Title: Noises
Type: one-shot, almost! dialogue- only
Timeframe: Prequel Trilogy
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Anakin Skywalker, Other: Obi-wan Kenobi, Palpatine, Padme Amidala, etc.
Genres: General
Warnings: Heavy PTSD- I mean it.
Summary: How do you deal with something as primal as war? How do you deal with yourself? Or with them?
Disclaimer: If you're looking for a place where you can steal the characters or the whole universe of star wars, you'll need to go see elsewhere- mainly, at George Lucas' place. I don't have them, I don't own them (not for the lack of wishing), and I don't make money on them.
Please don't sue.

A/N: I like this short fic. I really, really do. But I am a little biased, seeing as I wrote it. What I want to know is what you think.


"My dear boy..."

"We can pretend..."

"Sir, our right flank's been overwhelmed!"


"It... it hurts..."

"What are your orders, Commander?"

"As long as we don't lose ourselves in that mayhem, we remain good people."

"I need your help, son."

"Anakin, you'll lead the backup group. Captain and I will command the onslaught."

"You should go back to the Temple, you shouldn't be here now..."

"Skywalker, what is your report?"

"Is it just me, or are you really behaving like a mature person?"

"Don't, please... hurts... Please..."

"Rescue? What use is your rescue to us? Look around, Master Jedi. There is nothing left here after your rescue!"

"I know you do all you can- no, I'm sure you're doing much more than that, and I'm really proud of you, my boy. But there's still so much to be done..."

"We don't have a leave, Anakin. The Council..."

"You want to add something, Skywalker?"

"We've lost the signal, sir. I repeat: there is no signal."

"The situation is- as usual- hopeless."

"I love you."

"Anakin, if you have to leave me behind to complete the mission, by the Force, you'll do it!"

"Where's mom?"

"If it is the Will of the Force, Anakin."

"Stay away from me, you Jedi scum!"

"You're powerful enough for me, Anakin. Always remember that: you're enough to me."

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

"Why are you leaving us? You can't! You can't! They'll kill us! We're all going to die... Stay. Please! You... you have to!"

"You're reckless as always. Why have you done this, Anakin?"

"Anakin, my congratulations on your victory... That was an amazing feat, my boy. I'm afraid if it weren't for you..."

"Power is not everything. You know this, Padawan."

"Are you ready to die, Skywalker?"

"Commander Skywalker! General Kenobi requests your presence immediately."

"You'll never get there on time. I'm sorry."

"Master Kenobi doesn't know your power. Trust me, there's nothing to fear from using it. In saving people you... love. It's only natural you wish to protect them; you're loyal. I'm proud you call me a friend."

"I am yours; whole of me. Every smile and thought is directed at you. I love you."


"I don't... want... die..."

"We all have to listen to the Force."

"Skywalker, that was unforgivable. As a Knight of that Order, you need to learn to prioritise your goals. Am I making myself clear?"

"Mom, look! Anakin Skywalker! Can we come closer? Please!"

"I'm afraid I don't believe in the Will of the Force."

"Save me from what?"

"Coruscant is well-defended, Anakin."

"Troubled, you are. My help, do you need, hm?"

"Have you heard of the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?"

"Anakin, I know the strain you're under is great... I'm sorry we're putting this burden on you."

Why won't they just shut up? Why can't he have a moment of peace? How is he supposed to concentrate with that buzz in his head? Force, why don't they leave him alone?

Why should we?