Revelations Chapter 1

Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, and all characters in the -Man Universe do not belong to me. I am merely borrowing them for a while to suit my purpose. If it wasn't clear before, I will reiterate that this is an Allen Walker X Lenalee Lee story. Nothing super lemony….just some overdue conversations.

*This story takes place a little bit after the anime ends and way before the whole Kanda-centric storyline that's currently going on in the manga (not that I don't like Kanda…I him…but he's just not the focus of this particular story). So, this is shortly after the Level 4 is defeated at HQ and General Cross is able to speak with Allen for a moment wherein he lets him know that Allen is the vessel from which the 14th will be reborn. Furthermore, that Allen will eventually be taken over by the 14th and, once that happens, he will kill someone he loves.

Black Order – Asian Branch

"Just what the HELL do you think you're doing? How could you not see that?"

Lenalee slowly pushed herself up from the concrete floor, her arms trembling from fatigue as much as from pain, and slowly got back on her feet.

"Fou-san, you don't have to yell," Lenalee managed to croak out, as she used her sleeve to wipe the blood and spittle from the side of her mouth. Her legs and body sagging, it took all of her remaining strength to lift her head up and look directly at her opponent.

"Hmph! Seems you've got a long road ahead of you so you better get used my yelling, I'll tell you that much!" spat Fou. "Again!"

"That's enough for now," said Branch Chief Bak, as he walked into the arena, clipboard fastidiously in hand. "You two have been at it for 8 hours straight. Lenalee needs to eat and Fou, we're getting completed readings from the repaired Gate… I'd feel better knowing you scanned it for final approval.

"Fine, I'll send my report through to Lab 3 as usual," said Fou. She then turned to face Lenalee. "If you're still here tomorrow, little girl, we'll start again at noon." With that, Fou headed toward the Gate and disappeared into it, leaving spokes of electric charges crawling along the wall in her wake.

"You know, Lenalee, you might stand a better chance with Fou if you activated your Innocence," said Bak, softly.

"Somehow I doubt that," Lenalee said with a smile as she looked at her legs, "but I don't want to train with my Innocence. Not yet. I want to become stronger with just this. Just me. Fou-san is doing her best, so should I. Thank you again, Bak-san, for letting me stay here and train."

Branch Chief Bak pretended to look at something important on his clipboard. He had to. If he made direct eye contact with Lenalee, he would break out into hives and start sweating profusely, especially with her smiling like that. He wouldn't be able to leave the room with any dignity and damned if he was going to embarrass himself like that again. His thoughts returned to when Lenalee arrived a month ago. He knew she was coming and he thought he had prepared himself but as soon as Wong ushered her in, before she could even say a word to him, he stuttered, broke out, and he had to welcome her with his back turned. Humiliating. It seemed to get a little better as the days passed but he never knew when she'd turn that smile on him, or touch his arm, or surprise him by sharing a meal in his office. He could barely get anything done those days.

"Ahem. It's nothing, Lenalee-san. I'm glad we can be of some help to you. Just don't push yourself too hard."

"I don't have too much time, Bak-san. It won't be long before nii-san becomes suspicious, so I have to make sure to maximize every minute of every day that I'm here."

"You don't need to remind me of that, Lenalee-san," replied Bak with a nervous chuckle as he felt a little chill run though his body. When he received the letter from Lenalee a few months ago, after his initial head-spinning, heart-pounding reaction, he calmly read her request to stay and train at the Asian Branch… but without Komui's knowledge. Though he was resistant to hiding anything from Komui, he knew Lenalee's request wouldn't be approved if she went through appropriate channels. Her letter was so sincere as well as adamant that, in the end, he affirmed her wishes. He didn't tell anyone, however, that he felt slightly vindicated from that time Komui refused to let him see Lenalee while she was recovering in the medical ward. The nerve of that guy setting up a gauntlet AND a blockade! But this was bigger than whatever irksome feelings he had that day. Lenalee's goals were genuine and he would do his best to help her because he saw the bigger scheme of things. He had faith that helping her would also help her fellow Exorcists. "I am fully aware of the tenuous situation you're in. However, when you do return to your brother, I would like you to be in one piece."

"I understand, Bak-san," replied Lenalee as she finished brushing herself off, "I'll go get cleaned up and have some dinner. Are you going to have a meal as well?"

"Ah, no, no, I've too much to do. Besides, I already ate. Please go on. Get some rest."

Lenalee nodded and walked slowly to the showers through the back corridors as Bak continued to wave her off until well after she rounded the corner. She had always thought Bak-san seemed a bit flighty at times but, when it came down to it, she had full confidence in his leadership abilities as well as his intellectual prowess. He had proven himself over and over again and she truly was grateful that he allowed her this time here. He was risking much for her but she was hoping her plan would go through without a hitch. If not, she would have a lot of explaining to do; to more people than just her brother. As these thoughts ran through her mind, she suddenly felt a presence behind her. She continued to walk nonchalantly but then turned around quickly without warning. It was then that she caught a young face peering out from behind a column which quickly pulled back with a small squeak when she made eye contact.

"Hello? There's no need to be shy. I would like to meet you," implored Lenalee. She had felt this presence before soon after she arrived but thought it was just general curiosity one of Bak-san's staff. But it had gone on long enough now.

A petite young girl who wore braids, glasses, and a lab coat slowly stepped out from behind the column. "Sumimasen!" shouted the girl as she bowed. "I just didn't know when it would be a good time to…um…I am Lou Fa, I'm an apprentice at the science department here."

Lenalee walked up to the flustered girl and extended her hand. "My name is Lenalee. I think I remember your face from a while ago but I regret we were never formally introduced. I am glad to finally meet you. "

Lou Fa had overheard Wong talk to custodial staff about an Exorcist who would be coming to visit the Branch. She also heard that the person was from the Headquarters. She was hoping to get some news about Walker-san. No one at the Asian Branch save Chief Bak had seen him and he wasn't very forthcoming with information since the Exorcists had all returned on the Ark. There had been so many injuries then; all she wanted to know was if Walker-san was well. What she wasn't expecting was to be met with such a warm and sincere smile. She began to blush as she looked up into Lenalee lovely face, only just noticing the small cuts and bruises on her cheek and jaw. Comes with the job, Lou Fa supposed. She noted that Lenalee was also quite taller than she looked from a distance.

"Um…nice to meet you, too, Lenalee-san. Ano…"

"Is there something I can help you with, Lou Fa-chan?" prompted Lenalee, feeling she should give Lou Fa a helpful nudge.

Lou Fa blushed even more furiously. She was being addressed so comfortably and sweetly for having just met someone. There weren't very many other girls or women she knew well, especially in the science department. She had become accustomed to working with and being around men, mostly, and therefore being somewhat detached, but this felt like a refreshing change. She decided that she would welcome and return Lenalee's comfortable attitude.

"Lenalee-san, you're visiting from main Headquarters?"

"Oh…yes, I am," replied Lenalee hesitantly, she needed to make sure to do better in keeping her presence here known to a minimum number of people.

"Do you happen to know an Exorcist named Allen Walker?"

At the mention of his name, Lenalee's expression changed abruptly but she caught it in time and smiled again. "Yes, I do. He's a good friend of mine."

"Well, I just wanted to know if Walker-san was doing all right. I haven't seen him in a few months and I know there were some injuries when everyone returned with the Ark. But then there was an attack on Headquarters and all I know is that a Level 4 akuma was defeated and there were casualties but I still haven't heard the details…beyond gossip and rumors."

"So, you wanted the facts, is that it?"

"Yes, if it's okay."

"You must be a good scientist, Lou Fa-chan."

"Oh no…I'm just an apprentice…I don't do anything important…"

"Well, I was just going to wash up and then get something to eat. Would you like to join me for dinner? We can chat all you want."

"Really? I mean, sure! I just finished my shift so some beef noodle soup sounds good!"

"That does sound good. And I know this may be strange but would you mind eating with me in my room? I will ask Wong if he can bring beef noodle soup for both of us. I just feel more comfortable there."

"Oh…well, I guess that's fine. Sometimes I eat in the lab because it's just easier and it's the most comfortable place for me besides my own room, so I understand."

"Great! I'm staying in the room on the lowest level, Hall D, the one next to the filing closet. Meet me there in 20 minutes?"

"Um, okay. But why is Lenalee-san…."

"Now I know Lou Fa-chan must be a great scientist because all great scientists ask a lot of questions, ne?" Lenalee said as she laughed.

"Huh? Oh, sorry…yeah, I guess I'm being trained well," giggled Lou Fa, twirling one of her braids as she was wont to do when embarrassed. "I'll see you in 20 minutes."

Lenalee nodded and headed toward the private showers used by the head staff. Having someone to chat with about home might be good for her. All she could do for the past month was think about everyone at home and how much she missed them. Maybe sharing some stories and getting to know someone better at this Branch would alleviate some of her homesickness. But Lou Fa would want to talk about Allen-kun, she realized, and that wasn't going to be easy. At the mention of his name moments before, Lenalee's pulse quickened and she could feel the heat rise to her face. As she squelched her physical reaction, she still felt pulled apart knowing that she had left headquarters without saying a word to him. But he was doing his best to avoid her and it hurt too much to look for someone who wanted nothing to do with her.

To Be Continued