Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Three – Where are They Now?

Molly and Arthur Weasley

Molly retired from PBP Investments, and Arthur retired from the Ministry in 2068 as a one hundredth anniversary present to each other. After retiring, they travelled the world, spent lots of time with their great-grandchildren, and split their home time between the new Burrow, and their house on the family island.

Bill and Fleur Weasley

Bill retired from curse breaking in 2070 for his one-hundredth birthday, taking his cue on that after watching his parents in the two years since they'd retired. With Charlie's help, he began a career as an author, becoming world-renowned as the pre-eminent expert on curse breaking.

Fleur continued as CEO of PBP Investments until 2098, when she handed control of the company over to Al and Carolyn's daughter Lily, and joined Bill in retirement.

They had Nick design them a new house in 2027, having Shell Cottage torn down to make room for their new home, and still live there, though they do travel frequently, and spend most winters at their island home.

Charlie and Nathalie Weasley

Charlie retired from the Dragon Reserve in 2030, and Nathalie transferred from the Dragon's Lair Residence, to take over Dumbledore House Residence when she and Charlie moved to England, having Nick design and build them a house near to Bill and Fleur on the outskirts of Tinworth.

Percy and Penelope Weasley

Percy and Penelope both retired from their jobs in 2076. They bought an estate near Nick and Allie, in the Overton area, and had their retirement home built there. Like Molly and Arthur, they travel a lot, spend time with their grandchildren, and are frequently found on the family island during the winter.

George and Marietta Weasley

George and Marietta retired from actively running the wheezes chain in 2096. Their grandchildren, twins Fred and Georgina take over the family business.

Ron and Hermione Weasley

Ron took over as Head Coach of the Canons in 2049, and plans to continue coaching his team until they bury him with his broom. Hermione was awarded her second Order of Merlin first class in 2042. She partially retired in 2099, though she continues to work in the lab on a regular basis.

Harry and Ginny Potter

Harry and Ginny took care of Brian, Jason, and Dale until they each graduated, then took a break from being guardians for any new kids for quite some time while they enjoyed spending time with their grandchildren as they grew up. Ginny won the Order of Merlin first class in 2042, and retired from working full-time in the lab in 2049, though her lab was always left ready for her, and for Lily, whenever they felt the urge to come play. They both stayed involved with the Residences and Academy. They were never able to bring themselves to replace the Cottage, but they did have Nick help them give it a facelift, and put on a pool room on one side of the house, and a three-car garage on the other.

Kirley and Ana

Kirley and Ana adopted Vanessa, Nadine, Cassandra, and Violet in 2026 at Christmas. They retired in 2044, though Kirley did occasionally take on special projects, and the Weird Sisters did a couple of reunion concerts, one for the fiftieth anniversary of the first SpellBound album, and the one hundredth anniversary of the Weird Sisters.

Draco and Astoria

Draco and Astoria had Nick design and build a Residence at Malfoy Estates, and they brought all of the former Death Eaters who had broken the vow they'd taken with Harry to live there, where they cared for all of them. Astoria went to Medical school from 2030 to 2033, graduating first in her class. She joined one of the Phoenix Foundation's medical teams and now works three days a week treating the poorest Witches and Wizards at the Foundation's mobile day clinics in Africa.

Gabrielle and Kevin

Gabrielle retired in 2053, and while Kevin continued to paint throughout his life, retired from working in the store, handing the business over to Michael and Rebecca. In retirement, Gabrielle and Kevin split their time between the Delacour family home in France, Marauders Paradise, and their home on the family island.

Victoire and Teddy

Victoire and Teddy had three children. Vicky was born in 2028, followed by Izzy in 2030, and Dora in 2031. Victoire and Teddy retired from Witch Investments and the Phoenix Foundation in 2100, though they had been semi-retired for more than thirty years by then.

Isabelle and Stewart

Isabelle and Stewart had two children, Rochelle in 2028, and Andrea in 2031. Isabelle was awarded the Order of Merlin first class in 2042. Stewart became the CEO of the Phoenix Foundation in 2035, and they both retired from their full-time jobs in 2100, starting their retirement with their best friends.

Art and Serena

Art and Serena had four children, Charles in 2031, Nate in 2032, Anna in 2035, and Jamie in 2036. They continue to practice medicine, and also began teaching at the medical school in 2045.

Michael and Rebecca

Michael and Rebecca had three children, Gabe in 2029, Courtney in 2031, and Keva in 2034. Michael's artwork became as famous as his adopted father's, and his portraits and landscapes are sold, and displayed in galleries, all over the Wizarding world.

James and Arianna

James and Arianna had two children, Ginger in 2029, and Harrison in 2032. James took a year off from the Academy for each season Arianna took off to have their children, and played Chaser for the Canons, winning his only League Championship in the 2031-32 season. He retired from his Director job at the Academy in 2065, after which he continued to work as a freelance wheezes inventor, and to volunteer at the Academy. Arianna won three Quidditch World Cups, and nine League Championships in her nineteen-year career. In September 2040, she took the job of Quidditch Coach and flying instructor at Hogwarts, and worked there until she left in 2065 to join James in retirement.

Aaron and Tracey

Aaron and Tracey had three children, Kate and Annie in 2030, and Trent in 2032. Aaron played for the Canons until retiring the same year Arianna did, winning one more League Championship than his sister during the year that James won his Championship with the team. After retiring from playing, he joined the team front office, and worked with Tracey until they both retired in 2065.

Al and Carolyn

Al and Carolyn had six children – Ginette and Lily were born in 2030, Allan and Jimmy in 2032, and Carol and Lynn in 2033.

Carolyn became a Senior Account Manager in 2036, and continued to work at PBP Investments until retiring in 2125. Al completely reformed the Aurors, and then taught his ethics and training methods to Aurors all over the world. In 2079, he led more than a thousand Aurors from all over the world against the Dark Lord Matchitehew and his army of Dark Wizards at a battle fought in different places around the United States and Canada, ultimately defeating them after Al won a six hour long duel over the Dark Lord. Al was awarded the Order of Merlin first class in 2079, and in 2080, became the Head of the newly formed International Aurors. He retired in 2125 with Carolyn, though he was called back into action to battle other Dark Lords in 2153 and in 2209, helping his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren during those battles.

Lily and Kieran

Kieran and Lily had three children, Stacey in 2034, Ryan in 2035, and Evan in 2037. After SpellBound, Lily and Kieran began a successful career making movies. In the summer of 2027, SpellBound Investments bought the Pride of Portree team, and had Nick design and build them a brand new stadium. In 2028, Frederica and Liam Murray were given contracts with the Pride, Erin joined the team in 2030, and Myra became their Keeper in 2031. Aiden joined the team for the 2032-2033 season, and for that one year only, Lily and Kieran played for the Pride too, joining Liam, Frederica, Myra, and Aiden to win the League Championship, while Erin happily agreed to be Lily's reserve Seeker to give her the chance to play professionally with Kieran.

Lily was awarded the Order of Merlin First Class in 2042, along with Ginny, Isabelle, and Hermione for their work in developing a process that they were able to use to return the world's atmosphere to where it had been before the Muggle Industrial era, saving both the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds from the Muggles inability to fix the global warming mess they'd gotten into over the past century and more.

Rose and Matt

Rose and Matt had two children, Anthony in 2036, and Ronnie in 2038. They built their tour business into a worldwide chain by 2035, and launched their first all-magic cruise ship, Marauders Siren, in 2056, captained by their son, Anthony. They retired from leading tours in 2075.

Hugo and Emily

Hugo led Britain's National team to the Quidditch World Cup in 2026, winning MVP, and then proposing to Emily live on QSPN in front of tens of millions of witnesses. They were married on December 26, 2026, moving into their Nick Weasley designed house in the country a few kilometres north of Chudley that weekend. Hugo played Quidditch for the Canons for thirty years, winning eight League Championships, and two Quidditch World Cups. When he retired as a player, he became one of Ron's assistant coaches. Emily began her Marauders Institute career running the BusinessMagic division, and eventually became Executive Director of the Institute after Mandy retired. They had four children, Donahue in 2034, Emma in 2035, Herman in 2037, and Roseanne in 2039.

Nick and Allie

Allie worked as Victoire's second in command until 2100, and stayed on as an advisor to her successor for five more years before retiring. Nick became a world-famous architect, designing homes, resorts, Quiddtich Stadiums, Malls, and even Ministry of Magic buildings. He retired in 2105 along with Allie, though he did continue to do freelance designs. Nick and Allie had two children, Summer in 2030, and Penny in 2031.

Scorpius and Brianna

Scorpius and Brianna had three children, Sirius in 2031, Cissy in 2033, and Luke in 2034. Scorpius became the Minister of Magic in 2044. After the War of 2079, the Wizarding World came together and decided to create the United Ministry of Magic, or UMoM. Scorpius was elected to be the first Minister of Magic for UMoM, and Nick designed the UMoM building, which was located in Greece. When Scorpius became the Minister for UMoM, Brianna was elected as the Minister of Magic for Britain, and she served in that capacity until 2130, when she and Scorpius both retired from politics.

Frederica and Liam

Frederica and Liam were married in July 2028, and had three children, Fred and Georgina, who were born in 2037, and Meg in 2040. They played Quidditch for the Pride of Portree for twenty-five years, and they won four League Championships, and one Quidditch World Cup. After retiring from playing, they both went into broadcasting, joining the QSPN network, and enjoying a second long career in that business.

Patricia Whitby

Patricia went to work for the Marauders Institute after graduating from Hogwarts, having transferred there for the last two years of her schooling after falling in love with James Cauldwell. They married in 2040, and had two children, Kevin in 2044, and Rowena in 2046.

William Whitby

William had a long, successful career as an XBR racer, followed by a second career in broadcasting for XBRN, a PBP Investments company. While he'd grown up knowing Amber Allen, it wasn't until after she'd graduated from Hogwarts in 2044 that the young witch three years his junior finally captured the wizard she'd been in love with all of her life, and they were married in 2045. They had four children, Marc in 2049, Allen in 2051, Megan in 2054, and Ambrose in 2055.

Myra and Horatio

Myra and Horatio were married in 2031. Myra had a thirty year playing career with the Pride, winning five League Championships, and two Quidditch World Cups. Horatio went to work for PBP Investments, eventually becoming the Executive Director of their Global Distibution Division. They had two children, Murray in 2042, and Myriam in 2044.

Aiden and Violet

Aiden and Violet were married in 2032, and had four children, Cassie in 2035, Mack in 2036, Anastasia in 2038, and Joline in 2040. Aiden played for the Pride for twenty-nine years, retiring from the team the same year as Myra. Violet worked for Ana after graduating from Hogwarts, eventually becoming a partner in their agency after Ana retired.

Other Marauders and Friends:

Lisa and Marcus

Lisa and Marcus had three children. Jair was born in 2024, Amber in 2026, and Mark in 2028. They worked at the Institute until retiring in 2113.

Megan and Devon

Megan and Devon had two children, Coral in 2027, and Tegan in 2029. Megan retired from managing the hotel in 2063, and worked with Devon on their diving business after that.

Andy and Laura

Andy and Laura had one child, Lorilea in 2031. Andy moved up from broadcasting into management at QSPN, eventually becoming the CEO of the network. He retired in 2175. Laura became equal partners with Ana in her music agency, and she eventually took over managing the business after Ana retired.

Jon and Therese

Jon and Therese were married in August 2026 after she graduated from Med school top of her class. They had three children, Reese in 2035, Joanne in 2037, and Ariel in 2041. Therese went to work for the Phoenix Foundation, as Director of Operations, and Chief Healer for their new medical services division. She put together and lead teams into regions where there was little or no medical care, and provided those services for free. Jon continued his career at the Dragon Reserve in Romania, working there until he retired in 2205.

Mark and Callie

Mark and Callie had two children, Jimmy in 2027, and Therese in 2029. Mark only raced on the pro tour until his five-year contract ended at the end of the 2027-2028 season. After that, he created Extreme Broom Racing, which was a short, three-dimensional racecourse that could be fit into a Quidditch Stadium or be set up in a field. He and Callie, along with their friends, put up the significant investment for creating a new sport, and within five years, they'd created a sport that was second only to Quidditch in popularity, especially among the kids and teens of the Wizarding World. Callie continued her career working for Scorpius and Al. She became Scorpius' assistant when he became Minister of Magic, and continued in that capacity when he became Minister for the United Ministry of Magic. She retired in 2130 when Scorpius and Brianna did, and while Mark continued to manage XBR, as Extreme Broom Racing had become known, she became a Professor at Hogwarts, teaching an optional class in Politics that was added to the curriculum in 2085.

Karl and Daphne

Karl and Daphne had two children, Karla in 2033, and Danny in 2035. Daphne took over running Marauders Paradise from Gabrielle when she retired in 2053, and managed the resort until she herself retired in 2100. Karl had the most successful diving business on the island, and after Daphne retired, they handed the business over to one of their grandchildren, moving back to England, and working part-time in their retirement doing luxury tours for Rose and Matt's company.

Joel and Sarah

Joel and Sarah got married in the summer of 2027. They had three children, Joseph in 2032, Julianne in 2035, and Cal in 2036. Sarah became the Wizengamot assistant for Elder Natalie Cauldwell, and Elder Susan Hopkins, working there until 2080, when she and Joel moved to Greece, where he became the Minister for the UMoM Department of Magical Games and Sports.

Colin and Nadine

Colin and Nadine were married in 2029. They had three children together, Demi in 2040, Dennison in 2041, and Nadia in 2042. Colin joined the Canons in 2028, and played for twenty-two years, winning five League Championships, and one Quidditch World Cup during his career. Nadine played Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies for ten years, starting in 2029, winning two League Championships. After their children were grown up, they started their own Quidditch supply store called QuidditchPitch, building an international chain of stores over the next fifty years.

Lance and Vanessa

Lance and Vanessa were married in 2029, and had four children, Alex in 2035, Francine in 2037, Madeline in 2038, and Rachel in 2040. Lance and Vanessa went to work at the Quibbler after graduating, and took over running the magazine in 2032. While they managed the Quibbler, they turned the company into the premier print news business in the Wizarding World before retiring in 2129.

Jason and Millie

Jason and Millie were married in 2028, and had three children, Amelia in 2036, Jase in 2037, and Mattrum in 2040. Jason became a District Manager for GamePortal, in charge of the Africa district, while Millie went to work for Witch Investments, and became the Director of their Technology Department.

Brian and Amy

Brian and Amy married in 2028, and had two children, Ginny in 2035, and Nolan in 2037. Brian joined Jason at GamePortal, and became the District Manager in charge of the European District. Amy went to work at the Phoenix Foundation, becoming the Director of the Foundation's Food Program.


Claire was accepted to Medical School in 2027, earning a Phoenix Foundation scholarship, and graduating in 2030. She went to work with Therese in the Medical Services Division of the Foundation, deciding to dedicate her life to that project. She married another Healer in 2036, and had two children, Peyton in 2041, and Terri in 2043.

Dale and Carissa

Dale and Carissa were married in 2029. With a little help from their friends, they opened a daycare business for low-income families in London, and eventually started a chain of daycares. They had three children, Carrie in 2033, Jay in 2034, and Kim in 2035.

Erin and Quincy

Erin and Quincy graduated from Hogwarts in 2030. She was hired by the Pride of Portree, and played Seeker for them during all but three of the next thirty-five seasons. Quincy went to work at the Ministry of Magic after graduating, eventually rising through the ranks to become the Minister for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes in 2071, where he worked until retiring in 2140. It took Erin until 2041 to realize that she loved Quincy, while he had patiently waited for her to see how much he loved her, and they were married that summer, during the off-season. They had two children, Ari in 2044, and Valerie in 2047.


Miranda graduated in 2029, and joined the Harpies along with Nadine. She played Chaser for twenty-six years, winning four League Championships, and one Quidditch World Cup.

Ophelia and Malcolm

Ophelia and Malcolm were married in 2028 and had four children, Mary in 2029, Kyle in 2030, Pauline in 2032, and Vivian in 2034. Ophelia and Lydia Bletchley started a Spouse Abuse program through the Phoenix Foundation, funded by Witch Investments, and they helped other Witches get out of abusive situations, and start new lives. Malcolm was accepted into the Auror training program in 2028, became a full Auror in 2031, and fought with Al in the War of 2079. He retired from the Aurors in 2083, joining the staff at Hogwarts to teach DADA.

Philip and Heather

Philip and Heather were married in 2029, and had two children, Nerina in 2034, and Barry in 2035. Heather went to work for Witch Investments, in their management-training program. She became the CEO of the Teen FashionKnut stores in 2043. Philip went to work for PBP Investments, working in their Head Office, and becoming the Director of their Technology Department.

Adam and Cassandra

Adam and Cassandra graduated from Hogwarts in 2032, and were Head Boy and Head Girl for their year. They married in 2035, and had three children, Sandra in 2038, Aaron in 2040, and Murphy in 2041. Adam went to work at Marauders Institute, working in the Glassalloy manufacturing division for Marcus, while Cassandra joined the Auror trainng program, becoming an Auror in 2035. When Al became the Head of the International Aurors, Cassandra joined that force, and continued to work with him until she and Adam both retired in 2095, and started their own security business.

Alice and Lenny

Alice and Lenny graduated Hogwarts in 2029, and joined the Phoenix Foundation, moving to Chile to open an Academy in Santiago. Alice became the Academy Director, and Lenny became one of the teachers. They each met and married while living there, Alice in 2036, and Lenny in 2039. Alice and her husband had one son, Matias in 2041, and Lenny and his wife had two children, Josias in 2042 and Bianca in 2044.

Sebastian and Trinity

Sebastian and Trinity had one daughter, Christine in 2029. Sebastian played for the Canons for twenty-five years, and then continued to work for them as a trainer. Trinity continued to work for the Witch Investments cosmetics company until she retired in 2146.

Tristan and Liselle

Tristan and Liselle had four children, Lisa in 2029, Juliette in 2030, Corey in 2032, and Ryanna in 2034. Tristan played for the Canons with Sebastian for twenty-five years, retiring too. Liselle decided to retire in June of 2028 so that she and Tristan could start their family. After Tristan left Professional Quidditch, he and Liselle started a Quidditch camp to work with and train kids and teens that came to their camp from all over the world.

Kira Cauldwell

Kira went to Hogwarts from 2029 to 2037. She joined TNM in her first year, and became the group's leader after Myra graduated. In 2026, she had a part in Lily and Keiran's musical version of 'A Christmas Carol', which launched her acting and music career, and made her a teen star before she started at Hogwarts. She married one of her leading men in 2042, and they have both enjoyed a lifelong career in both film and music. They had one daughter, Valerie, who was born in 2045.

Kreacher and Winky

Kreacher and Winky had two children, Dobby in 2025, and Regula in 2028. Dobby, and his sister Regula both chose to be free elves when they became adults, and they, their spouses, and children all took service with the Black-Potter family. Kreacher and Winky asked Harry and Ginny for their freedom in 2099 as a one hundredth anniversary present to the masters that they both loved so dearly, and joined their children and grandchildren as free House Elves in service to their family.