Disclaimer: I don't own Cardcaptor Sakura. These events are also slightly skewed on paper.
A/N: Still from Sakura's POV. The aftermath of the fight.

I suppose I owe an apology to my brother. After all, I made myself out to be completely blameless in the last incident. When really, I'm not. I'm not blameless at all.

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I can see that I really was wrong in not telling Dad about the sofa right away. I really don't know what I was thinking at the time. Maybe I wasn't. But that is definitely a mistake that I shouldn't have made.

For another, if I hadn't blown up at Touya and challenged him to call Dad, he wouldn't have done so while being mad at me. In such a state, it was almost justifiable that he would say bad things about me while on the phone.

And then, even if he was yelling stuff at me, I had no reason to say he had no friends. I know he has friends. And that's a low blow. That's not fair fighting. Like I said, our fight was between us. I shouldn't have pulled his friends into it.

And besides, I was being a hypocrite. I told him not to skew the facts to other people, when in fact I tend to skew facts myself. Although not really deliberately. Like, to my father, I'll make myself out to be better than I am. Or I'll play the poor, beleaguered sister to all my friends, who commiserate with me about cruel and mean siblings. Or I'll tell the world, through a fanfiction post, that I was completely free of blame, that Touya's the monster.

So, really, that last post should be taken with a grain of salt. Because if everyone were to believe that… then really, Touya's not the monster any more. I am, for making him seem like one to the whole world. And I never really meant for that to happen.

Because I really don't hate him. I just wanted to get my feelings out. And because I was so upset at the time, my thoughts on paper turned out just as skewed. But really, Touya's not as bad as I made him out to be.

For instance, there was that time when we went to English class together. They put me into a lower grade than I was supposed to be. When I complained to him, he didn't brush me off like an irritating fly. Rather, he sided with me, and showed me his own textbook. When I could read most of it, he said I was definitely in too low of a class, and suggested a class for me. And he also told Dad about the predicament, and Dad in turn told the teacher, who arranged for a testing, helping to place me in a grade level more appropriate for me.

For another, I was wondering about what electives to take in high school. I'd ended up going to the same one as he had. I had to take a Science, and was hovering between the 3 options- Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. He told me Biology was the one most people took for an easy Science, since there was a lot of memorization but not much comprehension involved. I told him I had a terrible memory. Rather than laughing at me, he referred me instead to Chemistry, saying how it was a blend of comprehension and math, and had a nicer teacher than Physics (in that the Physics tests were always hell). With his help, I even managed to ace my first Chem test.

And there are always all those times we went behind Dad's back to sneak some snack food into the house. Chips, popcorn, ice cream, fries… we often went out and bought some snacks, and hurriedly finished them off before Dad returned. The thrill of conspiracy only seemed to make the forbidden foods taste even better. And we never fought during those times.

Really, we don't fight quite as much as I said before. It's just that when we do fight, the fights seem to be terrible. But maybe that's just because I'm too emotional.

So, after that long spiel… all I really want to say is… Sorry, Touya. Sorry for everything I do to you as well, not just in retaliation for what you do to me. Sorry for being a hypocrite and telling my own friends stories about you. Sorry for making you out to be worse than you are. You're really not that bad of a brother. And you are my brother, after all. And I love you.

So… friends?

*** Owari ***