Jesse's POV

I looked out into the cold, misty, rain, it looked so lifeless, it just falls. My eyes started to get teary, I could feel the sting coming. Before I knew it the tears were streaming down my cheeks. The thought of the rain killed me, I used to love the rain and everything about it. I loved the rain. Hence the word Loved. Sometimes when it would rain gently and quietly like it is now, I would walk outside and sit against a tree bark and watch the tain, the dancing, beautiful, majestic rain, but now, now the rain is just a sad memory for me.

The rain was a special bond that my father and I shared. When I was younger, my father and I would run outside in the rain and he would take me by the waist and spin me around in the air as I laughed like a school girl who was poisoned with laughing gas. I would look into my fathers eyes only seeing absolute enjoyment and happiness, hearing my father laugh was probably the bed thing ever, known that he was happy and nothing could bring him down was just great. I walked away from the window, drying my tears with the back of my hand. I lied down on my bed, enjoying the quiet time. I started to close my eyes wanting to relaz them, seeing as the burning sensation they were getting from my tears.

Thoughts running though my mind, the same thoughts over and over again. Some thoughts that I haven't thought about in a long time came rusing in to my mind, reminding me of my mother. Pian shot through my heart, making me sit up and put my hand over my heart. My eyes shot open due to the pain. Once my eyes opened more tears came clooding out, right now I feel like a rading water park ride.

My bed, a lot of times reminds me of my mother. She would read me to sleep with her soft , velvet voice with just the slightest touch of beauty. She's the most important woman in my life and she still is. I charish every memory I have of her, her long deep dirty blonde wavy hair that lay lightly on her shoulders, her dark blue eys that seemed to glisten with just the slightest touch of light, her beautiful bright smile that I loved to see. Every feature that she owned was beautiful, she's like an angel. No wonder father loved her so much.

My Parents died in a car accident that had to do with a drunk driver. They were coming back from a little shop where they loved to but jewelry from, the best jewelry in fact. It was my bithfay that day and they wanted to make it special, they had me thinking that they were going to store to buy gorceries for us to eat. Boy did they have me fooled. There was a cop car that was passing by when the accidnet happened. According to the cop, the car was hit from the passanger side and bumped into an overgrown tree. The car went up in flames due to the exposing gas and heat, the drunk man hoped out of his truck running away from the scene. The cop called for help immediatley and caught the drunk man who didn't get very far, he couldn't run straight. He was going all different directions. The drunk driver suffered a cut to the head causing a minor concussion, he was sentenced for 50 years of jail.