Title: 5 times John lost something
Chapter Summary: The dog called Toby

When John Watson was six years old his parents had brought home a stray dog; the dog had been both dangerously thin and covered in fleas. Mrs Watson had found and took pity on the scrawny animal. Unable to leave it out in the cold and rain for a moment longer she'd brought it home.

John had immediately shied away from the strange-looking creature. He examined it's matted fur and protruding bones from behind the safety of his father's legs.

"Don't be scared," His mother had said, offering him a warm smile.

"Not scared," John had replied defiantly. He watched as Harry began prodding the dog, out of the corner of his eye.

Mr Watson had merely tutted at his daughter's behaviour. While most young girls liked to experiment with make-up and dress in pretty pink dresses, Harriet Watson demanded to be called 'Harry' and wore dungarees.

"Harriet, darling," Mrs Watson warned with an exasperated sigh.

"You know, we still need to give this little guy a name," Mr Watson quickly intervened before Harry could throw a tantrum over being called Harriet.

The distraction worked well; Harry began shouting a selection of names at her parents, barely pausing for breath between each one. "Butch! Spike! Killer!" Mr and Mrs Watson shared a look of concern at her choice of names but smiled encouragingly.

"What about you, John? What do you think he should be called?"

John shrugged. He had always been the calm one when compared with his boisterous sister. "I like the name Toby," He finally replied.

By the end of the night Toby was part of the family.

By the end of the year Toby was gone again.

Mr Watson had left the door open for just a second too long upon arriving home from work and Toby had ran straight out into the busy road...

John and Harry were told that Toby was in a better place. They'd later discover the 'better place' was, infact, the local pet cemetary.