Another week passed, and Lilly and Kate were super huge now. They were due any day now.

Anyway Kate, Lilly, and their mates had gone to visit Tony, Winston, and Eve

"Just think honey, soon you and I will be grandparents," Wiston told Eve

"And from the looks of it we're going to have a lot of grandpups," Eve said looking at her two daughters guts

"They've been inside those two for quuite a while, I wish they'd just come out so we can see their beautiful facees," Tony said

Wish granted.

Just then Lilly's water broke. The white wolf was having her pups right there and now

"GARTH! THEY'RE COMING!" Lilly cried

"OH MY!" Eve said "Tony, Winston, get out of here, I'll help her with the delivery," Eve said

Just then Kates water broke to.

"I'm becoming one busy grandma," Eve said as she let Kate into the den

"AH!" Lilly screamed

"Don't worry Lilly, I'm here," Garth said holding her paw in his paw

Kate was screaming in pain to

"We practiced for this Kate," Humphrey said "Just breath and...push!"

And soon enough a little grey, female, ball of fur came out of Kate. Her first pup had been born.

"One down, eight to go. You're doing great Kate," Humphrey said

Kate, gave Humphrey am angry look that said "You did this to me,"

Just then Lilly gave birth to her first pup. A little white boy pup

After and hour or so, all of Kate and Lilly pups had exited their mothers tummies. Their had now been sent into the world.

Garth and Humphrey looked happily at their mates and their new pups. They had finally made their familes

The end