Title: 5 times John lost something
Chapter Summary: and one thing he gained.

Author's note: I'm sorry about the last couple of chapters, it was harder than I thought to think about things John could've lost! Also the ending was cheesey but yknow what, I kinda wanted it to be. Please review!

John was nervous as he waited outside the door. He was acting with no evidence to support his assumptions and that scared him more than he'd admit.

He could be rejected, he could even be thrown out of the flat and then where would he be? He had no parents to go crawling back to, no other friends and the only possibility was a sister who was always too drunk to tell left from right. John had lost far too much in his life to lose Sherlock now.

The door opened and Sherlock was stood infront of him leaning against the door frame. "I was wondering how long it'd take for you to realise."

"I'm afraid I have no choice but to muddle along with everyone else with average intellect," John replied.

Sherlock's eyes scrutinized him for what felt like years. "You're anything but average."

John understood that they were no longer talking about intellect. "So it's true then. You're officially a sociopath that can care."

"More than I want to and more than I should," Sherlock admitted with a sigh. He reached out to wipe a raindrop away from John's face with one elegantly long finger.

John closed his eyes at the contact. There wasn't anything left to say. Sherlock leaned towards him and they kissed.

It wasn't soft, sweet or a happily ever after moment but instead it was a rough, demanding I need this moment.

They pulled away from each other with wide eyes and ragged breathing. Sherlock's fingers traced along John's jawline in a rare display of affection. "I know it's not much but you have me," he muttered, embarassed by his own choice of words.

John smiled and captured his lips for the second time.

6/6 The end.