Chapter 4 – Marine meltdown

Emmett hadn't paid much attention to me at the party, and I was glad that he didn't ask me about the cancan girl, the following day. Alice had apparently left the party early enough not to meet her boss. As I helped him clean the mess, Emmett boasted about having made out with the well-equipped Monroe copy who he had invited just two days before, as they had queued together at Starbucks. She was apparently a lawyer and Emmett said she had brought a friend he hadn't even spoken to. I didn't comment. My mind was occupied elsewhere, feeling like a drug addict, needing desperately to have another Isabella injection.

A few days passed and on Wednesday afternoon, both Emmett, mom and I got an invitation to Alice's for dinner that same night. "We are celebrating", she texted. When I left her place that night, I was probably more elated than Alice. She had let us know that she had been promoted within the holding company and she was now going to work for a sister company as the Manager of the assistants.

"Ms Swan thought I was overqualified and when she heard about the job, she recommended me. I am so indebted to her!", Alice had beamed. I desperately felt like calling Isabella, but I wanted her to take the first step, me having already indicated pretty clearly that I wanted more where she came from.

The next morning, I received a text: Good morning! I was thinking about trying to take an entire weekend off for once. Is there any chance that you might want to spend parts of it with me? Bella.

My heart leaped with adolescent joy, texting back: Why, all of it, please! But I have another lover that I need to take out too, my Esme. Fancy some sailing? E.

I suppose I will have to share you then. ; ). Tell me where and when, sailor boy.

Saturday morning was as beautiful as it possibly could be and I was exultant, waiting for Isabella in the boat. I don't know what I expected her to look like going on a sailing trip, but I giggled as I saw her coming. This woman was full of surprises, a true chameleon. Gone was both business Isabella and cancan Kidman cousin. Enter a natural, relaxed-looking goddess in a navy-blue and white, boat-necked t-shirt , white capri pants, sneakers and her hair in a long braid to the side of her neck.

"Is my marine outfit a bit too much?", she asked beaming. "I snuck out of the office for an hour yesterday, wanting to make a good impression on Esme so that she might like me? Alice gave me some tips where to go".

"Your style-changing is giving me a minor whiplash, Isabella, but I am sure Esme will approve", I smiled, helping her onto the boat. I noticed that she was practically not wearing any make-up, but she still looked truly amazing. I think this was my favorite Isabella so far.

"Sorry about the constant name confusion, but would you mind calling me Bella? I do feel that we are kind of well acquainted after all".

"Anything for you, bella Bella" I replied, pulling her to me in a soft hug, not really daring to kiss her just yet.

If Bella had been my superior at the office, the roles were definitely reversed one the boat. I could manage sailing Esme just fine by myself, but it was more fun getting assistance and she was eager to learn. She was clearly enjoying herself, bathing in the sun, steering rod in hand, watching me winch away and fine-tune the sheets. She looked completely at leisure, almost girlish, and it was weird thinking that she was the manager of at least 60 communication consultants. After two hours of sailing, we pulled down the sails and let down the anchor to have lunch. She had brought strawberries, scoring a point for excellent memory.

"Would this be ok for drinking?", I asked, showing off a bottle of ice-cold champagne.

She seemed to be contemplating something. "Well actually, if you wouldn't mind it too much, I thought maybe you'd let me feel you up later and this time I'd really like to try it sober if that's OK with you."

The girl had me rock-hard in two seconds.

Shortly after a sun-drenched lunch, she went down to use the bathroom, and then she called me: "Edward, would you help me with something?". I climbed down to her, stopping short, when I saw she had changed into a bikini. She had let her hair out and once again, I melted by the sight of her, all perfect, natural girl. Creamy white skin in a blue, tiny bikini, blinding me.

"Whatever it is you wanted me to do, I can't help you now. Will you please let me see all of you?", I pleaded, the air tight between us.

"You first", she begged and I quickly stripped out of my open shirt, shorts and boxers. Seconds later she was bare too.

"Perfection", she let out, staring down my body.

"I've got nothing on you", I complained hoarsely. I had never had the chance to fully appreciate her milky skin, her perky breast and the flawless, round belly button. With eyes full of admiration I devoured her, slowly approaching her, leaning in, touching her cheek lightly with my lips.

"Radiant", I whispered in her ear licking her ear lobe and then she was in my arms all flushed up against me. If the night at Emmett's had been hot as fuck, this time was intimate, delicate and loving. The ladder up to the cockpit had excellent screwing potential, but instead we fell into the bed. Her mouth and hands gently explored my body as mine did hers and I could sense desperation in both of us. We wanted nothing to separate us. She clutched me while I entered her, not wanting my chest or my mouth to leave hers. Her hips moved in succulent circles as she slowly drove us both towards our common goal. There was no dirty talk this time, but we both screamed each others' names as we climaxed.

Also, there was no post-coital awkwardness and I relished in this fact, kissing her arm from the shoulder down to the scar and back. Appreciating her face again, I noticed a tear leaving one of her eyelashes. I removed it with my thumb, licking the salt off it. I didn't feel like asking her why she was sad, but assumed, maybe falsely, that she didn't have many people that were close to her. "I'm here", I said, "as long as you want me".

She didn't seem bothered by my pretty revealing statement, but scooted up to kiss me. After snuggling a while, she left the bed to my big disappointment. I didn't have to wait long, as she came back, all nude and glorious, with the champagne bottle and two glasses.

She filled a glass. "Edward, I really liked your sister. It will probably take me some time to find a worthy replacement. Would you mind making it up to me next weekend that Alice will no longer be of service to me and my company?"

"Sure, how can I help", I laughed.

"Well…", she teased, straddling me a glass in hand. She tipped a bubbly drop on my chest, licked it up across my left nipple and then went on to show me.

And I was in sweet chameleon heaven again.