Edward Cullen: Confessions of a Love Sick Geek by SoapyMayhem

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Edward Cullen: Confessions of a Love Sick Geek *~ Chapter 16 The Chapter Where They Finally Do It!*~

**Edward Cullen**

I pulled up to the Swan residence promptly at 7:30 a.m., and there she was.

She looked like heaven in her white cotton dress with a deep blue cardigan sweater. My eyes traveled down to see her smooth pale legs pouring from her dress into a navy pair of converse tennis shoes. My cock hardened when I imagined those toned legs wrapped around my hips like a vice while I pounded into her for hours and hours.

Fuck! School was going to be torture.

My Volvo purred as I revved the engine a bit to get her attention.

She smiled and waived before awkwardly hugging Charlie, who was busy getting his fishing supplies ready for his trip. I knew my Dad would be arriving at any minute to pick him up in our family camper and drive them down to the Rez to meet everyone else. I remember rolling my eyes at my dad when he loaded up several cases of Heineken into the camper. He simply laughed and explained that since it was Charlie's 40th birthday, they were going to celebrate in style. I hoped this meant that they'd have so much fun that they'd end up staying an extra day. Which meant they would all be to hung over to drive home. It wouldn't have been the first time.

After shaking her head at something Charlie said and blushing like a tomato, Bella grabbed her backpack and her overnight bag for her sleepover with Alice and skipped over to my car.

"Morning, beautiful." I greeting loving how she grinned at my complement.

"Morning. I missed you," she replied before slipping her hand into mine.

I glanced up at Charlie who was watching us with his arms crossed and his brow raised in challenge. Yeah, he totally knew that I was screwing around with his little girl.

I waived at him politely before driving off toward school, knowing that if I'd been any other guy, he would have been cleaning his shotgun on the porch when I arrived. I was so fucking lucky to be on the Chief's good side.

"Today is the day," Bella purred seductively in my ear after leaning over and pushing her breasts against me from the passenger side of the car.

"Fuck… I know, baby, but you're going to make me crash if you keep that up," I half-groaned, half-whined before adjusting my glasses, and focusing on the road ahead.

I knew what she was doing - the little vixen - she was teasing me again. The last few nights she'd gotten me so fucking worked up on the webcam, just teasing me relentlessly.

Three nights ago during our first webcam session, I came so fast. The other sessions had me cumming just as quickly, and it wasn't just that, it was every time I had any kind of sexual encounter with Bella and her sweet, sweet mouth. I wasn't sure I was going to last long enough when we actually made love, to make it good for her. Bella had suggested trying tantric sex. We both knew withholding my release three days probably wasn't long enough to make the method work the way it was supposed to, but I was willing to try anyway.

Three days - it was the longest I'd gone without jerking off and cumming since I was twelve years old. It was torture, pure fucking torture. Having her close to me in the car, whispering that shit in my ear. Fuck. I was thankful she hadn't tried to touch me. I knew I would have jizzed all in my pants the moment her hand brushed against the bulge in my jeans. If that happened before tonight, all the waiting would have been for nothing.

As politely as I possibly could, I nudged Bella to her side of the car, keeping our hands grasped tightly so she wouldn't take offense.

She snickered and shook her head in amusement.

That little tease knew exactly what she was doing. Just like on the web cam last night when she made me watch her fuck herself with the little pink wand again. She commanded me to keep my hands where she could see them. I wasn't allowed to touch myself while I watch her slipping the bulbous tip between the silky lips of her soaked pussy, until she came hard soaking her thighs - making a mess.

I needed to cum so bad that I almost begged, but she simply growled lowly that I was not allowed. She told me that I had to save my orgasm for her and that the next time I got to cum would be inside her hot little pussy. I nearly came from her words alone.

After she finished, Bella had to go and take a shower, and suggested I do the same. I almost froze my nuts off trying to rid myself of the painful hard-on I was sporting.

When I awoke this morning with another rock-hard erection, I knew I hadn't come in my sleep. For that I was thankful.

The school parking lot was about half-full when we arrived. Alice was in her car on the phone, likely talking to Jasper. A few spaces over, Rose stood chatting with Angela and Ben. Bella got out and went over to Alice's car, while I noticed Seth getting out of the passenger side of a little green car before it drove off.

"Seth," I called out trying to get his attention.

Seth startled a bit before looking nervously in my direction. He visibly relaxed when he realized it was me. I waved at him and motioned for him to come over. He hesitated for a moment before walking in my direction.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked in an attempt to make small talk before I got to the real reason I'd asked him over.

"Err… umm, not much, I guess," he said shifting his weight from foot to foot.

"Did you get a chance to work on the art assignment yet?" I asked hoping he'd stop being so nervous around me.

"Umm, yeah… I started planning it out, but-" he began.

"Seth? Is that my little buddy?" I heard Bella shout from a few cars over.

Seth's eyes lit up in recognition of my girl as she ran over to where we were standing.

"Bell?" he said grinning. "I wondered when I'd see you!"

My usual possessiveness didn't make an appearance when Bella wrapped her arms around him and lifted him up in a crushing embrace.

"What are you doing here, kid?" she asked suddenly wary.

"Umm… I guess I just needed a change of pace. The Rez school was getting a little too crowded," he replied sadly.

"Jared and Paul again?" Bella asked, but it was obvious she already knew the answer to that question. Seth nodded and looked up at me for a moment.

"Oh shit… I almost forgot - Seth this is Edward, my boyfriend," she said excitedly changing the melancholy tone.

"We've met. We have art together," I replied, laughing at her cuteness.

"Awesome, you can be my spy then, Seth. You know… make sure the bitches keep there hands off my man," she whispered conspiratorially before ruffling his hair in a playful manner.

"Well, I've got to meet back up with Alice. We need a little girl time before tonight," she explained with a suggestive wink before walking off.

I watched her walk away never breaking my gaze from her perfect supple ass. There was little I could do to stop the images of Bella's naked flesh from flashing through my brain. A low groan slipped from my lips unbidden.

Seth laughed heartily, at the blatant eye-fucking I'd been giving my girl.

"Wow, you've got it bad, huh?" he asked amused.

"I fucking love that girl," I admitted, my tone serious.

"You seem… good for her," he said sincerely, "I never saw her smile like that with Jake, and he most certainly never looked at her the way you just did."

Seth's mention of Jake set me on edge a bit, but his observations simultaneously soothed my jealousy at the same time.

He thought Bella smiled at me differently than she had at Jake. I could only hope it was because she didn't love Jake the way she loved me. That thought made me smile - in my heart, I knew it was the truth.

"She's been my best friend for years, and I've probably loved her the entire time. Last year was really hard for me when Bella started dating Jake. I didn't know what to do with myself without her around. After she came back this summer from Florida, I couldn't hide my feelings anymore, I had to tell her how I felt. It was so fucking scary that I'd been practicing what I was going to say to her in the mirror for weeks. It helped a bit, though, I was pretty sure the fact that I'd gained over 35 pounds of muscle weight over the summer had more to do with my newfound confidence." Seth's eyes widened as he looked me over in disbelief.

"What the hell? Did you have a… a growth spurt or something?" he said choking a bit. "I mean you can't have looked that much different, right?"

"Four months ago, I was practically skin and bones. Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley had been throwing me in dumpsters, shoving me inside lockers, and dumping food and shit on me practically everyday. Those fuckers won't lay a hand on me now, and you either if they know what's good for them." He had to know that I wasn't going to stand around and let them treat anyone else the way they'd treated me my whole life.

Seth looked slightly embarrassed. "How did you… you know… get like that?" he stuttered.

"Radioactive spider," I teased, enjoying watching him laugh freely. "No really, I just worked out a bunch - got a personal trainer, went on a special diet. It was hard work, but totally worth it."

"Wow… I wish I could." he said wistfully, giving me the opening I needed.

"You know you could work out with me and shit. I could help you with the diet and stuff, plus my dad is friends with the owner of the gym so I could get you in really cheap too. If you're interested," I offered.

"Are you serious? You wouldn't mind hanging out with a runt like me?" he said, only half-joking.

"Nah, man. I feel like we have a lot in common. Besides, I don't really have that many guy friends, unless you count the guys I play WOW with online," I admitted and he chuckled knowingly.

I hoped he'd agree because it would be easier to get him to help me with what I needed, if I could offer to help him with something in return.

"Also, I could use your help with something myself," I mentioned, attempting to be casual. "See, I've been working on a gift for Bella, and I've been having some trouble."

"What kind of gift?" he asked curiously.

"It's kind of a surprise, so like… don't tell anyone, okay?"

"No problem," he assured me.

"So, I am kind of writing a comic for Bella, and well… I have a few issues of the short series written and storyboarded, and a lot of the artwork is done, except the ink and color. I've tried and I just cant get it to look right. I've seen your work with color. It's fucking fantastic. So I guess what I am saying is that - I'll help you get in shape or whatever, if you'll help me with ink and color on Bella's comic."

Seth stood there seemingly lost in thought for a moment before the bell rang signaling time to go to class. I had five minutes till I needed to be at my desk so I waited a few beats for him to answer.

"Okay." he said shrugging.

"Okay? Seriously you'll help me?" I asked stunned.

"Sure, why not. If it's anything like your other comics I'm sure it will be fantastic, and beside that I am tired of getting my ass kicked and having nice guys like you and Jake stick up for me," he admitted. His words reminded me of the day Bella and Jake met at La Push when Jake was defending a younger kid from some other guys on the Rez. It was likely that kid had been Seth, and as curious as I was to know, I decided not to mention it.

The two of us walked to our classes chatting about the comic. I told him about my hero, vampire Isabella Strangelove and her human lover, Anthony Masen, and he seemed pretty interested. He loved that I'd put Bella in my comic. Based on his reaction, I was pretty sure he would have agreed to help me even if I wasn't going to help him bulk up.

The day seemed to pass by slowly, I was both anxious for it to be over and nervous about fucking everything up when the time finally came. My thoughts bordered on irrational when I began to worry that I would suck and Bella would see me for the loser I was and dump my geeky ass. Logically, I knew this wasn't true. Bella was a sweet, patient girl who loved me. From our past encounters, she seemed to be able to come easily with her toys and my hands and mouth - I had to hope that using my cock would be no different. I began to grow hard thinking about how fucking responsive she was - well, at least to everything we'd done so far. I positioned my books over the growing bulge in my jeans and strode across the lunchroom to where Bella was seated eating from a bowl of cut, fresh fruit.

My predicament grew even harder and began to throb when I saw her spear a large cube of cantaloupe with her fork and slip the juicy fruit between her full lips. The bite was a bit too large, so as she struggled to chew the fruit, juice poured from the side of her mouth and dribbled down her chin onto the table.

Fuck. I wanted to suck that juice off of her pale skin. Just thinking about it gave me all kinds of dirty ideas for things we could do later.

After shamelessly gawking at my girl for a minute, I walked over to sit down.

"Hey baby, I missed you," she admitted with a grin.

"Missed you too," I replied before kissing the top of her head and sitting down next to her.

Bella took a bite off pineapple chunk and held the rest out offering it to me.

The need to give Bella a taste of her own medicine, had me wrapping my lips around the tart pineapple as well as her fork. A low feminine growl, alerted me to the fact that Bella had picked up on the intention of my little display of seduction. She was aroused of course, but I knew I could do better than that to get her worked up.

After the way she teased me on the webcam and in the car this morning, a little payback was in order. I was going to treat the rest of the day as one long foreplay session, to work her into a sexually frustrated frenzy as well as prepare us for the steamy night that laid ahead.

"Mmmm, so good," I moaned in response to the sweet fruit pleasuring my taste buds. Bella looked longingly at my mouth longer than was appropriate, before she snapped out of her trance.

"So, you met Seth already?" she asked diverting her attention from my - apparently - distracting lips.

"Yeah, he was the kid I was telling you about a few weeks ago that I helped. You know the one Mike and Tyler were messing with?" I told her sadly, my seduction plans temporarily on hold.

"Oh, no. He transferred here to get away from assholes like them. He can't seem to catch a break." Bella sighed sadly.

"Don't worry about Seth, I've got him covered. I'll make sure no one fucks with him at school, then he's gonna come work out with me at the gym on the weekends and jog with me after school a few times a week. I hope you don't mind that he'll be riding with us sometimes." I was nervous about mentioning this to Bella. She'd gotten used to having me all to herself since we started dating, and I wasn't sure how happy she'd be about changing that dynamic. I mean, I knew I was going to miss her like crazy whenever she wasn't with me, but I supposed we needed some time apart every once in a while.

"Of course not Edward, I think it's great that you have someone to spend time with that shares your interests, besides me. I mean, I know Seth is into World of Warcraft and comics and stuff too, so I am sure you guys will have plenty to talk about. The fact that you helping him so he doesn't get bullied anymore is amazing. Anyway, I know Alice, Rose and Angela have been feeling neglected by me lately." She was always so kind and understanding.

"He's pretty cool, and I guess it would be nice to hang out with a guy like me for once. It's not like Emmett and Jasper ever really cared about the same stuff as me. I know they only really played with me because Mom made them."

"Your brother loves you. He and Jasper just have different interests, you know?" she said in an attempt to comfort me. I nodded accepting wordlessly.

Bella's face turned a little sad, but she still rubbed my back lovingly before turning to her lunch.

Wanting to lighten the mood, I moved myself close enough that our sides were pressed together, and slid my hand underneath the skirt of her dress and onto her thigh, reminding her of what was to come tonight. The sadness that had darkened her lovely features transformed into desire and longing.

Unable to hide her reactions, her breath quickened and pupils dilated as I trailed my pinky over the lacey edge of her panties. I had to stifle a groan when my finger passed over the portion covering her pussy and found it sopping wet.

"You're wet already, sweetheart?" I whispered lowly in her ear. She nodded and shifted her hips so that my pinky pressed against her clit. "Ah, ah, ah, you'll have to wait for that." I removed my pinky from where she wanted it, but left my hand on her thigh. I was pretty sure I heard her whimper in frustration.

Before she had a chance to pout, I grabbed her fork and speared a few pieces of fruit and tried to feed her, but she snatched it back from my hand and smacked at me playfully to move away from her. I guess the proximity was making her as crazy as it was me. I was desperate to go to the bathroom and jerk off.

Like lunch, Biology was a test of restraint. While I wanted nothing more than to bury my fingers in her hot pussy, while she stroked me under the lab table, I had to control my thoughts or I was going to jizz in my fucking pants like I had at the luau party.

Bella kissed me goodbye and we separated so I could head over to art class. Mrs. Marcus was out for the day and the sub told us to work on our projects or study for our other classes. She pretty much just sat there drinking coffee and reading a magazine, so I leaned over to talked to Seth, who was drawing a portrait of a girl. She looked to be about fifteen or sixteen with a heart shaped face, dark hair, almond eyes, and a bit of a Mona Lisa smile. The attention to detail was excellent.

"That looks really good, man," I remarked impressed by his talent. His eyes widened and he scrambled to cover up the picture.

"Oh, thanks. It's nothing I was just messing around," he said nervously.

"Well, if that was you just messing around I'd love to see what you come up with when you actually try," I teased.

Seth and I chatted a bit about what kind of stuff we'd be doing when we trained together. We both agreed that he wasn't going to work out as aggressively as I had. It was probably for the best, considering the fact that I worked like a dog all summer to look the way I did, and it wasn't fun, not at all how I wanted my time with Seth to be.

He was impressed when I pulled out some of the Solar Eclipse artwork I'd brought in for him to see today. He had a ton of ideas for the color and even mentioned using Photoshop to make it look more professional. I had never used that program before, so I was thrilled he was proficient. I was even more excited and impressed when he pulled a few printed copies of work he'd done using it Photoshop from his portfolio.

With Seth's help, I couldn't stop myself from wondering what we might accomplish together.

After art, I told Seth I was busy tonight and tomorrow, but I would call him on Sunday so the two of us could get together and hang out. Though after tonight, I wasn't certain that I'd be able to pull myself away from my girl long enough to actually keep my word.

Bella and I agreed that since we both had a free period at the end of school, we would skip out today. My skin began to prickle with nerves and excitement as I walked out of the building and into the deserted parking lot toward my car. Time seemed to stand still when I noticed her already there leaned against the hood. Her sweater had been removed, showing more of her creamy skin, just looking too beautiful for words with her head back as a light breeze swept her hair and dress up a bit. The sun shining on her making her glow, coupled with her simple white dress was my undoing. I couldn't help but imagine a not too distant future with her as my bride, my wife. Of course, it was much too soon for that, but I was certain Bella was it for me. She was the only girl I ever wanted or would ever want. My forever.

Her eyes lit up the moment she saw me approach and then ran across the lot and jumped into my embrace, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I'm ready," she whispered shyly as I crushed her to my chest and wondered what I'd ever done to deserve this amazing girl.

"Me too, baby. Me too," I replied my voice thick with emotion.

We held hands the entire way to Port Angeles speaking very little, and I would have thought something was wrong were it not for the serene look on her face.

Only minutes shy of check in time, we arrived at the Olympic Lodge. I pulled the Volvo up to the valet and let them take care of the bags and my car while I checked us in. Bella stood to the side, shyly playing with hem of her dress. God she looked fucking gorgeous, and I felt totally out of my league. Logically, I knew she loved me, but again, I couldn't help but wonder what I'd done to deserve such an amazing woman.

Some people go there entire lives never having met their soul mate, yet I was fortunate enough to meet mine when I was nine. There had to be catch.

Bella's eyes met mine, and she had to have known what I was feeling, that I was doubting myself, because the words she mouthed to me soothed my aching heart.

Want you… So much - Her plump lips worded silently.

Want you… Love you - I replied just as silent.

We were given a pair of room keys, and directed to the elevators that would lead to our room on the third floor. I couldn't wait for Bella to see the suite. It was expensive, but I knew it would be totally worth it. Though my parents would be pissed if they knew what I'd done, my Grandma Masen was a hopeless romantic and would have been thrilled to know I was spending a bit of the inheritance she left me on a special time with the woman I loved.

We arrived at the door to our room and I was thankful there was no sign on the front saying honeymoon or presidential suite. Bella didn't need to know about the room upgrade, because she would have felt bad about me spending so much.

Shakily, I slid the keycard in and opened the door to find a lovely open room with a couch, loveseat, and a roaring stone fireplace. Bella gasped as she took in the room. We hadn't even seen the bedroom yet and already she was overwhelmed.

"Is it too much, love?" I asked nervously with a small smile.

"It's beautiful, Edward," she said breathily before wrapping her arms around my neck and leaned in for a kiss. A sharp knock at the door abruptly interrupted our moment of bliss, and caused irritation to flare inside. Hastily, I answered the door wearing what I was certain was a death glare. A greasy haired bellhop, unfazed by my demeanor, stood with our luggage awaiting his tip. I handed him a twenty and grabbed our stuff quickly. The way I saw it, I paid him well enough that I didn't feel bad for slamming the door in his face.

Tonight had been a long time coming, and I didn't want anymore interruptions. After putting our bags on the couch, I ran back to the door and slipped the 'Do Not Disturb' sign over the handle.

"Let's take a look around," I suggested as casually as I could manage before slipping Bella's slender hand in mine.

The room was filled with colors of luxurious gold, rich dark wood, accents of deep red and pure whites - fur and stone, wood and leather - it was so fucking sexy.

Bella's hand tightened on mine when she saw the huge bed with it's rich gold comforter and excessive pillows, the hot tub in the corner, and the dining cart holding a bouquet of orchids and a few covered plates.

"How did you…," she asked trailing off as I covered her lips with mine, effectively silencing her concerns about the well-spent money.

Her lips were sweet and soft, and trembled as I nibbled and sucked on them. Bella whimpered lowly as I splayed my hand on her back and pulled her flush against my chest. Finally, after I'd kissed us both breathless, my little vixen decided to join the party.

Bella pushed me against the bathroom door, the tour now forgotten, and began to attack my dress shirt, popping off a few buttons in the process. How was I going to explain that to my mom?

Her dress zippered up the side and I slowly lowered it as she kissed my neck and jaw while her lower body suddenly supplied mine with friction.

It didn't take long to have Bella out of her dress and standing before me in a sheer cream bra and panty set. There was nothing I could do to stop my fucking mouth from watering with the urge to taste her, and she knew it too.

My little vixen sashayed over to the huge bed and climbed into the middle of it on all fours like a jungle cat. She curled her finger motioning for me to join her. Not wanting to disappoint her, I slid out of my jeans, took off my glasses, tennis shoes, and socks leaving me only in a pair of black boxer briefs. I figured this occasion called for something a little sexier than my Incredible Hulk shorts. The appreciative looks Bella was giving me told me she agreed.

I climbed up on the bed and gently pushed her shoulders till she was laying on her back. Hovering over her, I kissed my way down her neck stopping at each lace covered nipple to take them in my mouth and caress the rough fabric and her swollen buds with my tongue.

Her little noises and moans nearly had me cumming in my fucking underwear.

When I had sufficiently kissed my way down to her hips, I hooked my fingers through the side of her panties and slowly slid them down her legs exposing her bare pussy to me.

"So, fucking beautiful Bella. I need to fucking taste you, now," I half-moaned, half-growled.

Bella bit her bottom lip in that sexy way I love and watched me as I pushed her legs open.

She was already so wet for me, that she had my cock weeping to get inside her sweet little body, but first I was going to make her come on my tongue.

Bella sat up a bit and watched as my hand approached her quivering thighs. Using two fingers, I slipped them inside her and began sliding them in and out slowly - teasing.

When she was writhing and moaning with the need to come, I curled my fingers up to hit her sweet spot and attacked her clit with the flat of my tongue.

She cried out loudly as I lapped at her before sucking and nibbling and swirling my tongue just the way she liked. And I knew she was getting close because the moment my fingers pressed harder against her spot, her legs began to shake.

"Holy fucking shit…. Edward, fuck," she shouted and I felt her inner walls flutter and clamp down on my fingers. I lapped at her pussy drinking every drop of the sweet nectar her body gave me. She was fucking delicious.

As she came down from her orgasm, I slipped out of bed and went over to the food cart.

"What are you doing?" she asked curiously before sitting up to watch me.

"Take off your bra, and then lay down and close your eyes, my love," I directed before grabbing a tray of fruit from the cart.

I the tray to the side before retrieving a hotel towel and the bottle of jasmine scented warming oil I ordered a week ago, from my bag and then climbed up onto the bed.

"Keep them closed," I whispered close to her ear, making her shiver.

If I was being honest with myself, I had no fucking clue what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to tease Bella and make her feel sexy and worshipped. I hoped to God I didn't fuck it up.

"You trust me right, baby?" I asked as seductively as I could manage.

She nodded letting a small sigh pour from her parted lips.

"Lift your hips," I said before placing the towel down under her. I couldn't afford to be billed for a ruined hotel comforter.

I poured some of the oil in my hands and then rubbed them together letting the it heat up a bit, and then let a few drops dribble onto Bella's nipples and stomach. She gasped in surprise, but kept her eyes closed.

I started at her stomach rubbing and caressing until she was arching her breasts up, her body seemingly begging for my touch. Not wanting to deny her, my hands slowly worked their way up her torso. Using the pads of my thumbs, I worked the oil into her nipples relishing the feel of her soft feminine curves as they heated up for me.

Her breathing picked up and she was practically panting with the need to touch herself. I wanted to make her come a few more times before I was inside her, because not only did I need her to be prepared for the size of my cock, but I was fairly certain that I wasn't going to last long enough to make her come that way. I only hoped she'd be up for a round two, and that I'd last longer the second time than I expected to last the first.

"Are you hungry baby?" I asked before grabbing a large chocolate covered strawberry from the tray. She nodded and I placed it against her mouth enjoying how the chocolate melted when I slid it across her lips.

"Taste it" I suggested, loving the way her little, pink tongue slid out to collect the rich chocolate.

"Mmhmm," she moaned at the flavor. I slipped the strawberry past her lips and told her to bite it. I waited for her to chew and swallow before grabbing one of the plain strawberry's from the tray.

"Now, I want my treat," I growled lowly before biting the strawberry and dribbling the juices onto her sweet pussy.

"Oh… FUCK," she shouted as the cool juice hit her sensitive, overheated skin. Quickly, I sat the uneaten strawberry back on the tray and began lapping at her pussy again tasting the way the fruit juice mixed with her own natural juices.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her slightly off the bed so I could bury my tongue in her hot little hole. When I had her steadied with one arm, I reached up and rubbed her clit.

"Fuck, oh shit… cumming Edward, now," she screamed out as her arousal flooded my tongue.

"My God, baby, you taste like heaven when you come on my mouth that way," I moaned as I released her from my grasp.

"Need you inside me, please," she begged desperately.

"Not yet, sweet girl. I want to make you cum again first." She moaned and tugged at her nipple in frustration.

After Bella's reactions to what I'd been doing I was feeling like a fucking sex god and I wasn't ready to have my ego deflated when my inexperienced cock couldn't keep up with my hands and mouth.

Instead of concerning myself with those worries, I put my focus back on my Bella.

I wanted to see if I could make her come without clitoral stimulation using just my hands. Ideally, I would have loved to see her squirt again, and this time have it be because of my hands, but I wasn't sure that it was possible without her wand. I was gonna try anyway.

After working Bella over with my fingers for several minutes she finally came, and hard. I was thankful I'd thought to use the towel, if I hadn't the bed would have been soaked.

Bella was stunned to say the least, and I couldn't help the smug grin she saw plastered on my face when I told her she could open her eyes.

"That was amazing, Edward. The way you took control was so fucking sexy and unexpected. Did… you enjoy it? I mean… I know you did, but I mean would you want to do that again?" she asked seeming a bit nervous.

I wasn't really sure what she meant. Though I was bit bossy I supposed, simply wanting to make sure she was able to enjoy my surprises. "I loved everything we did. Why would you think I wouldn't want to do it again?" I asked, confused.

"It's nothing baby. You were fantastic, but now I want you inside me, please," she soothed before her words turned into desperate pleading again.

She was ready and my cock was literally drooling to get inside her. I was thankful that I'd chosen to wear my black boxers or the cool, wet spot of pre-cum I felt would have been much more noticeable and embarrassing.

Bella got up on her knees and pushed me to lay on my back as I had her. Wordlessly, she removed my boxers freeing my cock as it bobbed and stood up hard and leaking - just for her.

She pulled me back up so I was sitting on my knees with her, and then ran her hands over my chest. Her touch set my body on fire, and I felt like I could cum from the slightest caress.

Three days ago I'd promised to wait until I was inside her to cum again, and I meant to keep that promise. I couldn't put it off anymore.

Before laying her down, I kissed her hard and good. Once I was over her, I settled between her legs. The swollen head of my throbbing cock grazed her thigh and caused my body to jerk forward a bit. Before I could become embarrassed by my reaction, Bella grabbed my chin and forced my gaze to meet hers.

"Edward, you are my everything, and no matter what happens, I will love you and cherish this moment for the rest of my life," she promised before kissing me softly.

"God, Bella… I love you so, so much, and I never in a million years thought I'd ever get to be with you this way, much less that… that you'd love me too. You Bella, are my forever," I replied, my voice filled with emotion.

Silently, Bella reached between us and grasped my cock in her hand, then positioned me at her entrance.

The heat coming off her body and the touch of her silky skin had me gritting my teeth in an effort to hold back my orgasm.

Slowly, I pushed into her feeling her slick inner walls fluttering and tightening. I gasped and closed my eyes once the head of my cock was completely engulfed.

"Fuck… oh, shit… so fucking tight, uhh," I cried aloud as I slowly pressed forward inch by inch until I was all the way in.

"So big… love that… fuck," Bella moaned and her legs wrapped around my hips like a vice, just like I imagined them, only now I was completely frozen.

I knew if I moved one fucking centimeter I was going to come faster than a two-pump chump.

"Edward… please keep going, baby," Bella pleaded breathlessly.

I clenched my teeth and shook my head slowly. I didn't trust myself to speak, knowing that the vibrations might spur my impending climax.

"Please, I need to feel you moving inside me," she whimpered.

I shook my head and choked out a sob.

Don't cum.

Don't cum.

Don't cum.

It was my new mantra, and I kept on repeating it inside my head.

"It's okay," she cried out sounding somewhat panicked. Her reaction snapped me out of my own personal state of panic. I had to move.

I forced my eyes open to meet Bella's concerned gaze. One of her hands trailed up my back and into my hair to scratch at my scalp lovingly, while the other pressed against my ass encouraging me to move.

I closed my eyes again and thought of as many grotesque things I could imagine to keep myself from cumming.

I managed about ten erratic thrusts before I came, shouting and cursing with Bella moaning and meeting my thrusts with her own. She'd been close, but I could tell she hadn't cum yet.

Fuck, I was sensitive and growing soft, but I couldn't bear to leave her embrace without giving her the release she craved so badly.

I pulled her body hard against me and attacked her neck with kisses and bites. I tugged at her nipples and sucked on the sensitive spot behind her ear, loving how she shivered in delight. I knew she was wondering why I hadn't pulled out of her yet, but her silent question was soon answered when two or three minutes later I started to become hard inside her again.

"Oh my God, Edward… fuck," she moaned.

Fuck, she felt amazing, but having acclimated a bit more to the sensation of her body, I was able to better control myself. This time when I thrust into her warmth I could feel it all, but this time my orgasm was nowhere in sight.

I wanted to give her a cocky smirk, but I was much too overwhelmed by feelings and emotions to do anything other than look at her in awe of how her body hugged me perfectly - like she was made just for me.

After a couple minutes, my slow shaky thrusts became more confident, making me consider finding a better angle. I needed to be closer - deeper.

With some encouragement, I lifted one of Bella's legs and placed it on my shoulder.

"Fuck, yes," she shouted as I entered her deeper than before. I leaned forward bending her leg back a bit so I could kiss her mouth and suck her lips.

"God… I love you, baby… so fucking good inside… never stop," I groaned through heavy gasps of breath.

Bella was getting close so I leaned back and watched in complete and utter fascination as my arousal slickened cock slid in and out of her body. Mother-fucking hell, I would NEVER get enough.

Bella was getting close again, but so was I. This time however, I knew I could make it - this time she was going to cum before me.

"Fucking hold on tight, baby," I shouted and relished the sting of her fingers digging into my back.

I picked up my speed, and grabbed hold of her waist in an effort to keep my balance. In a moment of clarity I remembered the female anatomy and location of the g-spot. Wanting to give her the most pleasure I could, I angled my thrusts so that I was hitting closer to her sweet spot. My girl's eyes shot to mine and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her pussy clamped down on my cock and started to spasm. I had never imagined the kind of pleasure I found in her. I kept rocking into her as she cried out my name and there was nothing I could do to stop myself from cumming as wave after wave of sensation flowed over my trembling body. I felt like I'd been cumming for hours not seconds.

In my exhaustion, I wanted nothing more than to slump over and lay motionless for a while. I made sure not to put my full weight on her when I slid out from her heavenly body.

Once I was laying down, relaxed, I pulled her to lay her head on my chest.

I'd never felt more sated, yet completely wanting at the same time. She'd satisfied every need, yet I wanted to have her over and over again.

"Love you baby," I whispered before kissing the top of her head.

"Mmm, love you too, baby," she replied quietly.

She began to run her fingers over my stomach muscles lazily, and I knew if she kept that up, I'd be hard again in a matter of minutes. Our love-making had been a work out, and I wasn't quite ready to go for round three yet.

"Are you hungry, sweetheart? We can get room service if you want," I mentioned hopefully, as soon as I realized I was starving.

"Fuck, yes," she moaned making me laugh, "I'm famished after all that. Let me go find the menu." She kissed me chastely and hopped off the bed, but not before I could give her cute little ass a pinch. I couldn't help but laugh when she yelped in surprise before scurrying off to the other room.

With an idiotic grin plastered on my face, I glanced over at the clock noticing that it was just a little after five p.m. We'd barely been here two hours, so we had plenty of time to play some more. We just needed a little nourishment and maybe a nice, relaxing soak in the hot tub.

I wondered if Bella would let me fuck her in the hot tub, or fuck, what about the shower? We hadn't seen the shower yet. Maybe she would enjoy it if I made love to her in front of the fireplace or had her ride me on the loveseat.

Fuck, I was hard again, and had worked myself into a frenzy over all the places I wanted to fuck my sexy girl. I needed to get a hold on my thoughts, we had plenty of time to try all those things, as well as the kinky shit I knew Bella would come up with.

With my arms folded behind my head, I relaxed into my pillow and replayed everything we'd done in my mind.

I could hardly wait to do it all again.


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