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In the Right Place

Louis looked around as he and Marcus stood in front of the Styx River. Charon was still across the way. Marcus looked at him, "Are you quite sure?"

"Of course I am."

"It's just…well that was one time, quite a while ago."

Louis turned back to Marcus, "I remember it as though it was yesterday. We danced together. It was quite wonderful. I remember her look when I kissed her hand, I am sure she was only thinking of how perfect we would be together."

"So her marrying Charles?"

"Is not of her own making, I assure you."

"Very well. We should hurry though, we don't know if he is here and if he is, how are we to get her?"

"Don't worry we have a connection. A connection that runs very deep and one that she will remember I'm quite sure of."

The old boatman stopped in front of the two men, "You are not dead. You are not immortal. What business have you here?"

Marcus looked at Louis and nodded, "Go on, tell him."

Louis held out the golden coins, "We would like to cross so that we may speak with Blair."

The boatman tilted his head slightly, "What business could you have with the Queen?"

"It is business that I am quite sure she would not wish to share with just anyone."

He sighed and then took the coins, "Very well. Enter and we shall cross over. Perhaps you will come back to the living."

Marcus paused and grabbed Louis' arm, "Perhaps?"

"Do not worry. She will allow us to return."

"You are sure?"

"Of course."

Louis stepped onto the boat and waited for Marcus to get on. It was a few seconds before his friend stepped onto the boat. He looked around the dark depressing river, glanced at the aged man and steadied himself, he was right. Blair would not wish to be stuck down here. She would prefer to be among the flowers to enjoy the sun; she was beautiful and didn't deserve to be forced into marriage with this horrid place.

He looked over at Marcus who was glancing nervously around. He didn't understand why Marcus didn't trust him. He told him that Blair would ensure that they would leave safely, her by his side of course. It was true that he had only seen her that once, but he knew that it was meant to be.

Finally the boat touched the other shore. As he and Marcus stepped off the boatman sighed, "Perhaps I'll see you again, although…" He trailed off and moved away from the shore taking away their exit.

"Come on. We should go."

"But where? I do not know where to go? Do you?"

"We'll go forward."

"Maybe we should go back. Maybe she wishes to stay here."

Louis shook his head, "How could she? No I am going to take her and bring her far from here."

They began walking and they weren't too far when they heard a growl. Looking around he spotted what it had come from. In front of them was a giant dog with three heads, each of them watching the two men.

"I suppose we won't be leaving."

The massive dog took a step in their direction and then they heard a voice, "Not today." They both turned and saw Charles not ten feet from them. He glared at them, "And what are you doing here?"

Marcus nudged Louis. He swallowed and gave himself a second before he began talking, "I wish to speak with Blair. I think it is quite important."

He stared at them for another minute, "Follow me."

Sighing in relief Louis walked off after Charles with Marcus close behind him. It was quiet as they walked slowly through the dark and dreary place. The further he got the more he was sure that he was right. And that Blair would come with him. He saw a huge palace ahead of them. He was that much closer to getting what he wanted.

He then went through what he was going to say to Blair again to show her that she should follow him. He would explain how he had known that they were meant to be, how he loved her so entirely, she was beautiful and she deserved to be out in the sunshine instead of down here in this dead, dark world.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realize where they were going until Marcus elbowed him. Rather where they were not going. They were passing by the palace and moving around to another building off to the side. Charles gestured them inside, "Please enter."

There was a grand table. It was quite beautiful all things considering. And there were many different kinds of food there. Marcus stopped and folded his arms, "I do not wish to stay down here."

"I do not wish to have you stay down here. This is just for…something later."

"Of course." Louis said and he moved a little bit away from Charles and found himself standing by one of the chairs at the end of the table; he gestured for Marcus to follow his lead, "It is quite a place setting."

Charles nodded and but did not leave his spot by the door, "So what business have you with Blair?"

Louis looked over at him, he seemed almost angry, but that was probably just how he always was. He shrugged, "She needs something and I will be able to give it to her."

The God of the Underworld raised an eyebrow, "Is that so?"

"Yes. We…connected."

Marcus shook his head while Charles folded his arms, "Oh, when would that have been?"

"A while ago."

"Do you not think she could have changed since then?"

Louis frowned, he didn't want to tell Charles that Blair was really in love with him and would wish to be away from here but then again wouldn't that be the right thing to do, "Perhaps you are right. However, I know her and I am here to take her away so she can be happy with me."

Charles clenched his jaw and then gestured at the table, "Sit and I shall get her."

Louis nodded and sat down. As soon as he was seated he felt a strange hot pain flash through his body. Looking at the table he wondered what was going on. Was it dinner time? Frowning he tried to remember where he was, it wasn't his house. He looked around himself and saw that his friend was sitting next to him. Perhaps they were at a friend's house?

Then where was their friend?

Who was it that had such a place setting as this? When had been the last time he had seen something so grand. He frowned…maybe it was when they were at that party for Eleanor and Blair.

Blair…there was something about her that caused him to be here. Was this her house?

Then he felt his leg go through pain and he realized that he could not lift his foot. Looking down he saw that the stone had completely enveloped his leg. What was going on? He looked back up and saw a man standing a little bit away from him with a smirk on his face. He felt as though he should know who he was. Perhaps if he could remember who he was then he could remember what he was doing here.

His sister might have some thoughts on it. But his sister was not here. Once more a pain that seemed somewhat similar pierced through his body and he glanced down and saw that both of his legs were completely in stone. He wondered if…he looked back up and saw another man sitting next to him, confusion on his face. Perhaps he might know what was going on.

But the man seemed as confused as he felt. If he was confused then surely that meant that he didn't know what was going on. He then felt another pain envelope the rest of the lower half of his body. Looking down he realized that he must becoming stone. Why had he sat down if this chair was cursed? Was it or was this whole process something normal?

He knew there had to be something but even as he wondered what his own name was he felt another pain ripple through his top half of his body.

Blair came out of the water. She could tell that she was all alone and she frowned, where did that mean Chuck was? She had expected him to show up waiting for her and yet he was not here. She dried off and moved to her room that still held all the clothes and accessories, of course there were more now, but it was still just as perfect as before. The clothes suited her as well as the jewelry.

She got dressed in a simple black chiton with a yellow flower design on the bottom. She left her room and saw that he was not in the area in the center of the rooms. Frowning she moved into the different rooms finding nothing. Now she was getting beyond irritated. He had just disappeared. She did not like that.

She decided that she would check outside to see if he was there.

Just as Blair was moving down the stairs the front doors swung open and Chuck walked in.


He looked over at her and a brief frown crossed his face before he spoke, "You're done."

She shrugged, "It's not like I was going to stay in there forever."

"You finished quicker then in the past. I was hoping to join you."

She stopped as she stepped off the last step making Chuck move closer to her, "You disappeared. I was not going to sit and wait for you."

He smirked, "Of course you weren't."

"So then, where did you disappear off to?"

"Someone had come down here."

"You usually see them here, why did you need to leave to do that?"

"Because I did not want them here."

Frowning she folded her arms, "Are you trying to hide something from me?"

His hands moved to her shoulders and then slid down unfolding her arms before placing them on her waist, "Hide something?"

Blair leaned forward, her lips almost touching his, "Who was here?"

He moved closer but before his lips could touch hers she moved away. Instead of frowning as others might have he smirked again and pressed his lips to her throat, "I don't see why it matters who was here."

She swallowed as her heart beat faster, "It matters to me. Does that not matter to you?"

"On who was here? I took care of the problem."

This time she briefly touched her lips to the corner of his mouth, "Then surely you can tell me, unless you don't feel as though it was accurately dealt with."

He pulled a little back before nodding, "Someone came to see you."

Blair frowned, "Since when am I not allowed to have visitors."

"I didn't say that, I just didn't think you'd want to see him."

She took a step back, "Him?"

She saw his eyes tighten, "Were you expecting someone?"

Tilting her head slightly she assessed his new look, "Are you jealous?"

He ran his finger across her lips, "I have you here with me. Why would I be?"

"Chuck who wanted to see me?"

He shrugged, "It was a mortal. A Louis."

Louis? That name rang a bell, but she wasn't quite sure where she knew it from. She pursed her lips as she thought back to when she had spent time with the mortals. It didn't take too long for her to remember who he was, "What did you want?"

Anger flashed in his eyes, "You."


"He was sure you would want to leave with him."

"Oh. I see."

She did remember Louis, he was a sweet man, and she enjoyed her brief time with him, but that's all it was brief. It had been but one dance. But what in that meeting had allowed him to feel that she would go with him? She hadn't thought she'd said or done anything too different to make him feel that way…then she remembered him saying that he had taken care of the problem. "What did you mean you took care of the problem?"

"He won't be bothering you again. Or anyone."

She frowned, "What do you mean?"

He sighed, "He is now more of a living statue."

"You changed him because you were jealous?"

"It is not any different then when you changed Raina into a mint plant."

She felt the anger surge through her, "She was trying to sleep with you. And she called me a pathetic—no; I don't need to explain myself." She was right and there was no way that he was going to make her feel as though she had been in the wrong. Especially because no one was going to take anything of hers. No one was going to make any of those kinds of comments about her. If they did they would pay the price. Raina was lucky she hadn't just ended her existence in a much more painful way.

Shrugging he moved a lock of her hair behind her ear and leaned forward so his lips were almost touching her, "I don't want you to explain." He pressed his lips on her jaw, "in fact when I heard that you had done that it just made me want you more." His arms encircled her and pulled her body against his as he said that.

Blair felt the sudden heat come on; she had not exactly expected him to react in that way. The only problem was that she was going to loose what she was trying to do here. She didn't want him to think he could do just anything he wanted to do. But really she didn't care about what had happened to Louis and she wasn't upset that he had taken care of Louis, it was the hiding it. "You should have told me and not tried to hide it. That I don't like."

He placed a few kisses down her throat stopping right above the top of her chiton, "Are we still going to talk about him? I want you." A few more kisses touched her jaw again, "I love you."

In truth she didn't want to talk about Louis, all she wanted was to continue where this was going and besides that the fact that he had been so jealous that he had 'taken care' of Louis was something in and of itself. In fact perhaps it did make her want him more than she had before he had come in. She wasn't sure what exactly all that meant but she had lots of time to think about it later. Besides hearing him say those words made it all the better and it just expanded her love for him.

She looked into his eyes as his head rose a bit and she knew that she was gone. Their lips met and quickly he had her against the wall. Her heart was already racing but falling in love with Charles and knowing he returned it would always cause her heart to race.

She still did agree on the way he had first taken her but then she wondered if she would have given him any kind of attention had he not done what he did, though that thought would never go to him. Their relationship might have started out quite differently but she still would not want to change what they had at that moment. It was perfect in its own way and something she was never going to want to change, even if he might infuriate her at times.

He groaned as she pulled away, "I love you too." And without another thought they began kissing; King and Queen of the Underworld. God and Goddess. Both equals in every way. Blair knew that she was exactly where she needed to be. She was made for this. And not only was she needed here but she wanted to be there; though it was true that she missed the sky and sun and grass, but she also needed this. Her being here was right and she knew that because she knew it would pain her to be away from him, away from here, when it was time to return to her Mother. That right there was her answer though she knew it already. They were in love and this was right. And with that last thought in her head she felt herself being led away from all thinking and reasoning into pure ecstasy.