Ahem. Anyway. Wedding day! Or the Gallifreyan version anyway. Long chapter to say sorry.

Amy awoke in a bed that deffinatley wasn't hers. It was too soft and the pillows were too fluffy. They were almost suffocating her. Rolling over she found herself staring at a pale green silk dress. She really couldn't help the massive smile spread across her face, the type which makes your cheeks hurt after a while . She jumped from the bed and snatched the dress from the chair, it rustled slightly she she moved it. She draped it over her bed, gave it one longing look before going for a shower.

She found that someone had laid out some soaps and a fresh towel. When she came to using the soaps she found them rather...odd. The bars were slippery and changed colours in the light and they didn't smell of anything. In fact, they only made her skin feel even softer.

When she emerged with the warm towel around her, she found Chiara sitting on the edge of her bed fondling the dress. "Are you ready? She looked up at the girl, a smile playing on her features.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Amy hastily removed the bath robe so the dress could be slipped over her head. There were no straps and it showed only a small percentage of the chest. It clung to her like glue as Chiara adjusted it. The dress made her curves more pronounced and her hair look even brighter. Chiara steered her into a chair and began to sort Amy's hair as Amy herself slipped on a pair of emerald pumps. Following the woman's instructions, Amy closed her eyes.

Her memory flashed back to when her and the Doctor had first met. Him and his quirky smile, his floppy hair too.

Looking back, Amy could see that her parents had hated the Doctor from the first day they'd met him. But he'd tried so hard to impress them, get them to like him. Amy wasn't sure she deserved someone as wonderful as him.

She smiled, imagining what he'd have to say about that. I'll have to mention it to him after. She thought. After. He stomach dropped at that. In a few hours they'd be partners. Mates. There'd be no turning back if this turned out to be a mistake.

"Are you okay child?"

"Yes, yes. Just, nervous." Amy smiled slightly, the smile broadening as she opened her eyes. Her hair seemed to shine even brighter and it was now plaited into a bun.

"You ready?" Amy nodded and took Chiara's arm. She led her down the stairs, checking to see if the boys had already left. When she was sure they had, she walked Amy out of the house and down the street. Amy had smiled at the people who'd stopped to watch, but was highly glad when they were into the mountains. They followed a dirt path leading up to a pool of lilac water, a low marble wall running round the edge of the pool. In front of it stood the Sacerdote, wearing a red robe with a gold headdress. Behind the pool stood the Doctor and his father.

"Because Ameeyna Umanuar has no parents, her guardian will preform the blessing." the Sacerdote stood aside, allowing Chiara to lead Amy to the pool. She sat the girl on the edge, Amy's feet in the water. She herself climbed into the pool and scooped up a handful of water trickling it over Amy's head and her closed eyes . The water dried as soon as it touched her skin. It was strangely cooling and refreshing.

"Ameeyna's soul is pure. Her hearts are strong and her love is confident. Her love for the Doctor is pure and just." as she spoke, Chiara kept her eyes shut and continued to sprinkle water over Amy's

body. "She loves him, adores him, belongs to him." she opened her eyes, pulling Amy to her feet. She slowly led Amy across the pool, the Sacerdote following around the edge of the wall. "She belongs to him in way of love not possession." She stopped Amy infront of the Doctor, she herself stepping from the water to her sons side, taking Amy's hand and the Doctor's in her own. "As the wall separates the proposed, is separates their households and their love." Amy realised this as her cue to step over the wall, and as she did so her hand was placed into the Doctor's. "As the wall is left behind her, she leaves her past behind her. She joins the Doctor for life, eternity and in both body and soul and mind."

The Sacerdote took their other hand in his, Chiara stepping back to join her partner.

"Then by the law, love and the power granted upon me, I unite the spirit and lives of these two Time Lords. And for the rest of eternity, they are pronounced Vyras and Zomona." he placed the Doctors palm to Amy's and the Doctor intertwined their fingers on both hands. On their fourth finger on their left hand, a mark of a wedding band blurred into shape. When the blues and golds had settled, the Doctor brought his hand to the base of her neck, the other on the waist. He pulled her towards him and gently pressed his lips to hers. Amy gout feel a buzzing in her head and, slowly, she began to feel the Doctor. Not physically, but mentally. Numi Tiar Kui'La Amy couldn't help but jump slightly as the Doctors voice rang loud and clear in her head. When they pulled away, Chiara was crying. Amy, on the other hand couldn't stop smiling.

Luckily, the impending doom that wasn't far off, was beyond their knowledge. Or the knowledge of what was to come and what was to be lost, would have set them all crying.


Amy blinked back into existence. Her head was resting on the Doctor's bare chest, his arms wrapped round her. "Wow." Amy didn't need to look at the Doctor to know that he was awake. Partly because she could feel it through their bond, partly just because.


"Didn't think you had it in you."

"Yea-hey!" Amy finally raised her head to look up into the Doctor's eyes. They were smiling and caring and all the other feeling in the world. Well, the nice ones anyway.

"Damn. Nearly got ya."

"Really? Bet I can get you."

"What? Okay, I think I've lost you." Amy frowned, sifting through his thoughts but found nothing.

Believe me, your going to wish you had. Amy frowned at him before a half dark, half mischievous look crossed the doctors face. The smile faded from Amy's face as he finally showed her and she scooted towards the edge of the bed, not wanting what was coming.

"You wouldn't dare!" she hissed at him.

"Do we really need to go over this?" he asked, crawling towards her. That was enough for Amy. She jumped from the bed, running from the bedroom. She'd have run from the house given half a chance, but she wasn't wearing any cloths and didn't want to risk more embarrassment. Also because the Doctor had locked and was refusing to give her the key.

She ran through the kitchen, ending up in the living room. She picked up a pillow, unsure what she was going to do with it. She opted for throwing it at her floppy haired partner as he poked his head round the door. Now now. No weapons.He grinned, advancing towards her.

Really? Well you don't seem to mind this. Amy backed up as far as possible, shortly realising that she'd backed into the corner. Damn it! The Doctor still didn't stop walking. He was walking slowly now, but fast enough so he could catch Amy if she decided to make a break for it. Please!

You're not actually begging are you?

Doctor! Please!

Too late. With that he pounced on her, pinning her to the carpet, working his fingers under her arms and into her sides, any place that she was sensitive. He giggles escalated into pure laughter, ending in shrieks. Somehow, he managed to keep her pinned to the carpet only using his legs. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get away from him.

After a few minutes, the Doctor evidently decided that he'd had enough of torturing his wife and rolled off her, pulling her to him. "Now, what have we learnt?"

"You're an evil git." she muttered, poking him in the chest.

"Well." he grinned.

"And to never take the mic out of you."

"Wise thing to remember, that."

"Almost there, Sir." she shadows flickered and the clawed hand flexed over the arm of the chair.

"Good. I'm hungry."

Okay, so not as long as I'd hoped :S