Chapter 12: Ear

Becky was sitting quietly in the old subway turnaround when she heard the clatter and creaks that accompanied the opening door, signaling someone's arrival. She glanced up from her university readings to catch sight of Vera peering down at her from the upper level.

"Is Balthazar here?" Vera questioned. Her eyes darted around the room in search of the older sorcerer.

Becky smiled. "No, he left a few minutes ago." Vera winced as Becky continued with a laugh, "I believe his exact words were 'if she can't be here on time she can wait for me to return and see how annoying it is'."

Vera perked up a bit. "Okay, well that doesn't seem like he's too mad. And like he's never late for things. Hypocrite."

The small, almost tiny in comparison to the sorcerers she worked with, sorceress jogged down the steps and made a beeline towards the couch that had recently been acquired for the training area. Becky raised her eyebrows as Vera flopped ungracefully onto the couch only to lift he head a moment later, hissing in pain.

"Are you okay?" Becky asked, concerned. She half stood from her chair only to have Vera wave her off.

"I'm good," Vera said quickly, "just bumped my new piercing."

"New piercing?" Now Becky was intrigued.

Vera grinned, pushing herself up to sit properly on the couch. "You want to see?" She pushed her multicolor hair back to expose the top of her left ear where a silver stud pierced the top cartilage, the hole still red and raw. The new earring accompanied the five others already in her ear.

"Wow," Becky said, "that's a lot of piercings."

"I went through a rebellious stage," Vera informed her. "Now I just like the aesthetic of them."

"'Went through a rebellious stage'?" Becky laughed. "You sure you're not in one still?"

"I'm sure she is."

Becky jumped slightly in her seat, Vera just glared at where Balthazar stood on the upper level.

"Nice of you to show up, Balthazar," Vera said with and innocent smile.

"I could say the same to you." He narrowed his eyes slightly. "Have you stuck another piece of metal in you ear?"

"Yes, dad. Unless you're going to lecture me about it, in which case, no."

"And Veronica wonders why I never wanted children," Balthazar sighed.

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