Harvest Wine

Disclaimer: I don't own the Twilight Saga or The Gates. I'm just playing around with them for everyone's enjoyment.

AN: I wasn't going to start another new story until after I finished a couple of my other ones but this is an exception. Makoto-18 sent me a PM and issued me a challenge to write a Twilight/The Gates crossover set after Edward leaves in NM. It had to be a femslash between Bella/any female character; Bella had to be some kind of supernatural creature and it needed to be 10k + words.

Ch. 1: Exquisite Madness


It'd been four days since my now infamous 18th birthday party and I haven't seen any of the Cullen's since except for Edward, but that was only during school hours. Alice hadn't come to school so I just assumed that she was consoling Jasper. I really hoped she or Carlisle had told him that I wasn't blaming him for what happen; shit just happened around me and it was nobody's fault. If I were being completely honest, though, what scared me at the time, and continued to scare me, was that I found the violence arousing. Ever since I woke up the morning of my birthday, I'd felt different and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Edward hadn't bothered to pick me up this morning so I was a little later than normal getting to school. His precious shiny Volvo was parked in its usual space when I stopped in the only vacant spot left on the other side of the lot. Something about his posture as he strode purposely towards me told me that maybe he was ready to stop giving me the silent treatment. What little had blossomed in me was dashed the minute he spoke.

"I will not be staying because I need to hunt. Would you mind if I came over to your house to talk after school," Edward asked in a dead voice and I nodded. Hesitantly, he brushed an errant strand of hair behind my ear then spun back to his car and left.

There was a dull pain in my chest as I made my way to the school and I just wanted the day to be over already. Classes seemed to drag as the day slowly kept to a close and a sense of dread was added to the earlier pain and the stress I'd been under since the party. I was wound so tightly that at any moment it felt like I could snap.

My heart was beating at twice its normal rate by the time I pulled up in front of my house and found the Volvo already there. I tried to spot Edward and found him standing by the tree line in the backyard. I left my schoolbag in the passenger seat then got out when it became obvious that he wasn't going to rush over to open my door like he usually did. The instant I closed my door, he turned then walked into the forest. After a brief pause on my part, I followed after him. Twenty feet into the trees, well away from any prying eyes, he turned to face me with cold empty eyes.

"Bella, I shall get right to point. My family has already left and I shall be joining them directly. I do not now, nor have I ever loved you. You were nothing but a toy, a pet, something to ease the monotony of my eternal life. I was already starting to get bored with you. It might have been different if you were not a virgin so I couldn't even get a decent fuck to keep me interested in my little charade. Who knows, maybe after Mike and his friends break you in, I might come back to sample whatever skills you pick up," the bronze haired vampire that I'd foolishly given my heart to told me in a tone that matched the look in his eyes before he ran at vampire speed deeper into the woods.

The pain in my chest became unbearable and I realized that it was heart breaking. With a primal scream of agony, I collapsed to the ground crying. Several soft footfalls reached my ears but I was too lost in my grief to care. Someone knelt down then my head was lifted up and placed on a soft feminine lap. Slender fingers stroked through my hair while soft voices began to sing softly. The song was in a language that I was unfamiliar with but found soothing none the less. Eventually the tears dried up and my throat was raw from all the sobbing. A cup was pressed to my lips and I took a drink.

The warm sweet liquid soothed my throat before it settled into my stomach. My nerve ending began to tingle as it radiated heat through my body. There was giggling all around me as I greedily gulped down the rest of it. Heat became fire and I knew I needed this wine as much as food or air. The shattered pieces of my heart fused back together then hardened, nothing would ever break it again. My head was moved onto another lap then several pairs of hands began to caress me as another cup of the vital elixir was poured into my mouth. I was starting to burn up and I felt my saviors helpfully remove my clothes.

I had only been vaguely aware that my benefactors were all women because I was lost in the sensation of their touches. A tiny part of my brain screamed that this was wrong but another cupful of wine permanently silenced it. My skin still tingled but the fire settled into sex like a raging inferno as the touches became increasingly more sensual.

"Cherub, the time has come to embrace your legacy and take your place at my side. Do accept the gift and favor of The God," I voice that sounded like my grandmother asked.

Before I was able to say anything, mouths sucked on my nipples, lips claimed my own passionately and hands ghosted along my stomach and inner thighs. The fire in my core flared then settled into a molten lava like state. The second my mouth wasn't occupied I moaned, "Yes."

I heard the woman that had asked the question walk away but before I could see if she was my grandmother, a naked man came into view. His fully erect cock dripped pre-cum and his eyes were hooded with lust. While the women kissed, licked, sucked and caressed my body, he positioned himself between my legs. With one powerful thrust, he tore through my barrier and sheathed himself fully inside me. There was a minute of pain after he popped my cherry and I felt like I was going to be split in two the way his rod stretched me. Without giving me time to adjust, he started to pound into me while he whispered in my ear.

One orgasm blended into the next until I lost count and his words still poured into my ears. They were promises and images of orgies and violence danced behind my closed eyes. I was just coming down from my last climax when he finally had his own release and erupted inside of me. His cum filled me to overflowing, the excess dribbling down my thighs, and set my body off in another orgasm.

"Go now and play with your sisters, my sweet," he whispered as he pulled out of me and I whimpered at the loss.

My sisters had dressed me then pulled me to my feet. I joined their singing and giggling then followed when they danced off into the woods. The fire still burned in my body and I still tingled with euphoria. Somehow I knew that this was more than before; that I was finally what I was supposed to be. We stepped out of the trees next to a seedy bar on the highway between Forks and Port Angeles. Lust and rage welled up in me as my sisters led me through the door and I smiled when I thought about all the fun we were about to have.

CPOV (Charlie)

I rushed inside my home hoping to find my daughter then take her to the airport but I froze when I saw who waited for me inside. Marie Swan, my mother, stood naked in her 23 year old body in my living room. In one hand she held a silver chalice which she offered me as she sauntered lithely over to me. This was the day I'd feared since Bella was born; the day she was claimed by her heritage, which was why I never fought Renee for custody when the bitch ran off her all those years ago.

Of its own accord, my mouth opened then drained the wine. Marie's lips crashed into mine passionately. She had me undressed and on my back without breaking it. My cock was rock hard before she impaled herself on it. Time held no meaning as lost myself to the lust and slapping of her flesh against mine. I fully expected to die when I came violently inside the woman that had given birth to me. The same one that had taught me everything I'd ever known about pleasing the fairer sex.

"It is done, she belongs to my lord and me now," she purred before her own climax hit and my world descended into pain and blackness.


I exited my son's house by the backdoor then made my way into the forest. It would not be long before one of his Officers investigated why he never showed up for work in the morning and discover his ripped apart carcass along with that of the unknown girl I used to decorate Bella's room. After the authorities had identified Charlie, they would assume the other pieces belonged to my granddaughter and not bother checking DNA.

A short time later, I entered the bar that I sent the others to. The smells of sex and death caused me to smile as I walked into the unsavory establishment. Blood painted the floor and walls while bits of flesh clung from various surfaces. Bella was still riding the cock of the dead man while she gorged on his torn out heart. Every single inch of her naked body was coated in gore. I laughed as she looked around for her next victim then realized there wasn't one. The others helped her to her feet and we rushed back to our hotel to clean and play with my Cherub. I was proud of how she handled herself and knew she would enjoy being a Maenad and a vessel of Dionysus.