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"...And so kids, trust me, you don't want to be kept in jail. It's terrible, the food sucks, the inmates aren't so nice, and neither are the gaurds. Plus you shower with other people." Yugi ranted to the little kids.

Mr. Taylor, the Captain of the Guard said,"Alright children, time to go see the cafeteria. Move along."

The kids followed their parents to the mess hall, to get some lunch.

Sighing, Mr. Taylor turned to Yugi. "Well Yugi, there's the last group. You tired yet?"

Yugi Motou, now in his forties, stared at the young Taylor. First off, this guy was the son of the orginal Mr. Taylor, who retired. "Nah Taylor, i'm cool with it. I love talking to kids, no matter what. It's good they know that prison is no fun place!"

Nodding, Mr. Taylor asked,"So, when's your trial?"

"In a few days I think," Yugi replied wistfully. "Maybe they'll let me go huh?"

"I sure hope so sir." Mr. Taylor said honestly.

After all the action and drama was over, Yugi decided to go back to Japan to face his consequences. Joey, Seto, and everyone else begged him to stay in Egypt, but Yugi refused. So, just in case the authorities were to interrogate Yugi, Ishizu erased Yugi's memory.

Mr. Taylor then returned Yugi to his cell. Yugi was actually considered a hero. For one thing, he did bring back evidence of his innocence those twenty something years ago. So now the law was rightfully embarressed for putting an innocent man in jail for so many years. They only put Yugi back in prison because they found out that he and a bunch of other guys broke out.

And that's why he was in jail right now, waiting for another trial. For seven years, he could not remember exactly what went down.

Yugi had no cellmate; he had the privelege of being alone in a cell. As he was about to go to sleep, the cell's door opened.

CREAK! "Yugi Motou?" said a gruff voice.

Standing up, and bowing, Yugi mumurmered respectfully,"Yes sir?"

The tall man wore a suit, burgandy colored, and he bore a striking black clean beard, and the coldest blue eyes ever. Yet those eyes warmed over at the sight Yugi. Another man, just as tall, with scruffy blond hair and warmer brown eyes talked to Yugi.

"Ya sure got older, didn't ya Yug?" said the accented voice.

Snapping his head up, Yugi felt as though that voice seemed very familiar.

Before Yugi could say anything, The two men handed him a package. The blue eyed man said,"You can only have this for the night. In the morning, the guards will take it away. Good luck."

Yugi took the box, and the two men left without another word. Curious, Yugi opened the box carefully to see it's contents.

Once all the cardboard was ripped off, Yugi held in his hands a golden box with ancient hieroglyphs carved upon it. As he stared at the old aged eye, Yugi felt his insides melt, his eyes water, and his breath quicken. The older Yugi hugged the box to his chest, silently sobbing, tears of pain and love trailing his cheeks.

After crying, Yugi then opened the box to see various golden puzzle pieces all bunched up together. Wiping away his tears, Yugi decided to get to work.

-Trial Day-

It was finally the day of Yugi's trial. To see if he would finally be set could hear the harmonica playing.

~Another song is born,
it prays for the crook,
sadly I mourn,
as I get a good look;

Yugi was all dressed up in his suit and tie, waiting with his new lawyer, just nodding at everything he was saying. His lawyer really wanted to win this case.Yugi didn't really care.

At his face,
so pale and still,
eyes out of place,
losing all their life's will,

His lawyer left Yugi all alone in the office to go to the bathroom. Yugi only stared through the glass window, to look at the fully completed Millenium Puzzle. Holding all his memories.

This man was my friend,
a special someone,
he would never pretend,|
we were always on the run,

Yugi stood up, and walked towards the glass to stare at the eye of the puzzle. He put one hand upon the glass, his heart beating slow and steady.

Now the end has come,
it's time to end this tale,
all of it is summed,
into one sad wail,

Letting his hand slip, Yugi kept staring at the puzzle he had completed. Tears brimming his eyes, Yugi whispered,"Someday Atem... Someday, they'll set me free too."

The lawyer then told Yugi the trial was starting, and to get seated. Yugi wiped his eyes, and then followed his lawyer, the puzzle holding his memories prisoner. The harmonica kept singing.

He's bad at first glance,|
dead and no one gives a damn,
is there a chance,
to free this lamb,

I don't know,
where'll he'll go,
i'll pray for him,
his chance is slim,|

Demons begone,
wait for dawn,
as God passes judgement,
i'll sing your lament,

May it reach the heavens,
and to God's ears,
may you be forgiven,|
for your sinful years,

I sing a prayer for you,

my last quote,
it's right on cue,
the final note,

Yugi sat down in the defendents seat, as the judge sat down as well. It was all over. With that song in his heart, no matter what the decision was, Yugi would somehow be free.

Forever I roam, take me home, let me be,

Liberty bring, what I sing, show the key,
Oh Lord please, I'm on my knees, Set Me Free~

BANG! The gavel banged down with finality.


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