PROLOGE; What Happened

Part one: Mai

Three years. Three years has passed since the last time she saw him. The new Mai have changed more than fisicaly, and from the other views i wasn´t a problem. Since Oliver Davis (aka; Kazuya Shibuya, Naru, Naru-bou, Noll, tea-adict and jerk) left Japan with the excuse of buring his dead brother in London, no one have heard a thing from him. At last that Mai knew.

The first reason of the chance that Mai have experience; is the fact that the guy she have been in love with for more than a year, has tell her that she did´t love him, that she loved his dead brother, Eugene David.

After hearing that answer, Mai didn´t know what to do. She even though that she could die for not realizing that she wasn´t breathing. It was like her body did not want to work or even move. She didn´t know what she was supposed to do or say. Was she supposed to yell? To cry? To oppose him? It could be best to tell her what to do becouse she didn´t know what to do.

She knew that Naru didn´t liked her, but she wanted to give a try. She knew that Naru was going to reject her, but she didn´t wait that answer. It was too much for her.

After rejecting her, Mai knew that he was going and that he wasn´t going to return. Why? He came just to recover his brother body. He didn´t came to fall in love, neither to have his assistan telling him that she liked his brother. She knew that she had to forget about him, start a new life in that he was supponed to not be. She knew but she could forget him.

So she decided to change. To change in the type of person that anyone can count on, the type of person that can be used as a model to follow.

And the second was her new gob. Since Naru left, Mai had to find a new gob. A good one, with a good paid and less dangerous than the last. I wasn´t easy, considering that Mai was Mai and that fact couldn´t change. For the first three month she worked in a library and a supermarket becouse she wasn´t be able to pay her apartament bill.

At first she did well, but when she had to go to school and work she didn´t have the time to sleep or eat well. That was when her first's problems appeared. When she was in her work (in the supermarket), she fainted and was taken to the hospital. She had friends that were more like her family; Matsuzaki Ayako that was more like a mother than nothing and a personal nurse, of course. Takigawa Houshou aka Bou-san or Monk, that was like her father and... NO. He WAS her new father and older brother. Hara Masako, something like a little sister. John Brown, her half older brother. And Yosuhara Osamu, nothing like a brother, he was more her teaser cousin.

This strange family of hers always cared for her, on a strange way if i had to say. Mai always told them when she was in problems, but every person has her own secret. The one Mai had been that she didn´t tell her family that she took another gob. She knew that if she ever needed something she could always ask for it to her family, but for her it was too much.

When the hospital called her friends, Bou-san that was the first that knew it, so he told her to stay in his hause bcouse the doctor said that she needed to rest. As Bou-san asked, she quited her two works and he paid her apartment bill. After the little accident, everyone told her that if something likes that happened again to tell them. She was happy to have a family like the one she had, but she couldn´t leave Bou-san paying all her expenses.

Not too much time after the accident, when she was shopping with her friends in the afternoon one person saying that was searching for models asked her to try in a audition. At first she didn´t liked the idea but when she talked with the others (her friends and family) they convinced her and decided to take a try.

Six month later her first gob as a model, Mai was considered one of the most popular models of the moment in Japan. To her the money didn´t meant anything, she simply liked her gob. She liked to smile and pose (normal, with Ayako it was like a training, a personal one), also to meet knew people and of course, to go to the foreigner.

Two years and half later, Mai was officially considered the most popular model of Japan, and not only Japan. She also has gone to Spain, Italy, Grece, Brasil, German, China, Australia and New York for work. It didn´t mather where she had to go, she was prepared to go at anytime and anywhere.

During these years a lot of people asked her out, most of them boys (never though that girls would ask too, heee?), and everytime she would refusse, of course. Not that she didn´t like them, on the contrary, a lot of them were handsome, gentle, romantic, caffee-addicts and funny. They weren´t the problem, SHE was the problem, or on another way... NARU was the problem and the cause. It´s true that he broke her heart but she couldn´t do something to change it.

She knew that the world was full of nice guys that she could love, but the very timid one still hasn´t appear. What was taking so much freaking time? It was time for her to change her opinions of the people, and she was going to obtain it. Of course she was going to.

Part 2: Naru

Three years. Three years and he still haven´t found an acceptable tea. He wasn´t going to tell anyone, but he really missed Mai´s tea. (Can´t think of anything else)

Oliver Davis aka Naru, Noll, Kazuya Shibulla and a lot of them that right now i don´t remember hasn´t changes in these three years. He is almost the same tea-addict, jerk, narcissist. The only diference? He was three years older, and smarter (only a little), oh and more handsome, unfortunately for him (but not for every woman of London).

Ever since he came back to London, he felt like something lacked, like he was incomplete. Not that he would say it to anyone. He didn´t know how to feel when he found his brother body, but he felt like... like he have been released of a great weight. Also he felt like his mission finished, and it was true. He only went to Japan to find his brother body, after doing that he was supposed to get back.

That´s exactly the thing he did, but even so... He knew that he treated her diferent, but didn´t know how to express it. He also knew that she liked him, becouse he hear a coversation betwen Ayako and Bou-san, but didn´t know what to do with tha information. He knew that he was really possesed when it came to her, but didn´t know why and didn´t try to find the 'Why?'.

When he found out that the person that was helping Mai in her dreams was her brother, Eugene, he knew why Mai though that she liked him. She mistook his brother for him. He didn´t know why, he didn´t like it. And when she confessed her feeling to him, he get upset. After saying what he was saying he saw the tear that scaped her eye. Only one of her tears was able to brea him, even more when he coused it.

After that he came back to home thinking that he would forget her, but he failed strongly. Not only he didn´t forget her, but also missed her. And know, after three years he know it. He was going to get back to Japan, to where the only person in his life could 'care' was.

His parents, Luella and Martin Davis, where very happy when they knew that they´re now only son was coming back. His mother cryed during which felt like an eternity, even if there were some minutes. And his father hugged him that strongly that he though that he would die. In that instant he knew how felt Mai when Bou-san came with the excuse of visiting.

Three long years passed and they saw their son grow into a man. They knew him like he was a part of them and they knew that soner or later he would go back to Japan. At first they didn´t know why bo back, but them Madoka and Lin explained it and all came to fit. He missed a little brown-haired girl.

They described her like a high school girl, very energetic and very caring. She had short brown hair and big brown eyes. Even when she was compared to Masako, to they she was pretty. Even if she was a little small (that was Lin, but Lin is 1,93 more or less), she was special. She had a charm that said 'hello-you-can-talk-to-me-of-everything'. And everyone in the group cared for her, even Naru, though that tryed to hide it.

They knew that when he said that wanted to talk to them about something very important, he meant that he wanted to go back to Japan. They knew it and reacted in a way that Naru didn´t waited. They hugged him and said to him "Don´t let scape what is important to you".

After some days Naru, Lin and Madoka where taking an airplane to Japan. A year earlyer, Madoka and Lin marryed. They never say it to the Davis but after entering for the door they knew. After that they never separated, even now that Naru had 22 years and could go alone, they wanted to go and nobody, including Naru himself, could stop them.

And now here he is, back in Tokyo. The capital of Japan, ready to open again the SPR in Shibuya.