Empty. Cold. Desolate. Alone. Those are just a few of the words you could use to describe that thumping, obnoxious, over indulgent muscle in my chest; otherwise known as my heart. It beats, and thumps,and dives head first into the deepest puddle of pain it can find for itself. And with a life that is in a constant downpour, puddles are seldom scarce.

Its been 7 months. You'd think thatd be enough time to get past everything that happened, move on,and be happy again. But nope! My heart insists on sacrificing itself to the demon of all emotions: love.

Now dont start with all that you're too young to understand love crap! Thats bull and you know it. Anybody capable of experiencing any emotion is capable of feeling love. Yes...I understand that 16 years old is a little immature to grasp something as profound as love, but I know what I felt. It was love...definitely love.