I can't remember exactly when the change happened but I can remember every intimate detail about it. It was the most excruciating, painful thing I've ever lived through.

Being a wolf has had both good and bad affects on my life. The good stuff includes things like being warm blooded and never being cold. The extreme rate at which my body heals itself. Being the alpha. And in the situation I'm in right now, my impeccable sense of smell is quite useful. Sniffing out Ashley's trails has been easy, but finding her….well that's the hard part. All of my senses are heightened now and my memory is incredible. I honestly don't remember what it was like NOT being a wolf.

Bad things about being a wolf include things like being warm blooded. It's both a good and a bad thing. Bad because well…winder was my favorite season. Snow just isn't the same anymore. My body runs at a temperature of 113 so snow doesn't really stay snow for very long around me. Another bad thing is my ability to hear absolutely everything within a 100 mile radius. So like when Laney brings home different men at ungodly hours of the night….well yea. I bet you can imagine where I'm going with this. And the worst of all bad things that are tied into this package is the phase itself. Taste, smell, sound, sight, and touch are the basic five senses and they're all heightened by quite a bit. Pain….not a basic sense, but still heightened none the less. My pain receptors go into overdrive when I'm phasing. Every inch of my body aches and burns every time I phase, and the pain never becomes easier to handle.

Other than that, being a wolf is pretty much a perk in my life. I love it. My family life has always been shit, but being the Alpha of a pack gives you a whole new sense of family. And ever since Grace was born, my paternal instinct has been improving so watching out for my pack feels somewhat rewarding.

There are seven of us in the pack. Me, the alpha male.

Jason is my right hand wolf, the Beta. He makes my jab as an alpha so much easier. He makes sure that everybody knows their role in the pack and when necessary, he plays the part of babysitter.

Luke and Jaycee are the wolf'en of the pack. They are the hunters. And when it comes down to it, they are my flanks in battle. They are my warriors and the best soldiers in my pack. They take orders well, and don't complain.

Damian, Nik, and Missy are the canis among the pack. They are our newest members and are still learning the trades of the pack.

There are only two girls in the pack and it's actually very rare to have even one per pack. So we're quite unique as far as a pack goes. Female wolves usually wander alone and are only brought into the pack when either the alpha or the betas have an interest in them, or we are in need of pups. But in our case, Jaycee and Missy were genetically pre-disposed to the wolf gene. Usually this gene only gets passed along on the y-chromosome and in very rare cases it gets passed along on the x-chromosome. Both Jaycee and Missy's ancestors from as far back as our kind goes were part of the werewolf history. So yea, genetics is a huge part of it. And since we're half-breeds, full bred wolves don't take to us kindly. Being a werewolf is hard enough, doing it alone is even worse. So as the alpha, when I learned of Jaycee and Missy's new found life as wolves, I extended an invitation into my pack and they graciously accepted.

Although we're separated by rank and experience, we function as a whole. And as in any were wolf phenom, we have one common enemy.