D: Im an idiot. As is my pc. Anyway, So I was halfway thought my story (impossible) and had edited and added to Volturi. I also had a half a one shot and an other story on my pc. Well, I deleted my account on my pc, but clicked 'save files'. Cos it took so long I switched user, and when I logged on my new acc it hadnt saved files. :'(
I was also peed off cos i clicked 'cancel' cos i have this tool bar with loads of sites and books im reading. It didnt cancel ORsave my files. Luckily, On my iPod I have my story 'imposible' on. Thought it is missing a couple of paragraphs I put on there. But I also had a file called 'future chapters' with scenes already wrote for impossible on. So... Im kinda screwed and i'll take longer to update. Sorry xx