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"Yugi Motou, it appears that you are guilty of the charges of the murder of Maximillion Pegasus. You are also to be charged with the attempted rape of Tea Gardner, Pegasus's assistant. You shall be fined, and as punishment be sentenced to life in prison. Take him away gentlemen," said the judge.

BAM! The gavel banged on the table with finality. Yugi Motou was going to prison.

For life.

For a crime he did not commit.

With a heavy heart, and cold blood running through his veins, Yugi was taken by a couple of guards to Fukuoka Prison.

Where he would reside for the rest of his life.

When they reached the prison gates Yugi couldn't hold it in anymore.

"LET ME GO! I WAS FRAMED! I DON'T BELONG HERE!" SLAP! One of the guards hit Yugi hard with the palm of his hand.

"Shut up will ya? We don't want to get the prisoners all wiled up. Now shut your trap and be a good boy." The guard then went to his walkie talkie and said,"We've got prisoner number 486792 here, we ask that the gates be opened sirs."

Yugi could here the static reply on the other end say,"You got it. Doors opening right now."

The gates opened with a loud buzzing sound, and Yugi was pushed inside. They walked down a dimly lit corridor, then made a left and were greeted by four other guards of the prison.

One of the guards who was fairly tall had brown pointy hair in a tip, cold brown eyes, and a set mouth spoke to Yugi. "You must be Yugi Motou. My name is Tristan, and I am the head guard here at Fukuoka Prison. You are a murderer, and we shall only treat you with the respect that you deserve."

Tristan pointed to the other three guards with him. "Those three are Ryou, Duke, and Malik. You will treat us with respect, if you want your stay here to be pleasant. Now, put these on."

He handed Yugi some prison blues. He had to put them on while they were all watching him, much to his humility. Once the garments were on, it was time to send Yugi to his cell.

They escorted him to his cell, passing the other prisoners along the way. Yugi cringed, as some of the other inmates were grinning, and leering at him.

As they walked, Tristan thought,'This kid happened to kill one of the most wealthiest men in the world? How? He looks so innocent.' He glanced at Yugi sideways, but passed it off. If being a prison guard taught Tristan anything, was that even the most innocent looking ones were dangerous. He would be sure to keep his eye on Yugi.

When they got closer, Tristan said,"We're a little crowded here, so you'll be having to share a cell for a while." Yugi had a spark of fear flash his eye, which Tristan noticed, and he almost felt sorry for him.

Yugi gulped. He was going to have to share a cell, with one of these ruthless men? Oh great. His thoughts drifted to his grandfather. He believed that Yugi was innocent, and had even fought for him in court. But it was all in vain.

His mother was heart broken, and she was unsure if her only son was a murderer or not. Yugi felt horrible about leaving his family, but he had no choice.

Suddenly Ryou spotted a prisoner walking freely around the cells and yelled,"HEY! What do you think you're doing?" He had british accent.

The prisoner shot his head up and ran over to the guards and Yugi. The man was tall, and had scruffy blond hair and fiery brown eyes.

The blond huffed out,"Sorry! I was just went to go take a leak, cause my cell wasn't properly locked!"

Malik shook his head and Duke groaned,"That Ushio is a real idiot sometimes. He can't even lock the doors right."

Tristan said sternly,"You better not have been trying to escape again Joey, you could get in big trouble. We'll escort you back to your cell as soon as we get this one to his."

The man named Joey looked at Yugi with curiosity. "You new or somethin'? What'd ya do?"

Before Yugi could open his mouth and say he was framed Malik replied,"That's none of your business Wheeler, you can ask him out in the yard when the time comes. Now please keep your mouth shut."

The six men walked farther now, and finally approached Yugi's new cell. Their was a man standing there, a big man in a guards uniform.

The big man said,"This little shrimp is gonna room with him? He won't survive two days!" He started laughing, making Yugi uncomfortable, and Tristan growled.

"Ushio quit your shit talk, and just open the cell door." Tristan was pissed off with Ushio.

Ushio glared at Joey and asked,"What's the dog doing here? Shouldn't you be in your cell?"

Before Joey could remark, Tristan growled,"He would be if you locked the doors right you idiot! Now open the damn door!"

Ushio gulped at Tristan's glare and made haste to open the cell. Joey took a look and glanced worriedly at Yugi. Joey knew who was already in that cell.

Yugi noticed Joey staring at him, and did his best to ignore it. Ushio got the door open, and they all heard a deep baritone voice say,"Hurry up and get my meat in here I'm starving!"

Yugi flinched at at the voice, and Tristan hollered,"We were running out of room, so quit your complaining."

The voice inside said,"I don't want no damn roommate! I love it alone! He's dead once he get's in here!"

Now Yugi was sweating and he got more scared once Ushio retorted,"He's real cute just so you know! You could have some fun with him!" Malik smacked Ushio on the head for his crude words, and this time the voice went silent.

"Bring him in here." The voice sounded interested now. Duke had to shove Yugi in there, since the little guy would not move. Once inside they shut the steel door which was meant for the really bad prisoners.

Ushio yelled so they could hear him. "DON'T KILL EACH OTHER NOW!" Then they heard laughter outside and Tristan telling Ushio to shut his goddam shit hole.

Inside the cell was pretty spacious, one bright light bulb lit the room, their were two beds, and even a desk. One little window was open wide, showing the gray sky.

Yugi noticed these things, but then he took a good look at the man sitting on one of the beds. The man looked like a meaner tougher, more roughly built version of himself to put it quickly. He had dark tan skin, and bloody crimson were the color of his eyes.

The man glared at Yugi with an evil and amused smile on his face. "So, it appears as though I get a mini me as my jail mate. And you are pretty cute. I could have some real fun with you."

Yugi was shaking like a leaf in a cruel wind, frightened out of his wits to say anything. He could tell instantly that this man was a real murderer. And a mean one.

The man laughed evilly then got up and walked slowly over to Yugi. He clasped his hands on Yugi's shaking shoulders. He was a little more than a head taller than him.

"I can tell that we are gonna be good friends mini me. So, what's you name?" "Y-Yugi..." "Yugi huh? Well my name's Atem. And as of now, I own you. You will do whatever I say if you want to survive this prison. Understand?"

Yugi nodded his head. He was in the shit now, that's for sure!


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