Transmission re-established...

The school bus kept going, totally oblivious to the young boy they hit. The driver was in a merciless mood anyway.

"Hey Harvey, I think we hit someone." Joe Balooka mentioned to his boss, Harvey "Two-Face" McKenzie. The duality based villain was currently making a getaway from his last robbery: stealing a load of candy from Sticky Beard.

Harvey replied by flipping his coin. When it came up tails, he replied simply "keep driving Joe."

A few seconds later, a razor sharp hand of claws grabbed onto window. El Tigre managed to pull himself onto the hood of the bus. Tapping one claw against the window, El Tigre pulled the hand back, formed it into a fist and punched a hole in the glass. Harvey responded by firing his G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A. through the window at the attacker. El Tigre was thrown off, but the glass window was non-existent at this point.

"Nice shooting boss, but we got another problem!" yelled Joe. Standing in the middle of the road was Princess Morebucks, who was not concerned with the fact that a school bus was about to run her down.

"Run her down." Harvey ordered coldly. Joe was too scared of his boss to change course and save the girl. Morebucks turned out to be the last person in danger as she produced an over-sized laser cannon in her trademark gold color. As it powered up, Harvey muttered "oh cru-"


Harvey, Joe (still gripping the bus steering wheel) and his four henchmen sit in the wreckage of the bus, covered in soot. Morebucks walked over to El Tigre and pulled him out of the ditch he fell into. "We've already picked up Heinreich and your friend." she told him snottily. "Take this and get out of here." she added while handing him a handheld circular device with a big red button. The rich kid then activated her jet pack and took to the sky.

"What does this" Manny asked while pressing the red button. He instantly disappeared in a flash of light.

Back with Harvey, he and his gang have picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. "Alright guys, let's ditch the candy and scram." Harvey spoke angrily. "We've got a little score to settle."

(KND symbol)

"" El Tigre finished as he re-materialized inside the Doom-based Hall. "Nice place."

"I know, right?" replied Frida. She was standing near Heinreich Von Marzipan and Princess Morebucks, who had both arrived a minute ago. "They even have an arcade."

"So I passed the test, what happens now?" El Tigre asked.

"Now the fun begins." Evil Jimmy's voice boomed as a massive pair of doors opened, blinding the four with light. The doors opened into the Meeting Room, where all of the child villains sat. "Welcome to the Destructively Nefarious Legion!"

(KND symbol)

Meanwhile, one of Mandark's aircraft lands in the woods near a Cul-da-Sac. From the sleek black and red vessels steps the malicious tub of lard known commonly as Eric Cartman. "If those stupid buttholes think I'm gonna work with some Mexican they are wrong!" he muttered angrily. "But once they leave for their stupid 'Negative Universe' I'll be the only one in control of this world." he then released a sinister cackle, then peered through a cluster on shrubs. Set up in the center of the Cul-da-Sac is another one of the Ed's cardboard businesses. "This will do nicely."

Back with the Eds, business is pretty much non-existent. "Man, nobody trusts us after we helped that evil little girl try to conquer the world." Eddy mused dejectedly. "I mean, It's not like we knew she planned on annihilating everyone she couldn't control!"

"Eddy I don't think they trusted us before that... unfortunate incident." Double D commented.

"Buttered toast!" Ed added for good measure.

"Excuse me gentlemen!" Cartman called out while approaching the Eds. "I believe I may be able to assist you with you business endevor!"

Eddy looked annoyed, but never the less shouted back, "Fine, whatever." Normally he'd never entertain the thought of cutting someone else in on a scam, but business was so bad he'd do anything at this point.

"And so it begins..." Cartman muttered quietly.

(KND symbol)

Back at the Doom-based Hall, The Destructively Nefarious Legion stands around a small, hot tub sized pool of water. Surrounding the liquid sinkhole is a wide variety of technological dohickyes, devices, and mechanisms. "So, what is this exactly? A hot tub of dooooom?" asked Frida skeptically.

"Silly girl, soon you shall see the true power of SCIENCE!" Mandark exclaimed, before launching into his trademark cackle.

Bling Bling Boy stepped in to provide further explanation. "This is a prototype of our dimensional door device, or triple D for short. It will use this body of water as a catalyst to open a portal into the Negative World."

El Tigre stared down at the small body of water. "Tight fit." he commented.

"Oh no no no no no." Bling Bling responded. "This is mearly a prototype. If a portal is successfully created, the device itself will be modified with a greater power source, allowing us to create a portal large enough to transport the entire hall."

Then, the process began. Electricity flowed through the machine, and the water itself glowed with an unnatural light while boiling an bubbling. Finally, after a minute of this bizarre display. Then, the glowing stopped, and the water became calm. Then, after another minute, a small well of bubbles rose from the depths, and a child emerged from below, hacking up water as he rose.

The extra dimensional visitor was a strange site. He had a large head, a well made, a black custom trench coat, fine designer sunglasses, a delicate undershirt with the symbol of an eyeball on it, and sleek black hair that briefly came forward then curved back in a way that couldn't possibly be natural.

Once the visitor climbed out of the water (revealing that he was wearing extremely fine pants and shoes) he opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he saw Negative Numbah 4. "Yllaw Seltaeb?" he asked, apparently recognizing the fallen tyrant.

"Bid Enarbmem? Is that you?" Negative 4 replied, incredulous at the portal's choice of transporte.

"Yep, it's me. Care to explain why I've gone from my penthouse pool to some dark dingy lab?" Bid asked while taking in his surroundings.

"First, I believe some introductions are in order. These are my new followers, The Destructively Nefarious Legion! Legion, this is Bid Enarbmem, one of the most successful children ever born in the Negative World."

(KND symbol)

Back at the Cul-da-Sac, the Ed's latest scam (a simple snow cone operation) was doing extremely well. "I gotta say Double D, that fat kid is a little jerk, but he knows money!" Eddy exclaimed. "Where is that little piggy bank anyway?"

"I believe he went inside to use the restroom." Double D responded. Just then a smashing sound reached their ears. They quickly turned around to see the stand in ruins, Ed with a mouthful of ice cubes, and local jock/bully Kevin riding away on his bicycle while yelling "DORKS!"

"ED!" Double D exclaimed.

"My money!" Eddy also exclaimed, and the two rushed to their friend and the ruins of their business. A few seconds later, Eric joined them.

"What the crap happened here!" he demanded to know.

"That stupid jerk Kevin ruined our stand!" Eddy yelled back, as Double D pulled Ed off the ground behind him, only for the larger child to fall onto his friend.

"That son of a bitch." Cartman cursed under his breath. "Don't worry guys, I'll take care of him. I know how to deal with guys that take your money." he finished with an evil grin.

Transmission interupted...

A/N: First of all, I want to apologize for not updating in forever, and if this chapter seems kinda weak to you. To little time in the day, not enough ideas in my mind unfortunately.

But, to make it up to you, I've decided that at the end of each chapter, I'll put up a character summary of my idea of the Negative World counterpart to a well known character, who may or may not appear based on fan reaction. The first one was introduced this very chapter. Enjoy!

Name: Bid Enarbmem.

Counterpart of: Dib Membrane

Physical differences: All of Bid's clothing is extremely well made and expensive, though he maintains the same look, with the noticable exception of his undershirt. Instead of a smiley face, it displays the sign of The Swollen Eyeball network, or in his world, The Swollen Eyeball Corps.

History: Coming from an unremarkable family of a shy pacifist sister and menial labor father, Bid made a name for himself as a paranormal investigator at a young age, always managing to amass irrefutable proof of the paranormal and supernatural. He quickly made himself incredibly wealthy with his discoveries: his first business was using spliced Sasquatch DNA to create an effective hair tonic. He eventually expanded into ghost hunting, Loch Ness monster rides, and real psychic hotlines that could charge up to 10,000 dollars for one highly accurate (but sometimes cryptic) answer. His wealth became so great he was able to pay off even the DNK. Indeed, his network of spies, mercenaries and lawyers known as the Swollen Eyeball Corps. occasionally came to their assistance in supernatural matters, establishing a working relationship between the two groups. After the DNk's fall, however, business has boomed for BidCo., which has quickly gobbled up the various industry controlled by the DNK. Recently Bid has been having problems with a new arrival to Earth: the alien Miz. A representative of the alien species the Irkens, who spread peace and harmony across the galaxy, he has undermined BidCo.'s oppressive and sometimes brutal policies on numerous occasions, though Bid has yet to connect his human disguise with the alien hero, nor deceive the public into believing he is a threat. Only time will tell if Miz becomes the only paranormal discovery to escape him...

Powers/abilities: Richer then God. Although he has no actual powers, BidCo.'s massive profits allow Bid to arm himself with everything from Power Fists to Giant Mechinized Battlesuits. What his money can't buy, his mind is usually more then capable of inventing, as Bid is an accomplished scientist. Can call on his vast network of underlings in the Swollen Eyeball Corps. for assistance as needed. Bid is also regarded internationally as a supremely skilled paranormal investigator, and can uncover the truth behind any unexplained phenomenon.

And there you go. Tell me what you think, and if anyone has a favorite character they want me to 'Nega-tize' tell me, and I'll see what I can do.