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One Step Closer

After he left Blair's he had slowly made his way back to the Underworld. He had passed Charon without even a nod. Cerberus didn't get anything either, which he was sure annoyed the beast and he was sure that Cerberus would ignore him later.

He paused as he began to move up the stairs to his palace. He could go up there and just sit on his throne. Or do something else.


It was then that he realized he didn't want to have a distraction from all the thoughts that were confusingly moving around in his mind. That in and of itself was something he almost couldn't handle. It would be easier, much easier to loose himself in something or someone, but the thought of doing that to Blair didn't sit well inside of him and he couldn't quite pinpoint why that was.

Perhaps it was what she had said about if he does something she will. Did that mean if he was with another woman she would be with another man? That had to be what she meant.

When the thought of her with another man entered his thoughts he realized how much worse the anger and blackness that consumed him was then it had been before. Was it because she was now married to him? Or was it because she was his?

Was she?

She was his wife and therefore was his. But this was Blair.

Blair had so much power, intelligent, beauty and love.

The power was evident in the way she carried herself. She not only had power that came from being a Goddess, but she also had power over people. Over him.

Her intelligence was the way she handled a conversation. Her wit of course was included in that aspect of her. He quite enjoyed having conversations with her. Even when they didn't disagree. He smiled, especially when they didn't disagree. To see that fire came out, to hear her express things in such a vivid manner.

Of course she was beautiful. He had seen many women, had traveled to different places and he knew that she was the most beautiful being he had ever seen. Everything about her was perfect. From her porcelain skin, to her full red lips to her dark locks cascading down her back. And her looks. Sometimes it was simply her raising her eyebrow, other times it was the slight curve of her lips.

The last word came to his mind. Love. He knew she had it because of the way she was with her Mother and Serena. It was quite obvious. But after them…with him…shaking his head he pulled himself from those thoughts and stared at the door in front of him.

That was then that he knew he needed to stay away from his palace for a bit. He slowly reversed and began walking through the Fields of Asphodel. He could hear the murmuring of the different stories. There were those who he knew would end up in Tartarus while others he was sure would get to go to the Elysium. Some were ones who he could tell would try to stick around. Waiting.

He could never understand what they were waiting for. There was no point, once gone you were gone. Why be bothered with holding on when you were either forced to leave or others left you.

That brought the conversation that he had with Blair in regards to the silly bride who refused to move on to the front of his mind. He paused and looked through the souls searching to find the bride. It did not take long to do so, she was still there waiting. Blair had felt pity for the two. The bride who was down here torn away from her soon to be husband and her husband.

Where was the husband?

Had he remained faithful still living his life?

Had he died?

Would he have stayed with…loneliness?

"But being by yourself and being lonely are two different things."

Her words weaved their way through his thoughts. Being by oneself versus being lonely. What was the difference? Did it matter? Being here alone was he lonely?

Shaking his mind from that depressing thought he once more returned to the idea of people leaving. Blair was so confident about having people stay by your side. Who had ever stayed by his side? Who had ever returned?


That was the only answer that came to him.

As he came to the crossroads he looked both ways before retreating to Tartarus. It wasn't long before he came to his usual spot. He sat down on the hillside and allowed his thoughts to wonder.

Chuck wasn't sure what to think about anymore. Everything was so off right now. He had everything just the way he wanted, or so he thought. Ever since that night when Blair had come to him he expected everything would just fall into place. She was his wife, and when she had come it was as if she had accepted.

She accepted.

The way his Father had taught him was that when you were married the wife listened to the husband. She obeyed him without question.

Had he really thought about that in regards to Blair?

He still remembered when he had first seen her. It was the spark inside her that captured his attention. She seemed calm and quite cool on the exterior, but on the inside she wasn't. That had been one of the things that he first loved…he shook his head. It was one of the first things that he had immensely enjoyed about her. He frowned that didn't fit right, but he really didn't feel comfortable with that first word.

He looked at the dark recesses of Tartarus. It still soothed him to be here. To watch as the darkness swirled in itself. Looking off in the distance he could just barely see the Elysium Fields. Looking at the contrasting differences was not hard to see with the two places. And yet they co-existed perfectly.

"Think about how it was when we were down there together, the two of us."

How it was when they were both down here?

She wanted to leave him. Although there were times were she seemed quite content. Were those times that he was imaging it? No he didn't believe that. She seemed content, not completely happy but not miserable either. And when he let her go…

So how was it when she was down here with both of them together?

"…then consider how you are here and now."

How was he different between the two places?

Once more he let his thoughts wonder. It wasn't but a few minutes later when it fell into place. He, like when he first met her, treated her like his equal. Up there he was ordering her around. And once the thought was there he couldn't believe that he hadn't seen it before. Although perhaps he just didn't want to?


Blair as his equal.

Chuck didn't consider many to be his equal. In fact he doubted many could. It was true he had a…friendship, if you could call it that with Eric and Nate.

Blair as his equal.

He let that settle into his thoughts as he realized that he indeed liked that idea. After all hadn't he chosen her to be his Queen? To rule down here at his side?

Chuck had indeed done so and he didn't regret it.

The God of the Underworld remained sitting for a few minutes more before standing up to go back to his palace. As he did he realized that he had not entirely been facing Tartarus, rather he had been sitting so that he could see both, though he was closer to Tartarus he couldn't help but see that the Elysium Fields had been kept in his sight. Before placing another thought on that he turned and headed back to his palace.

Blair silently made her way out the front door. Her Mother was still sleeping, which was odd but since it left Blair to her own devices she didn't really mind. As she stepped out into the bright day she took a deep breathe and felt herself relax just a bit more. Looking around she saw the flowers were all in bloom among the emerald grass.

Moving slowly she made her way to the trees. As of yet she hadn't seen any nymphs, but that really didn't mean they weren't out there.

She glanced down at her light blue toga and wondered what Chuck would think of what she was wearing. She still couldn't believe that he had ordered her not to wear clothes like these. It was what she wore normally so there really wasn't an issue in wearing it now.

A bird flew up and settled on a branch of a tree in front of her. It was a well grown tree. Gently she touched the tree and reached into the very essence of its being. It was alive and soaking in the food from the sun. As she released the tree she looked at the sun and thought of Serena. She really hadn't seen her in a while and she missed her terribly.

Besides the last couple of times they had spoken it ended a bit abruptly. Serena assumed the worst of Chuck, which to be honest she could understand why. However, trying to explain that to Serena was pointless. She highly doubted that she would be able to get it across that although Chuck was who he was, with her it was different.

Looking around she decided that she was going to go and visit Serena. It couldn't be that hard, besides if she was having an issue she could just as easily ask Eric. She realized that if she didn't leave her Mother with some information about where she was going she would end up losing it and blaming Chuck.

She quickly moved back to the house and went in as quietly as she could. Once inside she confirmed that her Mother had not risen. Writing quickly she placed the note on the table before she hurriedly left the house.

As she moved further away she realized that she was relaxing just a bit more. Surely if she was gone from this safe area around her house her Mother would relax and just want for her to come back. Though she wasn't sure if her Mother was calm enough for that; in fact Blair figured her Mother would still try to follow or cause some disturbance. And yet even with that thought Blair couldn't find it in herself to head back.

She wanted to see Serena and she was going to. She was grown after all, she was not a child. And besides that she was technically married and Queen of the Underworld. Did Queens sit and wait for their Mother to give them permission to do anything? No. Blair had done that her whole life. That changed now.

A slight frown appeared as she realized that this newfound freedom had come from Chuck. That whatever exactly it was she had with him had caused her to be able to step up and do so. He had helped give her this. Set her free in more than just one way.

Did that mean she had to do what he said she did?


She would not give up one set of chains only to be surrounded by another. If he did continue to act in that ridiculous way he did yesterday then he would definitely be mistaken.

She knew the moment she stepped off the haven that surrounded their house. The grass was still green, but not as green as theirs. The colors weren't dull however their brilliance was not like their flowers, their trees.

Blair paused as she came across a small tree. It looked…sad. Reaching down she touched it and felt for the life essence in the small tree. Just as the size of the tree was tiny the essence inside of it was barely flickering. Glancing up she saw the sun spreading its gentle rays. She helped the tree pull in the rays, allowing it to be fed. She helped the tree pull in the energy down to its' very core, far out to the tips of its branches. As she was doing so she could feel the tree feel more alive. The flicker of life that was tiny only moments ago was now a small flame.

Small, but growing.

Blair knew that it would need more than just the sun's energy to help this tree. Reaching down to the roots she felt the soil for the moisture. And that was where she felt the pause. There was a rock in the way, but on the other side there was liquid. Frowning Blair tried to think of a way around the rock. The ground around the tree wasn't dry so somehow it was reaching the water. Helping the roots they sought out an area of soil next to the rock where it then was able to pull water in. Hungrily it drank.

When Blair's hand left the tree she could tell that the tree was a little bit stronger, a little bit taller.

Smiling with her success Blair turned and got back on the path that was leading her away. She would have to come and check on the progress of the tree. She truly did care about what happened to this tree and hoped that it would become as glorious as those in the woods around her house were.

Once more Blair began her journey to Serena. She hadn't gotten far when Eric appeared in front of her. "Eric?" Though it was true that she was happy to see him because she could ask him where Serena might be, she was also weary since her Mother could have enlisted his help.

"Blair? Whatever are you doing here? Should you not be at home?"

"I am going to see Serena."

"Oh. I see."

"What are you doing here?"

"I am going to speak to your Mother."

Blair raised her eyebrow, "Is this for another meeting regarding me?"

He looked confused as he shook his head, "It is a gathering Nathaniel is having. He wishes for all to attend."

"Then by all means, inform my Mother. Perhaps she will attend."

"You will not go?"

"I will go. Where and when is it?"

"In a few nights, at Mount Olympus of course."

Of course." Blair turned back to the direction she had come from and then looked at Eric, "I must be going." He nodded and started to leave when Blair realized that she still didn't know where Serena was. "Eric, wait."

He stopped and turned towards her, "Is there something I can help you with?"

The messenger god truly looked puzzled so Blair took a step towards him, "Would you assist me in finding Serena? I have not been to her place before."

"Because she always visited you," She didn't want to answer that and was quite glad when he continued. "Of course. I do believe she is in her own house today. I'll bring you there."

"Thank you."

Eric once more took Blair and together the two moved through the air. It did not take long to get to land, then again that was part of Eric's powers, he moved more swiftly than anyone else.

When he placed her down he looked at her, "Can I be of any other assistance?"

She quickly looked around and spotted a dwelling in the middle of the valley, "I have it from here, thank you."

He nodded and left quickly.

Blair turned back and began moving towards Serena's dwelling. She did hope that Serena was there by herself, she honestly wasn't sure what she would do if one of Serena's many guys were there.

As she moved through the field she saw how beautiful the whole place was. Her house was in the middle of a green valley that was nestled in between mountains. The trees were in groups scattered throughout the valley. There were many beautiful flowers, bright, colorful ones. And there was a lake off to the right side of the house.

It was simply breathtaking.

Blair knew it had to do with more than just the view; it was the feeling that surrounded the dwelling. She took her time walking through the grass, flowers and trees. She stopped a few times and felt the essence that the different plants had.

Finally she made it to Serena's door. She quietly knocked and waited for her friend to answer the door.

After a few minutes Blair frowned and realized that had to mean that no one was there. Sighing she turned and began to head away from the house unsure as to what she wanted to do now.


Turning around she saw Serena standing in the doorway a white toga covering her form and her golden hair which you could tell she had just gotten out of bed.

"Serena, have I woken you?"

A smile broke across Serena's face, "You came here! Please come in, I did just wake up, but…I am glad you are here."

Glad that it was not awkward or embarrassing Blair moved into the house after Serena. The inside had a magical sense to it to. She went and sat down on one of the couches still looking at the items all around her.

Serena sat down beside her and offered her a glass of nectar, "I am sorry I did not answer right away. I was not expecting anyone today; though I am quite happy that you did indeed come."

Blair looked into Serena's eyes, "I have missed speaking with you. I have missed your visits."

Her friend's forehead creased, "I did not think you wished to speak to me after what we last said…"

Blair remembered the fight they had over Chuck. Just thinking about him caused her to wonder what he was doing and where he was. Pushing aside that current thought she shrugged, "I did not think that warranted a time apart do you?"

A huge smile followed by a quick nod told Blair that Serena did indeed agree. It was a couple of minutes before she spoke up, "May I speak freely?"

"You may always speak freely."

"It is about…Charles."

"What about him?"

"I just…I heard something about the two of you…"

"Serena will you just ask whatever it is you are wishing to ask?"

"Right, of course." Serena frowned a bit and looked down. It took her another minute before she spoke again, "It's just you're married."

"Yes I am."

"Doesn't that…bother you?"

Frowning Blair contemplated that question. Did it bother her that she had been married? Being married wasn't the issue; the way it had been done…that was not something she had liked. Though she didn't really think there was anything to be done about it. Blair looked at her friend and answered truthfully, "Being married is not the issue. I do wish that things were done differently in regards with how it was done. I just don't see any other way."

Serena tilted her head, "Surely you aren't going to stay married are you?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's just, he forced you to be married; he kidnapped you. I do not see how you would want to stay with him?"

Blair felt her anger start to build up momentarily before she realized that Serena was not judging, but was curious. Blair glanced out the window and sighed, "I don't know how to explain it Serena."

As she looked back at her friend Serena's mouth dropped open, "You love him!"

Looking all over the room Blair shook her head, "Serena!"

"It makes sense now. You were not angry with him. He let you go. He. Let. You. Go."

"I'm not a child Serena. There is no need to speak like that."

"Blair don't you realize?"


"You were different. There was just something different about you. I couldn't place it. You told me he let you go and remember I assumed that he had vilely used you, which you told me he hadn't. I remember being so upset and I went and spoke to him—"

"You spoke to him?"

"About you. I was very upset with him. I told Chuck that it was wrong what he had done. He was acting odd especially when I asked him if he had hurt you. He was most upset at that thought. I didn't think about it until just now. He loves you."

Shaking her head Blair stood up and walked to the window, "I do not know what you are speaking of. You should not have gone to him." Even though she said it she could not help but feel comforted with the fact that Serena had gone out of her way to try and look out for her."

"I do not think he wanted me there either. Not as though I wanted to be there…" Serena trailed off and before long Blair felt her hand on her shoulder, "You do love him don't you?"

Finally Blair turned around, "I do not understand the complexity of emotions I feel for him. I do not know how to explain it."

Serena grasped Blair's hands and together they turned in a few circles, "But it is a good thing that you have found love."

She stopped moving causing Serena to frown, "A good thing? He is frustrating and selfish."

Blair moved away from Serena and sat back down once more on the couch. He was frustrating because since she had come back she didn't know what was going on between the two of them and yet being with him was very familiar. Perhaps it had been the months spent as his prisoner.


Though she knew that was what she had been since he would not let her leave, it was still different. There was something about it…something about him…Had she fallen for him because she was his prisoner?


She knew without a doubt it had nothing to do with that. She did love him, but at the same time he caused her such frustration. And besides that he was selfish, telling her what she needed to do. Treating her like any nymph that he had been with. All of her anger must have been showing on her face because it caused Serena to pull her into a hug, "Blair, I am so sorry. It is hard to love someone like that."

At first Blair bridled at her comment but then she relaxed realizing the comfort her friend was trying to give her. Once she realized she accepted and returned the hug. Would it be so bad to talk to Serena about him? Keeping her thoughts and feelings to herself wasn't exactly getting her anywhere. And trying to maintain a distance from Chuck when she just wanted to be with him would better be helped if she was distracted.


By fully learning all of her duties as a Goddess. It had been something she had wanted to do for such a long time. Her Mother had kept her away from it, tending to flowers, not reaching what she could be. She was not only a Goddess but a Queen and Queens excel and are respected.

This thought did appeal to her, but no reason she couldn't also spend time with Serena. Serena who had been there for her. She could speak to Serena. Pulling away she looked Serena in the eyes, "None of this may ever leave here, is that understood?"

"Yes of course."

"I do not want any of your admirers to know, Dan, Carter, none of them."

"It will not leave this house. Nor will I share with others in this house."

Smiling Blair nodded, "Good."

"So what is to happen with you?"

The two Goddesses sat down on the couch, "What did you hear exactly?"

"I heard you were married to Chuck because Nathaniel had given permission. And that he forced you to eat seeds so you must return there."

"That is all you heard?"

"That is all I heard."

"You are right about Nathaniel. He essentially gave Chuck permission to take me. Since my Father is gone Nathaniel takes that place, so in all sense I am married. Though I do wish there could have been some sort of celebration."

"But you do not regret marrying him?"


"Complicated?" Serena frowned for a minute before she continued, "What about the seeds? Did he really force you to eat them?"

"No. He did not. He did keep wanting me to eat food for a long time, however, the seeds…eating the seeds…it was my idea."

Blair watched Serena's face intensely waiting for her to start judging, to start thinking less of Blair. Instead she stared off out the window for a couple of minutes before she spoke, "Your idea?"

Nodding she looked down, "I ate them. Chuck told me I was free to go. I was leaving but I…I couldn't."

"So he did let you go?"
Exhaling sharply she stared at her friend, "Yes Serena, he let me go. Can we pass that point?"

"I'm sorry Blair, it's just….letting you go is huge. He didn't have to. No one could really force him. Nathaniel certainly wasn't doing anything, though I thought he was." Blair watched as a small frown appeared on Serena's face before she shook her head slightly and refocused on Blair, "If he let you go then it means that he does love you!"

"Even if it does indeed mean that I would much rather hear it from him."

"Have you told him how you feel?"

"How I feel?"

"It's quite obvious that you love him too. You ate the seeds so that you could remain with him."

"Serena, I…I never said I did that."

"Fine. Why did you eat the seeds?"

"I told you that he frustrates me to no end. Why would that mean I am in love with him?"

Blair glanced uneasily around the room, she hadn't felt his presence but she wondered if perhaps he would just show up one day and she wouldn't realize it. Serena, having finally found a reply, spoke up, "Being frustrated does not mean you can not love someone. And I think you do. In our past conversations we've had since you have been back you have…supported him. It's as though you see something that we can't see. And you were asking about love and I'm sure it's because you're completely in love with him."

"Perhaps I should leave."

"Do not leave just yet. Besides what is it that I have said that offends you? If you truly have no feelings of love for Chuck tell me and I will leave this be."

Blair looked at her hands in her lap before looking into Serena's eyes, "I do wish to change subjects."

Serena's shoulders fell slightly, "Very well."

For the rest of their conversation they spoke about Blair learning her powers, Serena's many suitors and a few other inconsequential items. Before time slipped much more away from Blair she bid Serena good bye and headed back to her home.

Instead of hurrying back to her house she decided to take a longer route. The sun was shining brightly and she wanted to see more of the flowers and trees that were spread out among the outer part of their land. It was quite glorious walking through the woods, the sun shining down through the leaves, while the flowers drank up the light as much as they could.

She went a slightly different way then when she had left earlier. The way she had come had an open field with some trees here and there with flowers springing their way into being. This way led her through the woods. Some places had a few more trees, while others were a bit sparse so you could see further. Though one thing she liked about this was that if you were looking out you could see but those looking in would have a harder time.

The young Goddess could tell that the sun was shining brightly still though only some rays were making in through the areas where the leaves did not cover the sky.

It wasn't long before she realized that she someone else was there. Pausing she reached out to touch the trunk of a true when she realized who it was.

"Chuck, what are you doing here?"

"I just came by to see you."

Turning around she looked in the area she had heard his voice come from, "To see me? Or to order me around?"

"Hmm…interesting combination."

Blair folded her arms, "Show yourself."

Instead of seeing someone in front of her she felt his lips brush her shoulder. Then his finger slowly made its way down her arm as he circled to the front of her. "I am here."

"Have you thought about what we spoke about?"

"Blair, must we? Right now?"

"And what else are we to do?"

He brushed his lips slowly against hers. She had a moment to decide if she should pull away or if she should stay. His lips felt so good touching hers and the heat began coursing through her body. Deciding quickly she moved her arms around him and pulled him closer.

As the kiss deepened he moved her against the tree that she had previously touched. Their lips moved together perfectly as though they were the only ones that knew this dance. One of his hands slid down from her arm and landed just slightly down from her waist while the other one moved towards her hair. He weaved his fingers in her curls and moved even closer.

She pulled slowly away from the kiss eliciting a glare from him. "You do know that if my Mother were to find you here, things would not go well."

Moving his lips down to her shoulder he began to place kisses to her neck, "You know that I do not especially care. She has no power over me."

"Perhaps not, however I must point out that she does have influence over me while I am up here."

"So don't stay."

She stiffened for a few seconds until she realized that he was joking, although she is certain that a part of him might agree with that. "I can not be away from the sun for so long, I will miss it."

His lips quickly returned to hers and the two began to kiss in fervor. After a while it felt as though she couldn't get enough. She pulled herself closer to him just as he moved closer to her pushing her more against the tree. His hand that was on her waist slowly lowered until it touched right above the knee, where her toga ended. A trail of fire followed his finger as he slowly moved it along he leg and then up.

At that moment Blair realized exactly where it was going and once more pulled away, "I don't think here is a good place for that."

"I think anywhere is a good place for it."

Her heart still racing she put one hand on his chest, "I should be getting back before she comes looking for me. I'm sure she'll start feeling quite anxious very soon."

"Must you always stop? What are you afraid of?"

She glared at him, "I am not afraid."

He smirked, "If you are not afraid then I'm sure us continuing our activities here would be fine."

She leaned her head against the tree, "There is going to be a gathering."

He raised an eyebrow, "A gathering?"

"I spoke with Eric; he was on his way to tell my Mother. Nathaniel is going to be having one. I assume you will be there?"

"What is it for?"

Blair frowned slightly at the unanswered question, "I do not know. Eric did not go into the details of that." She had not thought to ask which she really should have; all she had inquired about was if it had to do with her. She did not understand why she had not asked him; perhaps she was just trying to make sure she got away before her Mother interfered. Besides it seemed more likely that Chuck should know about stuff like that. He and Nathaniel were, after all, close friends. So close that Nathaniel had helped him. She shrugged, "I am not into knowing secrets and sharing them with Nathaniel, though I imagine you would."

A slight grin appeared before he answered, "Ah, I see you are still upset at Nathaniel for his part in us being married."

She clenched her teeth for a minute, it sounded as though he were simply brushing off what he had done to her. Looking into his eyes, "I am still upset at many things that were done to me. And Nathaniel may be on the list, but I can assure you that you make it, and you're higher than he is."

He trailed his finger up from her leg and across her stomach, "Good to know that I am on your list. It means you're thinking about me. I'm sure in the many different ways I think about you." He kissed one of her shoulders, "Where you are." He moved and placed another on her other shoulder barely touching it causing her eyes to close in the pleasure of it all, "What you're wearing." He placed two kisses along her jaw, "What you're not wearing." Then he moved so his lips were almost touching hers, "What you're thinking."

Her eyes open and she found herself staring into his eyes. She did not move closer though she could feel his hand on her stomach, his lips so close to hers. She was tempted to move to close the distance but knew if she did then she would just be giving into him. And even though she would be giving into him it was something that she wanted. However much she wanted it, it was much more…fun to allow him to chase her.

Chase her.

Yes, he kept coming to her; though they had already been together intimately he still seemed to want her. All thoughts of what Serena had suggested about him with those other girls drifted away as she came to the realization that he wasn't with anyone else, he continued to see her.

Chuck was said to never see a female more than once. He was done. And yet he not only had wanted until she was ready, he even kept coming to her. That idea, the idea that she could hold his attention made her feel not only empowered but more importantly special. Yes, Chuck made her feel special.

She took one of her hands and moved her finger down his jaw, "What I'm thinking? So all you do is think about me? Don't you have other things to do?"

"I have a few…though it is quiet when I am near the judging."

"The judging." A smile crossed her lips as she thought about one of her favorite pastimes. She loved figuring people out, reading them. Down there she had almost an unlimited supply of people she could read, "I suppose you shall just have to wait until I return."

Blair felt not only herself but Chuck tense as she made the statement of returning. When he started to speak she expected it would be something in regards to her spending half the time up here and the other half down below, however he brought up something else, "Why did you eat the seeds?"

Her hand dropped to his shoulder, "Must we speak of that?"

"I am curious. I…"

Instead of holding steady he turned his head slightly so that he was no longer looking in her eyes. She felt coldness when his hand began to drop from her stomach. "I will tell you if you explain why exactly you let me go."

His gaze returned to hers with a frustration, "You are bargaining with me?"

"We both have something the other wants. You want to know about the seeds, I want to know about being let go. Is that not something we can both agree to?"

"I think we can. So tell me about the seeds."

"Why not tell me about why you let me go."

"I asked you about it first. Or are you planning on not telling me?"

Blair looked at him, "If you remember I did tell you why I ate the seeds. I do not wish to choose between the two places."

"Using that previous answer will not get you an answer from me. Besides if we are going that way I did tell you that I knew you wanted to leave. It was the right thing to do."

"I do not mean that. There is something more there. Another reason."

"If there is for me, then surely you do have another reason for eating the seeds."

Blair frowned, "If that is the case then we should answer with the real reason. The simple one. So tell me then."

"I asked first."

"You let me go first."

Chuck's hand had found its way to one of her arms and was slowly moving his finger up and down it. Once more Blair found herself tracing his jaw. The two stared at each other in silence. She wanted to say those words to him; it was deep inside of her. Even with the way he had treated her, it hadn't changed. She wouldn't just allow him to do with her as he willed, but she knew that her love for him wouldn't die, and it wouldn't diminish.

So why didn't she just tell him?

Immediately she knew the answer to that one. She wasn't sure what his reaction would be and he might shut her out completely. Feeling the warmth from his body, the depth in those eyes, caused her to have a complete sense to her being.

His lips were still barely touching hers. Looking once more into his eyes she closed the distance and weaved her fingers in his hair pulling him closer. Chuck pushed against her and even though the tree was digging into her back she found that she didn't care.

Together they battled for dominance, it was obvious that neither was winning but Blair knew she didn't care and with the way Chuck was she was sure he didn't mind either. Too soon he pulled away and began kissing down her jaw line, once there he moved further down to her collar bone. Sighing she closed her eyes and gripped him tighter.

Blair knew that the only protection they had from prying eyes was the little grove of trees that were around them. The leaves kept a nice roof; the trees were a good wall to protect them from outsiders. Still someone could still very easily come in.

And yet she found that right now she didn't care.

Someone could come, though she hoped not, she hoped that she and Chuck were left alone in this fire that was building up around them. One of his hands had trailed a line of heat down to her inner thigh.

She knew that they should stop and yet she did not have an ounce left inside of her to do so. Besides it didn't seem as though Chuck would be able to stop. She moved her hand inside his togo so that she was touching him skin to skin.

Pulling each other closer she realized that there were far too many obstacles to her access of his body. He seemed to be in agreement and as his lips once more touched hers all coherent thought left her mind.