Well this story officially loses all t's value next week once "Howl-I-Day Adventure" comes out on Oct 8th next week.

Maybe I'll remake this

Then again, I don't think Lilly has puppies in it

Maybe I'l just make a LillyXGarth story later

Either way, this place will be filling up with stories about Kate, Humphrey and there 3 new puppies

It was another beautiful night in Jasper Park Canada, and four certain wolves were enjoying the full moon that was out this certain night. They were at the midnight howl, a big rock were wolves came to "howl" together

"Wow Humphrey that moon is so beautiful," Kate said to her new mate

"Still, it's not as beautiful as you," Humphrey said as he gazzed into Kates wonderful, brown eyes.

Kate giggled a bit

"Oh Humphrey Im so glad we can be together now like this," Kate said

"Ya, it's like we were just made for each other or something y'know?" Humphrey said

Kate nuzzled him

"I love you Humphrey," she said

"You to," the gray male wolf said

Just then Humphrey saw something in the sky

"Huh! Kate look, a shooting star. Quick close your eyes and make a wish," Humphrey said

Kate closed her eyes and wished.

"What'd you wish for?" Humphrey asked

"You go first," Kate said "What'd you wish for?"

"Well..." Humphrey said kinda dodging the question

Meanwhile, on another part of the rock. Another alpha and omega were enjoying the moon, and having some laughs

"Okay Garth, what's this?" Lilly said as she put a piece of tree bark on her back and then got some pinecones.

"A turtle eatting lunch?" Garth said

"No," Lilly said

"I give up," Garth said

"I'm a turtle that just had her eggs," the pretty white wolf said

"Hey that's a good one," Garth said

Lilly took off the bark on her back, revealing her incredibly hott body, even hotter with the moonlight shining on her body. To Garth she looke like an angel

"Wow," Garth said gazzing at his mate

"What is...Whoa!" Lilly said

"Huh? What is it?" Garth said

"That," Lilly pointed to Garths lower midsection. Where mini-Garth had transformed into "MEGA-GARTH"

"Oh my!" Garth said trying to cover his thing with his front paws

"It's...it's...amazing," Lilly said

What did Humphrey wish for?

And will their be any LillyxGarth acton?

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