The sun rose, night once again changing back into day.

Kate was the first to wake up.

"Wake up Humphrey," the female wolf said in a gentle voice to her mate

Humphrey yawned and began to wake up as well.

"Good morning daddy," Kate said as she gave him a little smooch

"Morning Kate," Humprey said "So did it work?"

"We won't know for a while Humphrey," Kate said "But I'm really sure you did knock me up last night,"

"How was I? I mean it was my first time and all so..."

"Humphrey...You were magical. I've never felt such a sensation as I did when you were inside of me. I can't even begin to describe it." Kate said

"Really? I was that good," Humphrey said

"And so much more," Kate said giving him another kiss

"Say Kate, you look like you're...glowing," Humphrey suddenly noticed

"Glowing?" Kate said

"Ya, must just be the moring sun, I guess," Humphrey said

Just then Kates stomach growled

"Guess we better go get some breakfast," Humphrey said

"The pups must be hungry from their journey into me hehe," Kate joked

With that the two wolves went to get a meal

A week later, Garth and Humphrey were out hunting caraboo.

They hid in the tall grass, ready to pounce on their prey.

"Okay Humphrey just do what I taught you and you'll be having a real feast tonight with Kate," Garth said

Humphrey got ready, and pounced. Right onto the back of the caraboo. Which in turn caused the caraboo to start jumping and thrashing around like a bull at a rodeo.

"Ah!" Humphrey screamed

"Bite its neck!" Garth shouted

Humphey continued to struggle to stay a top the animal, digging his claws into its back. Which in turn only made it thrash around more.

"Hold on umphrey," Garth said as he charged at the caraboo he was on and bit into its neck. Soon enough it died.

"Whew thanks Garth," Humphrey said

"You got to work on your bitting," Garth said "But still not all that bad for a beginer,"

"Thanks," Humphrey said

With that they grabbed the carcas, and went to give it to Kate and Lilly.

"Kate, Lilly we got you some lunch," Humphrey said

"Oh Humphrey, you caught that?" Kate said kind of sick, and supised

"You okay Kate?" Humphrey said "You don't sound to well,"

"To be honest I..." Kate then threw up, right on Humphrey

"Oh HUmphrey! I'm so sorry!" Kate said

Just then Lilly came over

"No caraboo for me Garth," the white wolf said "'I feel kind of..." Lilly threw up to

"Did you both eat some bad meat?" Garth said

"No I don't th..." Kate barfed again

"I didn't ea..." Lilly barfed to

"I think we should go take them to their parents," Humphrey said wiping some puke off him

"Ya mabey they'll know what's wrong," Garth said

Winston, Tony and Eve were at their den

"Look honey, watch this," Winston said as he got a small stick and use it to hit a nut into a small hole he dug. "A hole in one,"

"Wow that goose and dck really thought you boys a lot about that golf game," Eve said

Just then the two young wolf couples walked over

"Humphrey, Garth, Kate Lilly. What bring you all here?" Tony asked

"Well, Kate and Lilly are..." Garth began

The two girl wolves threw up

"Doing that," Humphrey said

"Oh my! My daughters are both sick? WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!" Eve said freaking out and pouncing on both of them

"They did nothing mom," Kate said

"Ya no..." Lilly barfed again

"Get them in the den," Winston said

With that Kate and Lilly went into the den, while Garth and Humphrey waited for the news of what was wronng with their mates.

After about a half and hour of waiting Winston and Tony walked out

"Well?" Humphrey and Garth said

"Is Kate okay?" Humphrey said

"And Lilly," Garth said

"I don't believe it," Winston said

"What?" Garth and Humphrey said

"Both my daughters got impregnated at the same time?" Eve said stepping out of the den

Humphrey and Garths faces lit up with joy. Sonn Lilly and Kate stepped out with the same look on their faces

"It worked boys," they said to their mates

And Soon the four wolves were dancing around for joy. They were all going to be parents in a matter of weeks

"I didn' hink the three of us woud become grandparents so soon," Tony said to Eve and Winston

"Us either," they said

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