Harry Potter - The New Marauders

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Synopsis: We take up the HP story from the end of the DH epilogue, using the 'Happily Ever After' storyline.

Year One - Chapters 1-14; Two - 15-35; Three - 36-51; Four - 52-65; Five - 66-81; Six - 82-96; Seven - 97-111; Eight - 112-126; Nine - 127-143.

Chapter One - Hogwarts Express and Sorting Surprises

James had gone to find a compartment with his friends; leaving Al and his cousins to fend for themselves without a second thought, or backward glance. Al had known that his brother wouldn't be helping them, first because James had told him he wasn't going to be his babysitter at least a hundred times over the summer, and second because if James had to choose between responsibility and having fun with his mates, fun always won. He and Rose found an empty compartment together, and they had just begun to put their things away when the door opened, and Nicolas joined them.

"Come on in, Nick," Rose told her cousin with a smile. "I'm surprised you were able to escape that broom lecture so quickly."

Nicolas smiled at her. "Mum ran interference for me," he explained. His cousins laughed with him. Nick did love his father, but sometimes those lectures could be a real snore.

When they'd all stored their things, they sat down, and were about to start talking about what would be happening when they got to school when the door opened again, and the blond-haired boy that Rose's dad had been talking about looked in to see if there was an empty seat.

Rose smiled at him. "We've got room, and you're welcome to join us," she offered. Scorpius Malfoy looked at the three other kids, and they watched him in return, seeing the expression on his face change as he recognized each of them when he looked first at Rose, then Nicolas, and finally at Al.

Rose stood up and walked the few steps to the door. "Our parents aren't here, Scorpius, and we aren't them. Why don't you come in; put your things away; and we can decide for ourselves whether we like each other or not?" Scorpius looked at her for a long moment, and then he nodded, dragged his trunk in with him, and closed the door.

"Since you obviously at least recognize which families we're from by our looks, then you probably just need to get names." Scorpius nodded again as he sat down.

"I'm Rose Weasley," she began, holding her hand out to shake his before continuing. "This is my cousin, Nicolas Weasley," she told the other boy next as she pointed toward him, before turning toward Albus and smiling at him. "I'm sure that you recognize the red-haired carbon copy of my Uncle Harry, my cousin Al."

Al and Nick had both held out a hand to Scorpius too as Rose introduced them, and he shook their hands, though he was still watching them intently, and seemed to be very carefully assessing the unexpected situation he'd suddenly found himself in.

"I hope you won't be offended Rose, but this is really, seriously weird," he finally said, speaking for the first time as he sat back in his seat. His three compartment mates all laughed, and Scorpius couldn't help but smile at them.

"No offense taken," Al answered for them with a smile. "I'd say that was pretty accurate."

The four of them settled in for the long ride, and Scorpius pulled out Hogwarts: A History and turned to the page he'd left off on about half way through the book. Rose saw what he was reading and smiled.

"How do you like the book?" she asked him.

"I like the stories about the founders the best, but Grandpa says the new chapters that cover the last war, and the Battle of Hogwarts is a load of Hippogriff..." he trailed off, blushing a bit, and looked back down at his book.

Rose laughed. "Don't worry, mate. My Mum says there are a lot of mistakes in those chapters too."

Scorpius looked up at her again, his face showing his surprise. "Really?"

Rose nodded. "Nobody in our family ever really talks about the war very much, but I get the feeling there were a lot of things that happened that are never going to make the History books." Scorpius nodded, and he went back to reading his book, but was paying close attention as the other three kids talked quietly together.

"You know," Nicolas said, "even though almost everyone in our family has been in Gryffindor, I'm not sure it'd be all that bad to be sorted into another house instead." Scorpius jumped slightly, and was again surprised – especially since Nick was telling his cousins something that he'd been thinking a lot about for most of the summer.

Rose smiled at her cousin. "Your Mum was in Ravenclaw," she pointed out. "Maybe you'll get sorted into that house instead of Gryffindor."

"If I can't be in Gryffindor, that's where I'd want to be too," Al told them. "You should be sorted into Ravenclaw, Rose - you're the smartest one of us, and Ravenclaw is supposed to be where the best and brightest get sorted."

Rose laughed and leaned over to hug Al. "Maybe, but if I am, it's not by very much. Since Mum was the best in her year, and she got sorted into Gryffindor, I'm not sure that matters. If any of us cousins were going to get sorted into Ravenclaw, though, I'd have to pick Lily for that. I can't wait until she gets to Hogwarts too – that's really going to be fun to watch!"

Al laughed too. "It will be, and that wouldn't surprise me at all. She had every one of my first-year books read just in the time since we got them. I'm planning on getting her to help me with my homework during the holidays, even if she is only nine." The others were surprised when Scorpius joined in while they laughed. He still hadn't said much yet, but they'd all gotten a really good impression of him so far.

When the trolley came by, they each got drinks, a few sweets and pasties, and then passed the rest of the trip to Hogsmeade talking about Hogwarts, school Quidditch, what they thought about all of their their first-year textbooks, which they had all nearly finished reading, and mostly about what they hoped their first year at school would be like. By the time the train pulled into the Hogsmeade station, Al, Nick, and Rose had made one new friend, they'd helped each other work through the nervousness they were all feeling about being away from home for the first time, and were ready to face their new adventures together.

"A'right, first years! Follow me!" Hagrid called out to them. Rose ran over to the big man and gave him a hug. "Hi, Hagrid," she told him, flashing her brightest smile as she looked up at him. He patted her on the back with one huge hand. "Good ter see you, Rose." He looked over at the other three kids. "Al, Nick," he greeted the boys. He hadn't met Scorpius before, but there was no doubt whose boy he was, and he was surprised to see him obviously chumming with the others.

"This is our new friend, Scorpius, Hagrid," Rose told him. "We rode here on the train together."

Hagrid nodded to the boy, who stared back at him with wide eyes. "Welcome to Hogwarts, Mr. Malfoy," Hagrid rumbled. "Now enough chatter, let's get to the boats or we'll be late for the feast."

Rose led the way as they followed Hagrid. She and the three boys got into one of the boats, and they were each thrilled as they crossed the lake, getting to see the amazing view of Hogwarts as they approached, and then arrived at the school. They were ushered into the entrance hall, and were met at the top of the stairs by Professor Longbottom. Rose again ignored protocol and gave him an enthusiastic hug.

"Hi, Neville!" she told him happily.

He looked down at her sternly, and shook his head. "That's Professor Longbottom, Miss Weasley," he told her. "Five points from…" he grinned suddenly "…I guess that one's free, since you don't have a House yet, but remember that next time, young lady." Rose giggled, and her eyes were dancing with delight as she rejoined Scorpius and her cousins.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," Neville told them. "When we enter the Great Hall in a few moments, you will each be sorted into one of the four Houses. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin." he looked around at the children, and smiled. "Your House will be your family here at Hogwarts while you attend school. Please wait here; and I will return for you once we are ready to begin the sorting."

Scorpius had been staring at Rose, having seen her now hug a half-giant and a Professor - actually two Professors, he thought, remembering that Hagrid was also a teacher here. She didn't even seem to think about just how unusual doing that really was. Rose saw him watching her and smiled.

"Wait until my Dad finds out that I almost lost points before even getting sorted," she told the boys in a hushed voice. "He'll be so proud of me." She had a mischievous grin on her face, and Scorpius, Al, and Nick all laughed. The more time he spent with his three new friends, the better Scorpius was feeling about what it was going to be like for him at Hogwarts. He'd never in his wildest dreams considered a start to the year that was anything like this.

Professor Longbottom returned, and smiled at the mostly nervous-looking group of kids. "It's time to go in now. Follow me," he told them, waving for them to follow him into the Great Hall.

Rose, and the three boys, walked into the Great Hall close together, and they all had the same awed expression on their faces as they looked around at the incredible sights. Al saw James sitting at the Gryffindor table with his friends; and his brother mouthed the word 'Slytherin', which Al pointedly ignored. When they were all lined up at the front of the hall, and the sorting hat had finished it's song, the sorting began.

Scorpius was the first of the four of them called to be sorted. Since everyone in his family had been sorted into Slytherin, except for two black sheep who were never talked about, Rose wasn't sure if she and her cousins, or Scorpius himself was more surprised when the hat called out – "RAVENCLAW!" He hopped down from the stool, looking stunned, and walked over to the Ravenclaw table, where he sat down next to one of the other new first year Ravenclaw boys. The students in his new House clapped in welcome, but many of them looked just as surprised. The Malfoy name just didn't mean what it used to.

Al was the next one of their foursome to be called. He sat nervously on the stool as Neville placed the hat on his head.

"Hmmm. Another Potter brother. Let's see now. Yes, you are very much like your father, no doubt about that, but wait, yes, this is very interesting. My boy, there's only one place to put you - RAVENCLAW!"

Professor Longbottom lifted the hat, and as Al got off of the stool, he looked over to the Gryffindor table, where he saw James looking at him with stunned amazement. He quickly went over to join Scorpius at the Ravenclaw table, which with this announcement, had gone absolutely wild as the other Ravenclaw students cheered. Ravenclaw was getting a Potter! He smiled at Scorpius.

"Won't our parents be in for a shock when they find out," he told the other boy with a grin.

The two Weasleys were at the end of the alphabet, and the last two to be sorted this year. Nick was called up first, and sat down on the stool. "Well, Well, Well! What do we have here? A Weasley! But oh, look at that mind! You definitely belong in - RAVENCLAW!" Nicolas was smiling happily as he ran over to join Al and Scorpius, where he was getting a welcoming round of applause from the Ravenclaw table that was nearly as loud as it had been for Al. Finally, lastly, it was Rose's turn.

"Another Weasley! Yes, you are quite as brave as your Mum and Dad, and just look at that shining mind! You are every bit as bright as your mother! My dear, you must join your cousins in RAVENCLAW!" Rose was cheered and welcomed by her new house, her cousins, and new friend as she hurried over to the Ravenclaw table, where she hugged all three boys. When the commotion quieted, they were all asked to take their seats, while Professor Longbottom took the stool and sorting hat with him, and joined the other Professors at the head table.

"Good evening," Professor McGonagall began. "To all our first-year students; welcome! For those of you returning to our school, welcome back!" She looked around the room and smiled. "For those of you who do not yet know me, I'm Professor McGonagall, Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Before we begin our feast, there are a few announcements. Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes joke products are, as always, banned at Hogwarts. WiComms, GameWizards, and portable WWVN's are not permitted in classrooms or the Library. The forbidden forest is off-limits to all students except when in class with Professor Hagrid." She took a moment to look around, and seemed to be making eye contact with some specific students before she continued.

"Finally, I wish you all the best for the coming year. It will, I'm certain, be the finest one yet at Hogwarts!" With a flourish of her arms, she added, "Let the feast begin!"

The tables filled with food, and everyone started filling their plates. The ghosts entered the hall, and the Grey Lady introduced herself to the first year students at the Ravenclaw table.

"Well, what an interesting group of new students we have this year!" she said happily. "Our house is very fortunate to get some of the best and brightest from families that usually end up in my brother Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses!" She looked at Al for a few extra moments, which made him a bit uncomfortable, but then she moved on along the table, continuing to greet the other new and returning Ravenclaw students.

Dinner was amazing. Al, Rose, Nicolas, and Scorpius talked happily together during the meal, and after the feast ended, and Professor McGonagall wished them all a good night, two of their Prefects gathered the first year students together, led them to Ravenclaw Tower, and into their Common Room and new home for the next seven school years. They hadn't been there very long when an older girl came up to the four of them and introduced herself to Al.

"I'm Trinity Bradley," she told him with a smile, "the Captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team." Al returned her smile. It was obvious that she already knew who he was, so he didn't bother to state the obvious, and instead introduced her to Rose, Nick, and Scorpius.

"With today being a Friday, you all get the chance to settle in here all weekend before classes start on Monday, but I wanted to let you know that I'm holding our Quidditch tryouts tomorrow morning. Will you be trying out for the team?" Al hadn't planned on playing Quidditch, but then most of that decision had been because he hadn't wanted to be competing for a spot with James, Aaron, or Arianna. Competing against them, though, was a whole new possibility, and the idea of it had his smile brightening several notches.

"Actually, I'm fairly sure that we'll all be trying out for the team tomorrow," he told her enthusiastically. Trinity looked surprised, and he laughed. "You're probably thinking that you've got one of my Dad's sons, but you've also got the daughter of two-time World Cup Quidditch champion Ron Weasley, the son of a former Slytherin team Captain and Seeker, and I can assure you that my cousin Nick here is about as fast on his Firebolt as any of the rest of us, and I've had the bruises often enough to prove that he's a pretty fair Beater like his Uncle Fred and Uncle George used to be when they played for Gryffindor." Trinity looked like she'd just been given the best Christmas present of her life.

"Then I'll see you all at tryouts tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe we'll finally be able to give Gryffindor a run for their money this year."

Al laughed. "That'd be great if we can, Trinity. I'd feel really bad for my brother if your team beat his, but I'm sure that somehow, I could find a way to get over it fairly quickly." They were all laughing now, and after Trinity had left them, Al turned to the others, and grinned at them.

"I hope you don't mind that I volunteered all of us to try out for the team, but I have a really good feeling about our chances."

Scorpius was the first one to answer him. "I don't know about Rose and Nick, but I was sure planning to try out for my House team anyway. It'll just be way more fun getting to do that with the rest of you too." He turned to look at Nick, and smiled. "You have a Firebolt too?" Nick nodded.

"Actually, we all do. Rose got hers from her Dad, and Al and I got ours from Uncle Harry."

Scorpius nodded, and his smile brightened. "I wasn't really looking forward to coming here, but things are definitely looking up."

Rose laughed and gave him a hug. "Great, isn't it," she told him. Looking into his startled eyes, she smiled. "You're going to have to get used to hugs, mate. They happen a lot in our family, and if you plan on hanging around with us, hugging is definitely going to be involved."

Al laughed too, and put a hand on his new friend's shoulder. "Definitely. If you think Rose hugs a lot, wait a couple of years until you meet my sister Lily."

Rose was led off to the girl's dormitory when she and the other first year girls were rounded up so they could be shown their rooms, while the boys were taken to the boy's first year dorms. Al suspected that someone must have been keeping an eye on which boys were hanging out with each other, because he, Nick, and Scorpius had their beds next to each other, with Nick in the middle of the three beds. They each started unpacking, met the other first year boys in their room, and then got changed and climbed into bed for their first night sleeping at Hogwarts. They did talk for a while, and though they were all tired, with everything that had happened, and so much of that being unexpected, it was quite a while before any of them got to sleep. They were all still a bit shocked about the start of their year, but they were also each sure that whatever happened next, it was going to be very exciting.