly growing heated, passionate. It was clear to their 'guest' that years of marriage had not quenched the heat, the lust, the raw desire between them.

Rodolphus's hand wandered up Bella's back, deftly untying the laces holding her corset shut. She raised her hips so he could slide her skirt over them and down her legs. Then she quickly divested him of his pants, the practiced motion she did it with suggesting she'd done it many times before.

Despite the fact he had only just had his release… all it took was seeing his wife's lush, curvy naked body… and the press of her clever hand between his legs to get him hard again. An expression of wicked satisfaction flickered over her face as she teased and caressed him.

Rita watched as Rodolphus lay back on the midnight-blue sheets and Bella straddled him… a curious combination of embarrassment and desire coming over her.

Even though she felt she shouldn't watch she was unable to tear her eyes away from them as she saw Bella's body start to ride his, head thrown back, dark hair rippling down her back as her hips rose and fell.

His expression was blissful and Bella's was wild, fierce as his body went in and out of hers… slowly at first… rhythm gradually building up… movements getting faster… harder… rougher… and less controlled.

The blonde continued to watch them… so intently she didn't even realize she had bitten her lip… and there was crimson blood smeared on it.

Bella's body arched and bucked above Rodolphus's as they got closer and closer... his body as deep in hers as it could go… hips rocking in short, sharp frenzied strokes.

Rita wiggled and twisted in her bonds as she watched … longing for some relief from the fierce throbbing between her legs.

A sound of eagerness and frustration escaped her lips. Bella tossed her a wicked look… not stopping what she was doing for even a moment as her dark eyes met Rita's green ones. And it was clear to the blonde that Bella was enjoying having an audience.

Bella turned away from her captive. Her eyes locked on Rodolphus's as her body writhed and danced above his.

She stiffened, mouth wide in a wordless cry of pleasure. He groaned deeply as he drove his body one last time into hers, pure pleasure overcoming him once again.

They lay back on the bed, watching their captive tug against her bonds, clearly trying to get her hands free to she could sate that delicious, torturous ache between her legs.

Bella grinned slyly at the blonde as she slid her hand between her husband's legs and played idly with his cock. Her grin widened as she felt it slowly stiffen once more under her hand. Her eyes never left Rita's.

He watched Rita too, a lascivious smile playing across his face as she begged with those green eyes for him to come over and untie her.

Finally he came closer… but he didn't untie her.

He leaned in and flicked his tongue over her lips, tasting the slight coppery tang from her bitten lip. He felt her moan ever so softly. Then his lips were on hers… tasting, licking and biting. One hand buried itself in her blonde curls… his lips parting hers as he deepened the kiss.

A soft sound of impatience left her as he released her lips.

He grinned teasingly at her and slid over the sheets so he was positioned on his knees between her legs. She wriggled slightly closer. He could see in her eyes and the tension of her body how much she wanted him to just take her.

"Please…" she whispered, softly enough he almost couldn't hear her.

Her breath hitched as the head of him brushed that slick and oh so silky flesh between her legs. His dark eyes unfocused for just a moment as he felt how wet she already was for him.

"What was that you said?" he asked in a husky, teasing voice.

She had to bite back a groan of impatience. "Please" she said again… a little louder, blue eyes begging him.

Without warning he moved forward… pushing his body deep into hers.

She gasped, back arching slightly as the sensation of him pushing himself inside her. Sweet merlin he was big… it felt amazing…

Rodolphus stayed still for a moment, watching the expression on her face… fighting the desire to simply let go of his control and just have her. It would be so easy… but he didn't think he would last very long if he did that. She felt too damn good wrapped around his cock.

He started to move… slowly, teasingly… wringing a soft moan from her lips. Her lips were parted, blue eyes half closed as she felt a delicious tingling sensation starting to build up.

Soon the sensation was damn near overwhelming… but his thrusts remained slow… controlled. It was exquisite agony being so close… yet not quite close enough.

She moved her body firmly against his… hearing his gasp of pleasure at the sensation. Suddenly she felt him lose some of that control… moving a bit faster, a bit harder, a bit deeper.

He was close too… so teasingly, achingly close he could no longer hold back.

She groaned, tugging on the invisible bond on her wrists and ankles as his body pounded into hers… hitting that delicious spot with every thrust.

She felt her body writhe and dance under his… senseless with pleasure.

He brought her with a force that raised her upper body off the bed and tore a gasp from her throat. Mind-numbing pleasure went through him as he had his own release… her body still shuddering around his.

It wasn't till a few moments later… when Rita's breathing was starting to go back to normal that she noticed Bella was watching them… now clothed again… grinning in a rather feline way.

"I think it's about time we said goodbye to our guest" she purred. Her wand flicked up and once more everything… went… black.

When Rita woke up she was in her own bed… naked between her crisp green cotton sheets.

She sat up… looking around the room. What was she doing back here? How had she managed to get away from them? Why in fact was she still in one piece?

As she slowly became more awake she started to wonder if any of it had happened. If she had in fact dreamed the whole thing. She had had a lot to drink at the Hogs Head… and here she was… safe in her own bed. The most logical explanation was that she had simply apparated home, fallen into bed, and dreamed the whole thing.

She lay back on the pillow and sighed in relief, convinced now it hadn't really happened. It had seemed so real though. And though the start had been scary… the end had been… amazing. She didn't know whether or not to be slightly disappointed it hadn't been real.

Rita felt around on her dresser for her glasses but she couldn't find them. She frowned and sat up, looking around the room. She couldn't see them anywhere. Her clothes from last night were nowhere to be seen either… though she would usually have tossed them on the comfy chair by the window.

She slid out from under the sheets, looking around for her dressing gown.

When she caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror she froze, blue eyes widening.

There on her skin were several small shallow cuts. Cuts that could have only been made with something sharp. Sharp like the edge of a knife.