It was some time in the afternoon.

Humphrey was busy getting himself cleaned up and ready for he and Kates, "sexy time." Which basically meant washing his fur in a small puddle He wanted to extra good loking for tonight.

"Every girl wolf's crazy about a well groomed wolf," Humphrey said a he used a pinecone to comb his fur

"Hey Humphrey what are ya doin?" a voice asked

Humphrey looked over to see Salty, Shakey, and Mooch. His best buddies

"Oh, hi guys," Humphrey said

"What's with the well grooming?" Mooch asked

"Oh, just getting ready for a special night with Kate," Humphrey said

"Must be special if it's worth taking a bath," Shakey said

"Well...truth be told," Humphrey began "ate and I are going to start a family,"

"WHOA!" The three wolves said

"Ya, it's exciting" Humphrey said

"Dang Humphrey, you're about to have the experience of your life," Mooch said

"Ya, not even the berry twins (those two girl wolves who ate berrys and yelled "Stop the insanity go organic") have anything on her," Salty said

"Totaly," Mooch said "But you can't go looking like that,"

"Huh?" Humphrey said

"Ya he's right, just hold still Humphrey," Shaey said "We'll make you so hott Kate will melt at the sight of you,"

With that the three wolves went beautily alon on Humphrey

Meanwhile, at Winston and Eves den.

Lilly was busy helping Kate get ready.

"Oh Kate you must feel so excited," Lilly said as he combed her big sisters tail

"Ya," Kate said "Say what do you think it feels like?"

"What feels like?" Lilly said

"Caring new life inside you," Kate said

"Well I'm not totally sure if I'm pregnant yet," Lilly said "But I'm sure it's the most wonderful feeling a girl wolf can experience,"

"Until the due date," Kate joked

"Ya, except that," Lilly agreed

"Say Lilly, you look like you're...glowing," Kate said

"Glowing?" Lilly said

"Probably must be the sun," Kate said

Little did eith of them know it was the glow a wolf that was going to have pups

"Okay Humphrey how about this?" Mooch said

Humphrey looked to the puddle at his reflection. He looked like a poodle.

"Ah!" he said

"Ya I knew that wouldn't work," Saltey said

Soon enough day had given way to another amazing night, even more beautiful than the one before.

Humphrey was already at the Moonight Howl, waiting for Kate

"Where could she be?" HUmphrey wondered

Just then he heard footsteps, he turned his head to see none other than Kate. A super hott Kate, with a little flower on her head.

"" Humphrey said. He could feel mini-Humphrey "powering up" again

"Well Humphrey how do you like it?" Kate ased with a sexy tone in her voice

"Kate, if it were possible for my...thing to explode from to much blood inside it. It definetly would right now,"

"Wow, I'm turning you on that much?" Kate said

"I'm turbocharged," Humphrey said

"Well in that case," Kate said opening her self up. Allowing Humphey access into her "Ready to fill this tummy of mine with pups?"

Humphrey answer to this was to immediatly go inside her

"Oh yes!" Humphrey said as he did his mate

"Wow Humprey..." Kate said feeling Humphey within her "You feel so, unbeliveable inside me,"

"Get ready Kate," Humphrey said "IT'S PUPPY TIME!"

With that Humphrey...let the pups out of him (ejaculated). Setting them free into there mother.

New life was now growing in Kate

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