AN - This takes place before 6x01. I hope it isn't too hard to read - it's a bit different for me, lol.

Sleeping Sickness

"You're mine Sam…"

"Scratch away all you want, scream as loud as you can - it won't matter in the end."

Blood. So much blood.


Dean, sprawled on the hood, face unrecognizable - speaking through broken teeth.


His brother's cheekbone breaks beneath knuckles that belong to him.

He screams his frustration and fear, wades through the recesses of his mind.

Dean, DeanDean….killing him, god nononono Dean. Stopstop STOP!

"I'm not leaving Sammy, I won't leave you."

Nonono…get away, Dean run - I can't…I can't stop him…DEAN LEAVE ME!

Not leaving…Sammy…not…leaving…



Howling wind, falling…falling…

Adam? Michael? Snarling, panicking.

Souls howl in greeting.

He thinks a decade must have past before they hit dirt.


It's hot and cold, he gasps, writhing on the hard packed ground, shivering at the violent sensation of Lucifer ripping himself from his body. He feels violated.

He whimpers, eyes searing at the harsh lights that flash in his eyes - the cage, he realizes, an actual cage. Two angels - one fallen - in their true forms.

Horrible, wretched shrieks, Lucifer and Michael screaming their wrath.

His ears bleed.

Dean, he thinks, he saved his brother. He saved him…right? Right?

Blood bubbles from his chest. He sobs, body twitching.

Dean? Dean? I didn't let him kill you, right?


He doesn't know how long it's been. His ears are still bleeding.

Shivery and hot, Lucifer and Michael still scream.

He deserves this. He does.

Screeching laughter, Lucifer turns to him, away from Michael.

"Your fault." The Devil hisses.

But he hears Mom, Jessica, Dad, Madison, Castiel, Bobby…


Burning, flames licking.

Your fault, YOUR FAULT.

Sorry, so sorry…He screams his apologies, but nothing changes.

They all bleed anyways.

Sam wakes up howling. He wrenches forward in his bed, arms flailing, heart stuttering as he chokes on air. His eyes are blurred, his cheeks wet and salty as he struggles to calm himself. He looks around wildly, searching…searching…

But Dean isn't there.

His phone is in his hand, his brothers number glowing in the darkness.

He wants - needs his big brother. God he misses him so damn much.

"No," He whispers through clenched teeth, tears still dripping when he squeezes his eyes shut.

He's safe, has a home…is happy. I can't take that away. I can't. I won't.

Sam trembles, sobs hitching in his throat as the hole in his chest aches and aches.

He shuts the phone off anyways.

I won't.


Hope you all liked it! The episode last night inspired me I guess. I'm thinking that Sam is a lot more messed up then he's letting on.