The sun rose on the following day in Jasper.

Garth and Lilly were asleep in their den, but not for long.

Lilly soon felt one of her pups kick around in her, trying to tell their mama they wanted breakfast now.

Lilly giggled a bit, she really liked it when her pups kicked

Yet her giggling had woken Garth up

"What are yu laughing about Lilly?" Garth asked with a yawn

"Kodas kicking," Lilly said

"Koda?" Garth asked "Who's Koda?"

"Oh ya, I forgot to tell you," Lilly said "I've been thinking up names for are pups.,"

She then too Garths paw and put it on her belly

"This is Koda, that's Sasha, Bold, and here's Alexis," she said

"Wow, four puppies," Garth said as he then kissed her tummy four times

"I was kinda hoping for more," Lilly said "I mean Kate must have way more then I do,"

"The more the merrier," Garth joked

Lillys stomach growled just then, and the two wolves went out to find some breakfast

Another two weeks passed and Kate and Lilly were huge now

"Wow, Kate are you sure that's all just nine puppies?" Humphrey said loooking at her gigantic gut

"Are you saying I'm fat!" Kate yelled. Mood swings were staring to kick in with the two pregnant wolves

"No, no, I was just saying..." Humphrey began

Kate began to sob "I'm sorry Humphrey, it's these darn moods swings,"

Then Kate suddenly got reallly happy "But if I'm having mood swing then that means we have healthy pups right?"

I don't know," Humphrey said

"Boy I wonder if Garth is having this kind of problem with Lilly," the grey wolf thought

Just then Paddy and Marcel suddenly landed near the two wolves

"," Marcel said seeing Kates belly "You to big wolves are having a lot of little wolves I see,"

"Yes," Humphrey said

"Wow, I guess you two really did get to repopulating," Paddy said

"We were just looking for my golf ball," Marcel said "I'm sure I hit it somewhere around here,"

Yet just then Kates stomach growled

" hungry...need..." Kate then looked at the two birds

"FOOD!" Kate said

"AH!" the birds said

"FLY AWAY!" Humphrey cried

This in turned caused a short, funny chase scene between the birds and Kate, thankfully no one got hurt. Or eaten

"C'mon Kate lets go get you some caraboo," Humphrey said

"I'm so sorry Paddy and Marcel," Kate said

"Tell that to my lost tail feathers you're digesting!" Marcel said

Kinda short, ya I know

Puppies come out in the next chap