Ameeyna/Amy is 59 and The Doctor is 61 (10&12)

This is the first day of a new 'term' at the academy so everyone is just getting to know everyone. Jasna is Amy's BF and Koschei (as some of the older readers will remember) is The Master. This is set before they look into the vortex and Koschei goes crazy. R&R people!

Amy and Jasna hurried down the corridors of the academy. "We're gonna be late!" Jasna yelled over her shoulder.

"Oh, who cares?" Amy yelled back. They rounded the corner and tore into the classroom. The teacher wasn't there, and they quickly slipped into the only empty seats. Two boys, around their age, turned to face them.

"Hey. I'm the Doctor and this is Koschei." Theta smiled at the girls. His brown hair sparkling slightly. "What are your names?"
"Jasna and Ameeyna." Jasna answered and Amy groaned.

"Just call us Jaz and Amy. It saves the hassle. Doctor. Weird name."

"Thanks." the Doctor's voice dripped with sarcasm. "It's my nick name. No one knows my real name. By the way, nice names." Koschei smiled at them. "You guys looked into the Vortex yet?"
"No. My parents say it shouldn't be long though. They're going to see if they can speed the teaching up." Amy smiled at them, tucking her red hair behind her ear.

"You're parents don't have the power to do that."

"Yes they do. My mother's the Priestess and my Father's the Counsellor." Koschei's mouth fell open and Amy smirked. The Doctor rolled his eyes slightly and Jaz laughed.

"Yeah. Needless to say she's never had a boyfriend!"
"Urgh! Who need them? Besides, I'm only 59. I have plenty of time."

"You're 159?" the Doctor asked. "I'm 161!"

"No way!" It was pretty rare to find someone within 30 years of your age. When you did, you became pretty much inseparable.

"How old are you Jaz?" Koschei asked her.


"I'm 150. " Koschei shrugged and sat down at the desk as the teacher entered. He was an elderly man, at least 2001. He had silver grey hair with wire-rimmed spectacles. He rambled through the roll call with not much interest.

"Roberso, Koschei?"


"Doctor, The?"

"It's the Doctor." this earned him a hard stare of the professor. "Present."
"Tamfi, Jasna?"

He raised his eyebrows when he got to Amy. "Umanuar, Ameeyna?"
"Present." she shrank down in her wooden seat as everyone turned to look at her. Their eyes wide in wonder.

As soon as the class was over Amy raced out of the building and hid behind a clump of trees. She screamed as the Doctor dropped down beside he. "Hey. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"What do you want?" she pushed him lightly, but he fell over where he'd been precariously balanced on the balls of his feet.

"I dunno. Thought I'd give you company." they sat in silence for a while, until the Doctor coughed awkwardly. "So. Your parents. Nice."

"Yeah. And no, they won't change any rules to help you."

"Wasn't going to ask actually. Your lucky. My father is in the forces. My mother works in the counsel chamber. She's a counsellor too, just not as important obviously. You should come and meet them." the Doctor seemed to perk up at this.

"I wouldn't be allowed, sorry." the Doctor's face fell. "Not until my parents had met you first." She quickly added. "Why don't you come now? My parents say I need more friends." the Doctor grinned up at her.



Amy led the Doctor down thee streets of the Citadel. He tried to take everything in. People of his...background...didn't normally come to this part of Gallifrey. Amy led him up to one of the largest houses before letting herself in. "Mother?" she called out as she stepped into a pristine hallway. The walls were painted white with a royal red carpet. There were portraits of family members on the walls and the five doors downstairs where made of expensive wood. A woman with blaming locks appeared out of one of the doors.

"Ah, Ameeyna. I was wondering what happened to you." she still wore her red and gold counsel robes and her piercing gaze travelled over Amy to the Doctor. "Ameeyna, dear. Who is this?"

"This is my friend the Doctor. He does not tell anyone his real name." the Doctor noticed that Amy's grammar had become a lot more pronounced and that she used 'fuller' words.

"Ma'am." he bowed his head, making a mental note to ask her about it later.

"Ah. I know you. You're Mother is a counsellor." the Doctor nodded.

"Mother, where's Father?"

"Upstairs. You must introduce your friend to him." Amy nodded and almost dragged the Doctor up

the stairs. The second floor was pretty much like the first. As they reached the top they almost ran into Amy's dad.

"Ameeyna! Slow down!" he had red hair too but not as vibrant.

"Sorry Father. Father, this is the Doctor." They ran through the explanations about his name again before Amy shoved him into her room. "I am so sorry about all that." She breathed, leaning heavily on her bedroom door. Have a seat." the Doctor sank down onto one of Amy's comfy chairs and surveyed her room. It was painted a water blue with one large set of double windows on one wall. Maps and posters cluttered most of the wall space and two doors let to what he presumed was the en suite and wardrobe.

"No problem. You have a really nice room. Better than mine."

"Thanks. It's been this way since I was born. Well, the furniture and posters have changed. The maps haven't though."

"Got any games?" the two played with each for the rest of the seventeen terms (and we complain about 4!) at the academy. Although Amy's parents disapproved of her being the Doctor's friend, they couldn't do anything about it. Yet.

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