Here's a special ending for Ash and Dawn in the last episode of Pokemon DP in episode 191. Hope you enjoy it! I don't own them.

Ash and Dawn farewell

After Ash, Dawn, and Brock defeated Team Rocket from stealing Pikachu, Piplup, and Togekiss. Pikachu and Piplup high five themselves then they hugged.

"Piplup, let's go... " Dawn said as Pikachu and Piplup turned to her. " ...back to our house." she finished.

After Piplup heard what she said, he looked down sadly as he started to cry and Pikachu looked sad also while the others looked sad also including Ash's Torterra and Staraptor and Dawn's Togekiss.

"Piplup, I'm sad too... we're all sad... Pikachu's sad when seperating." she said as Piplup looked down even sadder. "It's not like we won't be forever being seperated from Ash and Brock. So cheer up. You're still young."

"Dawn... " Ash looked at her sadly, not ready to leave her alone.

Piplup looked at her of what she said as he snapped out his tears with his mannish face then Dawn hugged him.

"Piplup, it's alright. No need to worry."

"Dawn... I wish that I'm ready to tell you my feelings to you, but... I'm still afraid."

"Ash... I hope you'll love me back... I don't wanna lose you... "

Dawn's house

Ash, Dawn, and Brock were watching TV, seeing the Elite Four Flint vs the Champion Cynthia in the Champion League.

"Here, we're betting the Champion's throne seeing Elite Four Flint's Infernape vs the Champion Cynthia's Garchomp! The battle is still being unfolded! !" the announcer shouted while the crowd's cheering for the two of them to see who will win.

"This is great!" Ash shouted with excitement.

"Ash, calm down." Dawn said.

"Infernape, use Flare Blitz!" Flint commanded as his Infernape covered himself with its flames then charged towards Garchomp, who dodged its attack.

"Garchomp, Draco Meteor!" Cynthia commanded as Garchomp fired an energy ball at the sky then it exploded with many meteor showers around the battlefield.

"Infernape, dodge them and head towards Garchomp!" his Infernape complied.

"Now, Dragon Claw!" her Garchomp's right fin glow white then charged towards Infernape.

"Close Combat, Infernape!" Infernape dodged Garchomp's attack then it gave Garchomp several punches and kicks.

"Now, Garchomp!" Cynthia shouted as her Garchomp used its Dragon Claw on Infernape's head.

"Mach Punch, Infernape!" Infernape jumped up high then punched Garchomp's face.

"Brick Break!" Garchomp used both claws on Infernape as it crashed at the ground then jumped back up towards Garchomp.

"Close Combat, Inferrnape!" Infernape punched and kicked Garchomp.

"Stone Edge!" Garchomp launched several stones at Infernape as it defend himself.

"Time for a finale... Infernape, Flare Blitz. FULL POWER!" Flint commanded once more as Infernape covered himself with intense flames.

"That goes the same for us. Garchomp, Dragon Rush. Full power as well." Cynthia commanded calmly as Garchomp and Infernape both charged towards each other, creating a big explosion, blocking the scene.

After the smoke cleared, both Infernape and Garchomp are still standing. For few seconds, Infernape collapsed.

Ash, thinking about how the battle would go if he were in Flint's position, narrowed his eyes at Flint's loss.

"Flint's Infernape lost the battle! ! Both trainers uses only one pokemon and they fought bravely! ! As we expected, the Elite Four still can't defeat the Champion Cynthia and her mighty Garchomp! ! She still remain in her Champion's throne! ! Who will be the next trainer to be her next challenger! ?" the announcer shouted as the crowd cheered loudly.

"He's right here!" Ash answered.

"What's wrong, Ash?" Dawn asked.

"Nothing's wrong. I've been thinking about this for a while. Someday, I will definitely defeat the Champion and claim the Champion's title!" Ash exclaimed as Pikachu jumped on his left shoulder.

"Pika pika!"

"That's right, pal! And what's in front of us is the Pokemon Master!"

"I see what's going on. It's Ash's greatest dream!" Dawn realized as Brock stood up.

"I too have something to say." Brock said.

"What would it be, Brock?" Ash was curious.

"Ash, Dawn, and looking at other friends. I think I should grow up as an adult now. That's why I will make the experience life living and becoming a Pokemon Doctor." Brock confessed.

"Pokemon Doctor! ?" Ash and Dawn were surprised including Pikachu and Piplup.

"In order to become a doctor, I have to study hard or otherwise. So what if it's come to that, our journey we spend together, will this be the end?"

"Brock, good luck with your dream! I'll support you!" Ash said.

"Me too!" Dawn added as well as Pikachu and Piplup.

"Arigato minna (Thanks everyone). I will become a doctor and save all the pokemon around the world." Brock replied.

"Ash's dream is to become a Pokemon Master! Brock's dream is to become a Pokemon Doctor! And I'm too going to become a Top Coordinator! Everyone will be alright! No need to worry!" Dawn smiled while saying her catchphrase.

"Dawn, isn't it alright of your "No need to worry" that much already?" Ash asked.

"No it's not! No need to worry, Ash~ !" Dawn replied as they all laughed.

The clock struck at 3pm

"Alright, Ash. Brock. It's time for you two to head to the ferry." Johanna said as they all looked at each other sadly.

"Come on, Dawn." Ash said as he looked sadly at her.

"Alright guys, time to get going." Brock said as they all put their shoes on.

"Off you guys go! Be careful out there!" Johanna wave at them as they left Twinleaf Town.

At the dock

Brock brought many bags for his family in Pewter City which surprised Ash and Dawn as they ran towards the ramp while Ash was quiet the whole time.

"Dawn, we're fine from here." Brock said.

"Okay, off you go!"

"Should I confess now?" Ash thought, wondering if he will confess before leaving Dawn.

"Ash, Brock... thank you for taking care of me and everything you did until now!"

"It was fun, Dawn." Brock replied while Ash was looking down, using his hat to block his face with a hint of his sadness.

"Ash... what's wrong?" Dawn asked as Ash looked at her with tears in his eyes. "*gasp* Why are you crying Ash?"

"Dawn... I wish you could stay with me in Kanto... but Sinnoh is your home."

"Ash... " Dawn gave him a hug. " Ash... I've been thinking about this for a long time since I met you." she said.


"The person who I kept thinking the whole time while we're traveling... is you, Ash." Dawn said, which surprised Ash.

"Dawn... does that mean- " Ash was cut off by Dawn, giving him a kiss on the lips, which shocked Ash.

"I knew those two will work out." Brock smiled.

"Ash... I love you... You're the only one who taught me what is to be a trainer since the day we met." Dawn finished.

"Dawn... I-I-... I love you too! The only person who I've been thinking the most is you... I don't... I don't wanna make you lonely!" Ash tried wiping his tears away.

"Ash, it's okay! No need to worry! I'll visit you in Kanto." Dawn smiled as Ash looked at her.

"Really, Dawn?" Ash asked as she nodded then he gave her a hug. "*sniff* Dawn... I'll miss you... "

"I'll miss you too."

"Ash, the ferry!" Brock said as they broke off their hug.

"Okay, Brock." Ash and Brock was about to head up the ramp, but.

"Ash, wait!" Dawn called as Ash turned to her.

"What is it, Dawn?" he asked.

Dawn gave him one more kiss with passion which surprised him as he kissed her back while Brock smiled at them. A few seconds, they stopped for some air to breath then they both gave them their farewell hug. Pikachu and Piplup high five then they gave their farewell hug. Ash and Brock ran up the ramp as they entered the ferry while Dawn looked at them as she shut her eyes then tears started to fall. She tried to stop her tears from falling while her eyes are shut, but they're still falling. The ferry left the port as Dawn looked down while she's crying until she heard someone called her name.

"DAWN! ! !" it was Ash's voice.

Dawn looked around to see where Ash is, then she spotted Ash and Brock at the back of the ferry.

"DAWN! ! NO NEED TO WORRY! ! !" he shouted.

Dawn smiled as she followed at the edge of the port.

"ASH! ! ! BE SAFE! ! AND STAY HEALTHY! !" she shouted as well as Piplup.


"TAKE CARE, DAWN! !" Brock waved at her.

"ASH, BROCK, PIKACHU! ! ARIGATO (Thank you)! ! I LOVE YOU TOO, ASH! ! I WILL! ! !" she waved at them while she's yelling.

"POCHAAAA! ! ! !" Piplup yelled.


"I WILL, ASH! ! I WON'T FORGET ABOUT YOU! ! I LOVE YOU! ! SAYONARA! ! !" Dawn shouted back.


As the ferry left Sinnoh, Ash was quiet, watching Dawn's tiny figure getting smaller and smaller.

"You okay, Ash?" Brock asked.

"I'll be alright. I'm glad that I met a special girl like Dawn." Ash replied.

"She'll be alright. You'll see her again when she visit us in Kanto." Brock pat his back as Ash nodded.

As Dawn watched the ferry moved away from Sinnoh port.

"Hey, Piplup." she called.

"Piplup?" he looked at her.

"The next time we see Ash again... I'll be sure that we'll go on a date!" Dawn smiled.

"Piplup (YAY)! !" he jumped at her as Dawn hugged him while smiling.

kimi no mune ni La La La yume wo egake La La La (In your heart, La La La, sketch a dream, La La La)

kokoro kara negaeba kitto kanau kara (If you wish from your heart, I'm sure it'll be granted)

onaji sora ni La La La kikoetekuru La La La (In the same sky, La La La, I can hear it, La La La)

hibikiau Merodii yuuki no kane narasu darou (The resonating melody; the bell of courage is ringing)

kimi ga afuretekuru kaze ga tooru kusa no michi (You're overflowing; the wind passes through a grass path)

kagerou yureru sono mukou mabushii egao sono mama ka na... (On the other side of the swaying heat haze, your dazzling smile, just like that... )

nanimokamo hitori ja sa umaku hane ikanai kedo (No matter what it is, it doesn't go well alone)

sukoshizutsu ippozustsu Go Shine susumou (But little by little, step by step, go shine, let's continue on)

boku no mune ni La La La todoitekuru La La La (To my heart, La La La, it has arrived, La La La)

kujiketa toki ni wa kikoeru sono koe (That voice I hear when I'm crushed)

onaji toki wo La La La ayundeyuku La La La (The same moments, La La La, are walking along, La La La)

itsumademo bokura zutto Supesharu na nakama sa (We'll always, always be special friends)

umarete kara itsumo dareka ni wa morarete kita

soshite itsuka mune no naka yuzurenai yume mebaeta ne

jikaku wasa ichigyou mou makimodoshi dekinai kara

furimu kazu osorezuni GO SMILE tsukamou

kimi no mune ni La La La yume wo egake La La La (In your heart, La La La, sketch a dream, La La La)

dare yori ganbaru kimi ga suki dakara

hikaru asonbi La La La kaze ni notte La La La

tsutae au omoi kimi to kiseki mo okosu darou

La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La

kokoro kara nagaeba kitto kanau kara (If you wish from your heart, I'm sure it'll be granted)

La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La

hibiki au Merodii yuuki no kane narasu darou (The resonating melody; the bell of courage is ringing)

The next morning

Ash, Pikachu, and Brock arrived in Kanto. They're standing in front of the sign post, the right side leads to Pewter City and the left leads to Pallet Town.

"I guess... this is where we say goodbye, huh?" Ash said.

"Yep." Brock nodded.

They both gave each other a farewell handshake.

"Pokemon Doctor... do your best on it!" Ash said.

"You as well... Pokemon Master!"

"See ya!" they bid farewell as went the opposite way to their hometown.

Ash suddenly stopped walking as he looked at the sky, imagining Dawn watching him.

"Dawn... I hope you're watching me out there... just you wait Dawn! The next time I see you... the DATE is on me! !"

"Pika pika (I agree)!" Pikachu agreed as Ash started walking to his hometown.

A few minutes later, Ash arrived at Pallet Town.

"Look Pikachu! It's Pallet Town! Let's go!"

"Pika (Okay)!" Pikachu replied as they head to his house.

The End

I hope you all like the remake, cause I think Ash and Dawn are a perfect couple! Dawn will be missed! Farewell to the DP series, and on to the Pokemon Best Wishes series! I really like the DP series. What do you think? The ending song for Pokemon DP series is "Kimi ni mune La La La" full ending song. Oh, and sorry about the lyrics... some lyrics hasn't been translate yet. Please review or comment.