Tea Series : After Tea

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any idea or character related to it. This piece of fiction is only to be used for fun and enjoyment, but no monetary gains will be made from this piece of fluff.
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Donna Friendship
Warnings: None
Summary: The Doctor and Donna are having tea with a lovely alien.
Author's Note: This is the second of 3 sort of non-related fics. The only connection with them, is all three have to do with Tea. Beta'd by hitlikehammers and sonicgirl2005. Thankies!

Donna felt odd. She wasn't entirely sure why she felt odd, but she did know that the chair under her was obviously moving, and should just sit still. And why was the TARDIS spinning? Everything seemed a bit colorful also. ("And why the hell were Bananas circling her head. And where was the Doctor? Why wasn't he doing something about the cats climbing the walls?") Nothing was making sense at all. Donna felt odd.

"Donna? Where've you gone to? Really, Donna, that tea was NOT meant for human consumption! So sorry, my mistake. Got it mixed up with another that came in the same sort of box. Donna, where are you?" The Doctor was at his wit's end.

Donna had disappeared shortly after they had tea, and he hadn't thought much of it until he went to put away the tea box. When he realized what he had given her, he panicked. Donna was gonna kill him.

He went to the display screen in the console room and attempted to pinpoint her location in the TARDIS, but it seemed the TARDIS was hiding Donna again. ("Don't do that!") Finally, after smacking at the screen a couple of times, the TARDIS gave in and showed the Forest Room with Donna laying under the tree that was reaching for her.

"Oh, well, how did she get there?" The Doctor raised quickly down the hallway to the Forest Room. Bursting through the door, the Doctor was confused. The tree that was

always trying to kill him, was playing with Donna.

"Oh, Doctor! This tree is just lovely! Been nice to me! Said it hates you! What've you done to her?" Donna barely even glanced at the Doctor, so distracted she was by the dangling branches.

"Donna, you're under the influence of an alien tea. We need to get you to the medical bay so that we can get the chemical out of your system." The Doctor began cautiously approach Donna, however, the tree was having none of it. It lashed out at the Doctor and forced him to jump back to avoid the razors on the ends of the branches.

"Oh dear, you've made her angry again." Donna pats the tree, "Now now, its ok! I'll protect you. I'll take him out of the room, how about that? I'll come visit later without the mean bad man. Now, where we going, Doctor?"

The Doctor cleared his throat, "Well, we should head to the Medical Bay."

"Lead the way! Oh, hey, that rhymed! Brilliant!" The Doctor took Donna carefully by the hand, as though leading a blind man across the street.

After finally reaching the Medical Bay, the TARDIS pulled up a chair for Donna to sit in next to the device that would cleanse her of the harmful, or well, hallucinogenic chemicals that were invading her body from the tea. The Doctor set her up with the machine that would only take minutes to work. However, he was clever, and knew that Donna would be on the war path, so while she was trapped next to the machine, vaguely delirious, he turned and walked out of the room in a dignified fashion. ("I did not run from Donna!")

As he turned the corner three dimensionally transcendent hallways away from the Medical Bay, he heard Donna's bellow, "I hate tea!"