"C'mon Humphrey, tell me what you wished for. I won't laugh or anything, promise," Kate said

"Well..." Humphrey began again "You remeber when when we were sent to Idaho?"

"Yes," Kate said "We were taken there to re..."

Kate suddenly understood


"Yes," Humphrey said "I mean it's like, we're not allowed to anymore. Alphas and omegas can...do it, now. Just look at your sister and Garth. And it's not like you want it to just be the two of us forever do you?"

"Wel..." Kate started to think about it a bit

Humphrey then began to act like alittle puppy

"Ruff, ruff. I'm a puppy. Don't you want me to be in your tummy mama?"

Humphrey tickled her belly a bit then

"Hehe, stop it Humphrey," Kate laughed

Humphrey stopped

"Okay Humphrey, yes. I'd like to have puppies." Kate said

Humphreys face lit up. He could feel mini-Humphrey begin to "power up"

"But," Kate said

"But?" Humphrey said now feeling mini-Humphrey "power down"

"We got to get you trained," Kate said

"Trained?" Humphrey said confussed

"Yes. You're going to have to provide for me when I'm pregnant. I can't go hunting carabou while I'm expecting pups," Kate said

"Oh...yeah," Humphrey now realizing he didn't think this whole puppy thing through.

"But other than that I'd think you'd make a good dad," Kate said "Remember when you playing with that bear cub on those mountains? I kind of thought about how good you'd be if we'd have pups."

"Okay, some hunting trainging. Then it's puppy time," Humphrey said

"Yes," Kate said "But for now lets just enjoy the full moon,"

With that the two wolves howled at the moon

Back with Lilly and Garth

"Uh, Lilly," Garth said "You going to stop looking at it?"

Lilly began to fan herself with her tail. Garth was making her so hot just then.

"Lilly? You oka..?"

Garths sentence was cut short as Lilly got really close to him.

"Garth," Lilly said

"Yes?" Garth said a bit confussed

"You think we should make some turtle eggs?" Lilly asked

"Huh?" Garth said

"Y'know, puppies," Lilly said

"Whoa! Where did that come from?" Garth said suprised

Lilly began to walk around Garth slow and sexy like, and even gave him a small kiss on the cheek

"You're a big alpha," she whispered in his ear "And you're making me so hott,"

"Um," Garth said not knowing what to say "Uh, you sure your mom will be okay with this? She gives me the creeps,"

"Sure she will," Lilly said "Se used to brag how happy she'd be when you and Kate were suppose to become mates. She'd brag all the time about becoming a grandma. I'm sure she won't mind if it's me and not Kate."

"Okay, then,"

Garth got on all fours, while Lilly opened up, allowing him accsess into her

"You're really sure about this right Lilly?" Garth said "Cause they'll be no turning back once I..."

"Garth, just do me," Lilly said

With that the to wolves became on in this short, intimate ritual.

And before long new life began to grow inside Lilly

Lilly got it first


Don't worry Kate will get hers soon