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A/N: This is a Mary Sue, so I shall not continue…ending it now.

I turned to her, looking into her gray eyes. She looked back into mine with a gaze that seemed to penetrate my soul. I do not know how long we stood there, together…but I knew in my heart that the quest was more important.

We broke apart, each weeping a little, knowing that neither of us would- could- ever forget, not for all our long years.

"Perhaps- over the sea- we will meet again," I murmured into her soft hair.

"Hush…let us enjoy this while it lasts," came the tremulous reply as she put her arms around me.


It has been long since we lay under the trees, Legolas and I- but I know that in my heart, we will meet again, in Valinor or in the Halls of Mandos.