City of Devils


"It'll only take minute," Alec assured, trying to get out of Magnus's grip around his waist.

"You always say that," Magnus whined, holding him fast. "You Shadowhunters always have to take the long way to do things. But my job will literally take a minute. Yours will take too long."

"I'll be back soon, I promise," he kissed him gently.

"Then we'll do naughty things that would make your mother faint," Magnus grinned, waggling his eyebrows. Alec blushed, ignoring him.

"I'll see you later," he said, pecking his lips and turning away. Magnus grabbed his arm, yanking him back and kissing him deeply.

"What was that for?" Alec gasped.

"Because I love you," he smiled. Alec blushed again.

"I love you too."

Magnus smiled, nuzzling his nose. "Go kill something nasty, darling."

"You too."

"DAMN IT!" Magnus bellowed, throwing another spell at a diving ravener. "That son of a bitch didn't say anything about demons. I am so getting paid double for this!"

He shot each of the dozen demons as they came, knocking them down or killing them all together. They fell, one by one, leaving him more and more drained as it went.

He breathed heavily when the dust settled, face drenched in sweat, powers depleted from the fight. He watched as each of the demons turned to dust, vanishing back to their own dimensions. He winced, gingerly touching the long gashes on his shoulder from where one of them clawed him. He sighed.

"You bastards," he growled, tugging on his shirt, "this was Armani."

He sighed, wiping his dirty face with the back of his hand. He wanted to go home, take a shower and spend the rest of the day in bed with the most beautiful creature in the world. Or, maybe take a shower with Alec and maximize time with him. He smiled at the thought.

That's when the ravener jumped from the shadows and latched on to the skin between his neck and shoulder.

"GAH!" Magnus screamed in both anger and pain, falling to the ground with the thing on top of him. He forced what magic he could from his fingers into the thing's throat. The demon rolled, yanking Magnus with it, its long teeth deep in his muscle.

Then he was falling. A portal had sent him and this demon rolling down a grassy hill.

When they finally came to a stop its' jaws were lax on his skin. He shoved the dead thing away, gasping. The thing curled, turning to ash and disappearing.

He stood shakily, coughing and holding his bleeding neck. He spun around, eyes wide. The alley he had been in had disappeared. He was now standing in an open field marked only with a dirt trail.

If he were stronger, he would've made a portal then and there to get himself back home. But he wasn't. If anything, he could just wait awhile until he was strong enough.

"Where the hell am I?" He was tired, extremely tired, both from loss of blood and using too much magic at once. All he wanted was a way home, and the only way he was getting one of those was going and looking for one. He stood there for a moment, debating on whether or not he should follow the trail or wait his exhaustion spell out.

He didn't have to wait long.

A vast hand wrapped around his throat, lifting him from the ground. The face that met him was monstrous. The hand was green and scaly, as was the rest of its' skin. Its' body was that of a man's, only much larger in size. His eyes were large, reptilian and black. His face could only be described as that of a dragon's. Long, black coils came from its' head as a sort of dread-locks. A black, forked tongue slid between large, razor-sharp teeth toward his face, tail whipping around behind him.

"Well, look what I found," he chuckled, his voice thundering and deep. "Pretty little warlock, huh?" Magnus could only gasp for air, feet kicking, trying uselessly to touch the ground. The demon turned his face in his hand, examining him. "Yes, you'll do quite nicely. They'll definitely like you."

The thing dropped him for only a second. He snatched him back up by the collar, dragging him down the trail. Magnus kicked and jerked, grunting and doing whatever it took to get away from it.

It wasn't fazed, at all. He chuckled a little, yanking him a little harder. "Don't bother," he chortled. "All you'll end up doing is hurting yourself." Magnus even tried magic. That only made him laugh harder. "Your little powers at full blast wouldn't work on me. What makes you think this pathetic little charade will do anything?" He stopped, even more tired and discouraged than before, a little scared. He was helpless.

After about a half an hour of being dragged through the dirt they reached a town. It looked similar to a colonial town. But the residents were far from Puritans. Demons, warlocks with no powers, creatures that could never pass as humans, not that they would ever want to surrounded him, all pointing and gawking.

He was finally dragged into a concrete room, the most modern looking place there. The demon threw him inside. He fell hard, knocking the air out of him.

He fought the pain in his chest, pushing himself off the ground and facing the thing, ready to fight. It shook its' head, smiling.

"You'll figure it out soon enough," he growled. "Fighting only makes it worse." He snatched him toward him like he weighed nothing, pinning him to the wall next to him with his massive forearm. "Now, little warlock, this can go either of two ways. You can either take your own clothes off, or I can."

Magnus spit in the thing's face. "Bite me, dick." The thing snarled, agitated, and wiped its face.

"My name is Esekial. You, however, can call me Master," he said.

"You can forget about that, darling," Magnus smirked. "I've been that route before, I'll never do it again."

Esekial backhanded him, sending white lights popping in front of his eyes.

"I guess I have your answer then."

Magnus grunted, tensed and kicked as his clothing was torn from his body piece by piece. Esekial dropped him to the ground. "You'll obey whether you want to or not, understand?"

"Eat me."

"Keep that up and I might." He forced his claws through Magnus's hair again, forcing him to his knees. He slapped the warlock when he tried to yank his fingers away. "Knock it off." He fastened an iron collar around his neck. Magnus was still trying to struggle, only to get hit again.

Esekial grabbed his neck again, hoisting him in the air, grinning his reptilian grin.

"When the humanity dominates the demon in you it makes you weak, doesn't it? You're living proof of that, warlock."

He was dragged out of the room and behind some sort of structures that looked like animal paddocks. The large doors were wooden with heavy metal locks one was already undone.

Esekial opened the door and threw Magnus inside. "Good thing you're pretty," he chuckled. "Ugly ones never last. The pretty ones are usually a crowd favorite."

He slammed the door and locked it just as Magnus dove at him.

Magnus fell into the door, ending up on his back, face scraped.

He rolled over shakily, looking around his new surroundings.

He was in a cage. It was about eight feet from the wooden floor to the ceiling. The other three walls were made up of iron bars that were about a foot apart. He was in between two other cages of the same size. Then he saw where exactly these cages were. Right in town square.

Dozens of creatures were standing outside the cage behind chains set up as a sort of rope to keep them back. They were pointing and laughing. He was in a zoo.

He looked around, at the primitive set up that was there. He grinned. "Simpletons." He threw his hands out at the bars, using whatever he had left to push either the bars or the demons away.

The spells bounced off some unseen barrier and back to him, striking him in the chest and bounding through the other cages until they hit the outer walls.

He fell to the ground, wounded and exhausted. The creatures outside continued to laugh. He shut his eyes.


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