The sun rose on Jasper Park, night giving way to the new morning.

And two wolves were starting to wake up on this lovely new day. Two wolves that were still at the midnight howl.

Garth was first to wake up.

He yawned, then he saw Lilly and began to remember what had happened last night.

Lilly lay in front of him still asleep. She look so cute that Garth coudn't find it in himself to wake her.

He gently placed his paw on her stomach. Their was a good chance that Lillys little tummy was full of puppies now. And that in a few short weeks, they'd both be parents

Just then Lilly began to awake, she yawned to and opened her eyes to see Garth sitting next to her.

"Good morning Lilly," he said softly

"Garth," Lilly began "Last night, you were just incredible,"

"You think it worked?" Garth asked

"We won't know for another week I think. But I'm pretty sure we got some pups in here," Lilly said rubbing her tummy

Garth smiled and kissed Lilly, then kissed her tummy.

"We should tell your parents the news," Garth said

"Ya we should Lilly said "Oh wait I think they went Paddy and Marcel to learn how to play golf, I think your dad went to,"

"Oh ya," Garth said suddenly remembering that

"But we can still tell my sister and Humphrey," Lilly said "They'll be so happy for us,"

"Come on, lets go find them," Garth said

With that the potental wolf parents to be went of in search of a futrue aunt and uncle.

In another part of Jasper

"Yawn, Kate do we have to start training so early?" Humphrey said half awake

"This is what time I got up back in alpha school," Kate said "Now watch closely Humphrey,"

Kate then jumped of a rock, grabbed a tree branch, and did that little spining in the air thing she dose. Then made a perfect landing.

"Now you try," Kate said

Humphrey gulped as he got ready to try and repeat Kates feat. With only ended up in utter failure.

"This'll take a while," Kate said to herself

"Ow my head," Humphrey said

"Shake it off Humphrey," Kate said "You're a tough wolf,"

"But I'm not indestructible," Humphrey said

"Oh there you two are," a voice said

Kate and Humhrey looked over to see Garth and Lilly

"Uh, what are you doing?" Lilly asked confussed

"Teaching Humphrey to hunt," Kate said

"Why?" Lilly asked

"Well we were thinking of making puppies and..."

"Huh! Kate you're pregnant to?" Lilly said suprised

"No, but were planning to...wait you said pregant to?" Kate said

"Well we don't know for certain yet," Garth said as he smiled at Lilly and rubbed her belly a bit. Lilly giggled

"Wow congrats," Humphrey said

"So, if you're planning on making pups. Why's Humphrey trying to pin in the air?" Lilly asked

"Going for some kind of wild mating experience?" Garth guessed

"No, just trying to teach Humphrey to hunt," Kate said "He's going to have to feed me, plus the pups when we do it"

"That looks like it'll take a while," Lilly said

"Hey I got an idea," Gath said "Let me train him. That way you to can get to making puppies now, and he'll still learn to hunt."

"That could work I guess," Kate said

"Will their be and spinning?" Humphrey asked

"Not really," Garth said

"Sign me up," Humphrey said

"And sign me up for are puppy time," Kate said

"We'll start training tomarrow," Garth said

"Boy mom and dad are going to be so suprised," Lilly said "Both their daughters will be pregnant together,"

"Ya they'll be so suprised," Kate said

"You two should get ready for your sexy time," Garth said

Humphrey made a short of "sexy smile" at Kate

"See you tonight mama," Humphrey said

"Same to you, daddy," Kate said

Kate and Humphrey are ging to "do it" in the next chap.