Two more weeks passed, and Kate and Lilly tummies had really grown out now. Their stomachs sagged and swung as they walked. Yet even though they had both gotten pregnant only a day apart, Kate tummy looked rather larger than Lilly's. Also Humphrey had become a way better hunter, he didn't need Garth's help anymore even

Anyway it was around noon time in Jasper, Kate was at her den waiting for Humphrey to come back with lunch. Her puppies kicking inside her, as if they were saying "Mama feed us!"

"Hold on, hold on," Kate said rubbing her tummy "Your dad will be here soon with some yummy caraboo,"

The pups still kicked around inside her.

"Hey sis," Lilly said walking over

"Hi Lilly," Kate said

"Wow Kate..." Lilly said seeing her large belly "You're already so big,"

"You're is pretty big to," Kate said looking at her bulge

"But not as big as you'rs, boy you must be carrying a whole bunch of puppies in your tummy," Lilly said

"Yeah, and they're all hungry right now," Kate said "It's like I feel hungry all the time now,"

"We've got more than one tummy to fill in us now," Lilly said rubbing her tummy "Mine for some reason feel like wantng to eat berries and nuts, Garth is out getting some for me,"

"Ugh settle down in me will you pups," Kate said

"Your's are kicking?" Lilly said

"Yes," Kate said

"Can I feel?" Lilly asked

"Sure," Kate said

With that Lilly pup her paw on her big wolf sisters tummy, feeling the unborn life kck around inside her.

"Wow they're so ro...Huh!" Lilly ssaid

"Huh?" Kate said confussed

"Mine are kicking to," Lilly said putting Kates paw on her tummy, the two wolves now feeling the new life within eachother.

"You were right Lilly, having pupies is the most wonderful experience a girl wolf can ask for," Kate said

"What are you two doing?" Humphrey said walking over with a big piece of caraboo in his mouth

"Oh Humphrey you're back," Kate said "We were just feeling eachothers pups,"

"You got a very rowdy littler inside her," Lilly said

Kate giggled a bit then

"Lilly I got some nuts and berries for you," Garth said

"Yeah! Lunch!" Lilly said as she began to devour her little snack

"Wow Lilly can re...Kate?" Humphrey said. He looked over to see his mate devouring the caraboo. She was practically inhailing it into her mouth.

"Geez, I never new pregnant wolves could eat so much," Garth said

"Just how many puppies did we put inside them?" Humphrey said

"Ah that was tasty," Kate said finishing her lunch

"Did the pups like it?" Humphrey asked

"Mmmhmm," Kate said "They're all full now, and sleeping,"

"Aww I wanted to feel them kick," Humphrey said

"You can feel mine," Liily said "They're not full yet,"

"They're not?" Garth said "I pratically cleaned an entire bush for all those berries,"

Lillys stomach growled "Guess they want more,"

With that Garth and Lilly left to find more food for their pups

"Well at least I don't need to hunt for you now," Humphrey said

Later that night Humphrey and Kate were asleep, yet just then though Humphrey heard a loud growling sound. Like a grizzy bear

He instanly woke up, terrified at the monsterous sound. He tried to stay quiet, not wanting to draw attention to the bear.

Just then he heard the growling sound again, yet this time it sounded like is was in he and Kates den

"A bear, in here? But how..?" Humphrey felt something kick him just them. He was so terrified now he almost wet himself.

"There's a bear right behind me." Humphrey thought "Wait, then where's Kate!" Humphrey quickly turned around to comfront the bear, completly ignoring the fact that he himself may be killed. Yet wen he did he saw no bear, just Kate, sleeping. The bear like sound was and kicking was coming from her stomach. The pups were probably hungry now.

"Hehe," Humphrey laughed seeing that he had gotten errified by his own unborn pups.

He put his paw on Kates tummy. "Hi pups, this is your daddy, you hungry?" he said

Kates stomach growled again

"I'll take that as yes, geez how big of a littler are all of you?" Humphrey said moving his paw around Kates tummy. Trying to feel for the puppys

"Okay you're one, two, three, four, five...Oh that must be six down here,"

"Humphrey what are you doing?" Kate said waking up now, then hearing her stomach growl.

"They're hungry again," Humphrey said

"After all that caraboo?" Kate said

"Well you have more than six stomachs in here, mabey more," Humphrey said

"Huh?" Kate said

"I was counting are pups. Here look this is one..."

Humphrey and Kate re-counted their pups again when they were finished they found that their were nine pups growing in Kate.

"Nine?" Kate said suprised

"Wow, I guess we really got it on that one night," Humphrey said

"No kidding," Kate said "I wonder how many Lilly's got,"

Kate stomach growled again

"Okay, okay pups. I'll go get you a midnight snack," Humphrey said

With that he went out for more caraboo

Nine in Kate, how many dose Lilly have

Also some Paddy and Marcel soon to