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Me: *walking foward* So here it is my sweets! I hope you li- *trips and falls*

Me: *picks up a chew toy* Shawn… what the HECK is this?

Shawn: *carrying a box* Is my chew toy! I've been looking everywere for this!

Me: Why do you even have a chew toy? You don't have a dog.

Shawn: Yeah… *shifty eyes* I don't… *box ruffles*

Me: *stares at him* There's a dog in there isn't there…

Shawn: *phssss* Nooooo… *me still staring at him* Ok yes… But look at him! *takes out a husky puppy*

Me: Shawn, you know we have new guest coming here and *looks at puppy* Awwwwww! You're shooo cuuuute!

Shawn: *raises eyebrow and smirks*

Me: *clears throat* I mean… carry on….

*to the mob* Enjoy!

"Shocking, isn't it?"

A Psych fanfiction


"Time to wake up, Mr. Spencer…" Shawn heard someone whisper through the dark. His eyes started to flutter open as he regained more control over his extremities.

"…Urg… wha-" He mumbled trying to remembered what happened to him as he cradled his head in pain. As he eyed the room, he saw that he was in an abandoned warehouse; he could smell the saltiness of the ocean so he had to be close to the beach.

"What, happened to me? Were am I?" His head was pounding. He remembered coming to his apartment the night before and before he even stepped inside, somebody took what must've been a steamroller and wacked him over the head.

"Patience my dear psychic. All will be clear in a minute." As he heard this, two figures appeared from the shadows. One was a bulky, 6 feet tall man wearing a stripped suit. His eyes following him everywhere with a serious no nonsense expression. Beside him was a thin framed man with white hair and a lab coat. The coat flowed dramatically in the air as the two men walked slowly towards him.

"What is it with you bad guys and dramatic entrance?" Shawn said as he tried to figure out a way of escaping. His hands and feet's were not tide up or bound in any way but something told him that these men had a way of keeping him here.

"Hello Mr. Spencer." Said the man in the lad coat. "I'm sorry to meet like this but it was necessary." Shawn rolled his eyes at this.

"Really? Because there's this new invention, it's a slick, shiny little metal box… Lets you call long distances…Perhaps you've heard of it? It's called a cell phone." Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to antagonize his captor but he couldn't help it. The man simply nodded in reply.

"Yes but if I did that then you wouldn't have the same type of incentive as you do now." Shawn was confused and the man seemed to notice this. He gestured with his hand to his neck.

"Look down." As Shawn did this, he felt something bulky and metallic on his neck. "What the hec-" His hands shot up and felt the spikes on the metal collar and immediately tried to take it off. As soon as he did this, the collar began to whine. The spikes started rotating around it as a shock of electricity ran through Shawn's frame. His eyes widen as he gave a small yelp of pain. The charge only lasted a couple of seconds but it was enough to knock the wind out of him. He turned to glare at the man in the lab coat as he saw him cross his arms as he looked at him like he was a science experiment.

"Shocking, isn't it?" He said mockingly and Shawn just glared at him.

"Really dude?" Shawn said breathlessly "Shocking? That's the best you could come up with?" The man just ignored him and started walking around his chair.

"I am a scientist Mr. Spencer. And I've studied you for a long time." He started saying. "Your 100% case solving rate showed me that you may have the ability to solve a case of particular importance to me." Shawn was unnerved about this but he didn't show it. When the man stopped in front of him, he glared with more intensity than he ever thought possible.

"And what makes you think I'll help you?" Shawn growled. As the bulky man came back with a folded chair, the other sat calmly in front of him.

"I created the collar to create a dose of electricity and deliver it to your system. If anyone tries to remove the collar forcefully it will send an extra shock. Every 3 hours you will receive a shock stronger than the last." He started explaining. "Eventually, the strength of the shocks will shut down your neuro-electrical system killing you slowly and the only person who knows how to detach the collar is me." Shawn tried to think of any way he could get out of this but he found nothing. Deflated, he looked at the man in front of him.

"What case do you want me to solve…" At this, the other man started explaining.

"This particular case went cold 7 years ago. A mother and her daughter were brutally killed in their home…." Shawn noticed the man staggered a bit as he said this but he paid no attention as the man continued. "The police could never figure out who did it so the case remains unsolved." As he said this, he started to stand up and gestured Shawn to do the same.

"But I'm sure that a man with your abilities is more than capable of solving this case after all these years." As he heard this, the bulky man handed him a box. Shawn opened it to find a high tech watch. Shawn took it reluctantly as he began to strap it on.

"I'll also provide you with this watch that will count down the time limit. When your three hours are up, it will beep five seconds before the collar shocks you. That way you can make sure that no one is touching you when it happens."

"How considerate…" Shawn just glared at him as he started to stand up.

"And don't worry. You can tell your detective friends about our little meeting as well as the stakes. So run along now Mr. Spencer. By my calculations you have a little less than 72 hours to solve this." Shawn rolled his eyes as he made his way towards the door.

"Right, we would want that now would we?" As he was about to leave he heard the man call after him.

"Oh, and Mr. Spencer…" Shaw turned to look at him with dread filling his chest. The man likewise stared at him with a cold stare.

"…Don't disappoint me" The tone of his voice was noting like the warm and calculating tone he used before. This was cold and vicious.

"Or I'll make you wish you could die…" As he heard this, he turned to run towards his bike. Apparently they thought of everything when they capture him. He immediately called Gus to meet him at the station. He didn't give him any of the details knowing that none of them would believe him unless they saw it for themselves.

So he had less than 72 hours to solve a cold case from 7 years ago that the police deemed unsolvable with the impending threat of death in every second that passed…

Well, at least he had something productive to do over the weekend.


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