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On Mount Olympus everything was frantic. Poseidon and Zeus were fighting over the Master Bolt. Gods were taking sides. Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Demeter took Poseidon's side while Athena, Ares, Dionysus, and Hera took Zeus's. Even minor Gods were taking sides.

If they didn't figure out where the Bolt was soon, then a war bigger than any other would break out. The mortals would definitely not survive this time.

Suddenly, a TV popped out of the wall. The logo 'H' was on it. One of the Gods was about to strike it down. They didn't have time for Hephaestus's petty little games. But voices stopped them.

A picture appeared on the screen. A young boy with messy black hair and sparkling sea green eyes was sitting next to a blond with curly hair and intelligent gray eyes. The Gods immediately recognized her as Athena's daughter, Annabeth.

Athena pushed past the other Gods to get a better look. The dark haired boy held onto Annabeth as robotic spiders roamed the Tunnel of Love.

When they got a better look they noticed that the boy was Poseidon's son, Percy. Athena gasped and turned around to point at Poseidon dangerously.

"If your son so much as ruffles a blonde hair on my daughter's head, I don't think even Zeus himself could stop me from smiting you."

Poseidon glared. "My son won't do anything to harm her!"

"Shhh!" Aphrodite hissed. The two young demi-gods screamed as the water filled the tunnel. The boat tugged as the water fought.

"Do something!" Athena begged her rival.

"Percy has got it." He assured.

"Unfasten your seat belt." Percy ordered.

"Are you crazy!"

"Unless you want to get smashed to death. We're going to jump for it."

"He's going to get them killed!" Athena cried. "Why oh why did she trust the son of a God that has a head so full of kelp that it's surprising he can even do anything right!"

Poseidon looked so offended that he almost striked her down. Aphrodite sighed. "Just watch! They're so cute!"

"On my mark!" Percy said.

"No. On my mark." Annabeth protested. Athena nodded in approval.

As they quickly argued over who's mark they should jump on, Aphrodite smiled. They were the perfect couple. You could tell just by watching them it would be a love story almost as tragic as Romeo and Juliet. The Goddess of love promised herself and them something. She would not make this easy for them.

Percy and Annabeth projected in the sky and landed safely on the ground. Athena grabbed Poseidon in a surprising hug.

"She's okay!" Athena cried. She noticed what she was doing and pulled away uncomfortably. "Maybe he isn't that much of a kelp head after all."

As they calmed down the matter at hand was brought back to the forefront of their minds. "Your son may have saved Annabeth's life, but he's still a thief." Zeus declared.

Poseidon glared and started yelling again. Everyone went back to their sides, except Athena backed up Poseidon this time.

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